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England v Pakistan: second women’s cricket ODI – live
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England v Pakistan: second women’s cricket ODI – live

do drop me a line on email or @Jimbo_Cricket. We may as well start some discussions, share some secrets or compile a rainy day playlist. I’ll start…

Rain in Taunton but plenty of play around the grounds in the County Champo. Join Tanya Aldred on the County blog for all the latest:

I think we might be off for a while even if the rain stops. It is piling it down and will take some sopping up if/when it does abate.

Sky (not the broken one above Taunton) are now showing the highlights of yesterdays men’s T20I from Edgbaston. England gave a decent showing in all departments and Jofra Archer made an impressive comeback after over a year away from the international scene because of injury.

Chris Jordan also impressed, both with his death bowling and, as ever, in the field.

The sky seems to be a bit broken in Taunton – on my TV Charles Dagnall is struggling to make himself heard over the thudding sound of rain drops hitting a portakabin roof.

As the rain falls and we all gather out breath (ahem) – this is a very interesting read from Ali Martin on his chat with departing PCA Chief Rob Lynch:

It’s now a global employment landscape,” says Lynch. “The modern cricketer has more opportunities than ever before. The massive growth area that is not accepted as much as it should be is those players who are just below the England team and the life they can now live through playing cricket in private competitions. I have seen uncapped players jump from five-figure wages to six pretty rapidly in my time.

If we as a game don’t get this next phase of the sport right I believe we will have English-developed players who will look at their calendar and see July and August as the time to lie on a beach in Spain because, right now, the Hundred and the Blast are some of the lower-earning opportunities. We had 79 male players playing overseas last winter and the question is: how do we maintain their interest in English cricket?”

The weather does look particularly bleak at the moment:

I don’t like the look of this radar:

Pakistan won the toss and chose to have a bat first – they’ve made their way to 29-0 off 6.5 overs before – gah – the heavens have opened above Taunton and they’ve gone off for a rain delay. Couldn’t have done that at 11am to spare our eggy faces eh rain? Well boo to you rain. Double boo in fact.

Hello and welcome to the second Women’s ODI between England and Pakistan – apologies for the delay in getting this OBO underway – *crossed wires*. Let’s get up to speed…

Source: theguardian.com