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England emerged victorious over West Indies in an exciting T20 match – here’s a recap of the action.

“Good evening Tim,” greets Brian Withington. “Oh my goodness. Thank you, Brian.” It was also a heavenly moment.

Unfortunately, Nicholas Pooran ended up on the losing team, but it was not a reflection of his performance. Both teams played well, but in the end, West Indies emerged victorious with a 2-1 lead in the series. England still has a chance to redeem themselves in the next match.

On Tuesday, I will return to see if the two teams can hit a combined total of 34 sixes. Thank you for joining me and for your messages. It has been a great experience.

Jos Buttler, without having to put on a brave front, expresses his excitement with his shining pale blue eyes. He commends Phil Salt for his outstanding performance, stating that it was a fantastic win and giving credit to him for batting till the end and remaining not out.

“Is this the moment that marks the rebirth of English cricket, with new players like Salt and Brook emerging as the backbone of the team? Or is it a fleeting illusion? I am slightly disappointed that Rehan Ahmed was not playing, as it would have truly felt like a new era for the next generation. Nonetheless, what an exhilarating game. Those who have never experienced the excitement of following cricket through OBO and Cricinfo’s live commentary have not truly lived. It is sport at its most intense and thrilling. Thanks for the insight… but what are OBO and Cricinfo? I am surprised, to say the least.”

The MVP of the game is Phil Salt. He mentions that the England team had discussed the importance of having a player who could stay in and maintain composure, similar to how Shai Hope had performed against them. He also gives credit to his teammate, Brooky, for coming in and playing an outstanding innings at the end.

Here are some statistics for you. In the game, there were a total of 448 runs scored in 40 overs. In the span of two overs, Salt and Brook were able to contribute 40 runs. The final over of the match was bowled by Andre Russell and resulted in 24 runs being scored off five balls. These runs included four, six, six, two, and six, all hit by Harry Brook with skill and ease.

The bowler with the best economy rate was Gudakesh Motie, who only gave up 7.5 runs per over. The next three most economical bowlers were from England – Reece Topley and Adil Rashid both went for 8 runs per over, while Moeen Ali went for 8.67 per over. However, England also had the two most expensive bowlers – Tymal Mills (2 overs, 36 runs, 0 wickets) and Gus Atkinson (2 overs, 33 runs, 0 wickets).

At the intermission, West Indies were heavily favored and maintained that position even after causing a decline in the middle of the game. However, it was revealed that England was intentionally deceiving them into a false sense of safety.

Each batsman for England contributed except for Will Jacks. Jos Buttler scored a polished 51 runs in 34 balls, Liam Livingstone scored a more rustic 30 runs in 18 balls, and Brook scored an impressive 31 runs in seven balls. However, the standout performance, with all due respect, was from Phil Salt. He started strong, seemed exhausted halfway through as England struggled, but then regained his energy and courage to hit sixes once again. He hit a total of nine sixes, while England hit 18 and Brook hit four. It was an amazing display. The series is still up for grabs, and even if England ends up losing, this will be remembered as a remarkable comeback.

In the 19.5th over, England scored 226 runs with three wickets down (Salt 109, Brook 31). Brook skillfully hits Russell over the unoccupied slip area, securing a seven-wicket victory for England with just one ball remaining. He achieved his score of 31 in only seven balls.

I am skeptical.

After 19.4 overs, England has scored 220 runs with three wickets down. Salt has a score of 109 while Brook has scored 25 runs. The batsmen hit two runs towards midwicket, bringing the total runs for the over to 18. With just two balls remaining, England only needs three runs to win.

In the 19.3rd over, England has a score of 218-3 with Salt scoring 109 and Brook scoring 23. Brook hits another six over long leg, bringing his total runs to 23 in just five balls. England has managed to reduce the target to only five runs needed in the last three balls.

In the 19.2nd over, England’s score is 212-3 with Salt scoring 109 and Brook scoring 17. A brilliant shot over extra-cover results in a six. This brings England’s total number of sixes to 16, matching West Indies. With four balls remaining, England needs eleven runs to win.

In the 19th over, England’s score is 206-3 with Salt at 109 and Brook at 11. Russell attempts a yorker, but Brook skillfully flicks it for a four.

The 19th over begins with England at 202-3, with Salt at 109 and Brook at 7. Salt adds to the excitement by hitting the fourth ball for a six, his ninth of the match and England’s 15th. Joseph responds by only allowing two singles in the last two balls. The over ends with ten runs, which is considered stingy in the current situation. England now needs 21 runs in the final six balls.

