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England v West Indies: first cricket Test, day one – live
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England v West Indies: first cricket Test, day one – live

List A debut in May 2000 against Derek Randall, who made his pro debut in 1971 and is now 73. My fave Jim stat! massive club of bowlers to do it with their first ball (Arty Conningham’s is an extraordinary life/family story to look up if you get a chance), and Atkinson doesn’t join it, of course, but what a relief for the Surrey quick getting that out of the way right away. He has a lot to offer, make no mistake.in some depth with Geoff last night, but to try to capture that sentiment in a sentence: they still want to beat India at home next year and Woakes is ahead of Anderson in the pecking order after what he achieved in the Ashes. I think that’s a reasonable, balanced approach to what they are trying to do. Not easy.we had Jimmy’s great mate Greg James on a few weeks ago. He was excellent in telling the story of the Anderson from beyond the boundary, the one we don’t know that well despite 20+ years in the public eye.

via email or on the artist formerly known as twitter. We are about 15 minutes away from the toss.

Source: theguardian.com