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Formula One drivers could be fined up to €1m following dramatic hike


There has been a significant alteration to the rulebook of Formula One, potentially resulting in Lewis Hamilton and other drivers facing fines up to €1m (£870,000). The governing body of F1 has announced an increase in the maximum penalty that stewards can impose on a driver from €250,000 (£218,000) before the upcoming United States Grand Prix.

The FIA stated that the sum has remained unchanged for the past 12 years and does not align with the current requirements of motor sports. However, the choice came as a surprise to the drivers on the grid. Daniel Ricciardo, who returned after a five-race absence due to a hand injury, described it as “alarming”, while Kevin Magnussen of Haas criticized the decision as “absurd”.

Hamilton, who will begin a new contract worth £100 million over two years with Mercedes next season, stated: “If we are going to be fined €1 million, let’s ensure that all of it goes towards a charitable cause.”

There is a significant amount of wealth in this field and we must take further steps to promote diversity, enhance accessibility, and generate more chances for those who may not have the opportunity to participate in a sport like this. This is the only way they will receive financial support from me.

Hamilton criticized the FIA for their “inadequate communication” when they questioned his role model status after he crossed the track during the previous race in Qatar.

38-year-old Hamilton was given a fine of £43,350, with half of it being suspended for the rest of the season, following his actions during the race on October 8th. He had crossed the track after colliding with his Mercedes teammate George Russell in the first corner. However, a week after the incident at Lusail, the FIA made the rare decision to review Hamilton’s conduct.

The FIA is worried about the influence Lewis Hamilton’s actions may have on young drivers, given his status as a role model.

The FIA is expected to have a meeting with the seven-time world champion while in Austin. It is improbable that Hamilton will receive further penalties, as the FIA has decided not to bring the case to the International Court of Appeal to increase his fine. However, stricter punishments may be given in the future for similar violations.

Hamilton stated that he does not feel like he was specifically targeted. He believes that the issue was simply a result of inadequate communication. Hamilton also mentioned that he does not believe the intentions behind the statement were accurately conveyed. The team is currently working on ways to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

An accident occurred during a karting event where a child was struck while walking onto the track. As a result, we must prioritize safety and address the underlying issue. However, they should consult with their public relations representative to improve their handling of the situation.

Their main argument is significant. While I was in the stewards’ office, I admitted that in the heat of the moment, I made the incorrect decision and raised my hands to take responsibility. I apologized then.

Source: theguardian.com