In the 19th over of the match, England’s score is 194-3 with Salt at 102 runs and Brook at 6 runs. Alzarri Joseph delivers an impressive over with a dot, two, and another dot. England now requires 29 runs in just nine balls, making their chances of victory seem nearly impossible.

In the 18th over, England’s score is 192-3 with Salt at 100 and Brook at 6. Despite the pressure of needing to score quickly, Brook impressively hits his first ball for a six with a great golf swing. This over yields 19 runs, including three sixes and a single, leaving England with only 31 runs needed in the final two overs. Is there a chance for them to win?

Holder convinces Livingstone to hit the ball into the hole!

Salt scores his first century in T20 internationals in just 51 balls. While this is a great achievement, it could still be seen as a valiant attempt rather than a complete success.

England's Phil Salt celebrates after he scores his century.

The 18th over in the middle of the game saw England at 185-2 with Phil Salt scoring 99 and Livingstone with 30. Salt, who had previously achieved his best score of 88 not out in a T20 international match in Lahore, surpassed that with a six off Holder. He then proceeded to hit another six.

In the 17th over of the match, England has a score of 172-2 with Salt scoring 87 and Livingstone scoring 29. With the required rate now at 18, Livingstone faces Joseph and successfully hits a six on the first ball, which was meant to be a yorker. This marks the tenth time England has hit the ball out of the boundary today. Livingstone tries again with a free hit but is caught at long-on. Salt then drives a full ball, which is initially thought to be a four but turns out to be two runs due to Brandon King’s impressive dive and save. The duo reaches a fifty partnership in just 30 balls, with Livingstone leading the charge. Joseph’s over is decent, but he ends up serving a full toss that Salt hits for another six. This brings down the required rate from 18 to 17, meaning England needs to score 51 runs in the next 18 balls. Can they do it?

In the 16th over, England’s score is at 152-2 with Salt at 76 and Livingstone at 21. Holder is replaced by Russell, and Salt rises to the occasion by hitting the first ball for six. Russell follows up with a good response – one, two, one, one. England needs six runs on the last ball to maintain their pace, but Russell throws a slow bouncer and Livingstone can only pull it to long-on for a single. It’s a game where even scoring 12 runs in an over can leave you feeling like you’ve disappointed everyone.

In the 15th over, England’s score is 140-2 with Salt scoring 68 and Livingstone scoring 17. Alzarri Joseph returns to bowl and delivers one, one, one, and a wide ball. This is not what England had hoped for. However, Livingstone quickly realizes this and hits a ball that was pitched too far for a straight six. This brings England’s total number of sixes to eight, which is not bad, but West Indies has hit 16. With five overs left, England needs 83 runs to win, which is 50 more than what they have scored in the past five overs. Salt will need to play aggressively in order for England to have a chance at winning.

After 14 overs, England’s score is 128 for 2, with Salt scoring 65 and Livingstone at 9. In a similar move to the previous match, all-rounder Liam Livingstone has been promoted ahead of Harry Brook. This strategy only had moderate success last time, with Curran doing well but Brook not so much. Livingstone manages to hit a six, but also misses a few shots. Salt hits towards long-off, where Powell makes an impressive attempt at a catch but ultimately admits to not catching it cleanly. Kudos for good sportsmanship.

In the 13th over, England’s score is 119-2 with Salt scoring 64 and Livingstone scoring 2. Unfortunately, Jacks faced a challenging over from Motie, who had regained his energy. Jacks was unable to hit the ball and was eventually out by a fast-spinning delivery that was not suitable for his intended cut shot. Motie has now finished his overs (4-0-30-1), but his contribution has been significant as England’s strong performance is now crumbling. They now need 104 runs in 42 balls, a nearly impossible feat.

Oh dear.

In the 12th over, England’s score is 116 for 1 with Salt scoring 63 and Jacks scoring 1. I am curious if Jacks has ever experienced such a lengthy wait to join a T20 match. He starts off slow with three consecutive dot balls, followed by a single when it might be more advantageous for him to let Salt continue batting.

Suddenly, there was a significant development. Buttler, right after scoring fifty runs with a reverse ramp for four, mishits a powerful shot and Hosein makes amends by not only making a smooth catch but also tossing the ball to Joseph as he was about to step over the barrier.

In the 11th over, England’s score is 111-0 with Salt at 63 and Buttler at 47. Motie is now bowling well, only allowing four singles. The required run rate has now increased to over 12, causing anxiety for those who believe in the superstition of “Nelson.”

At the 10th over mark, England has scored 107 runs without any wickets (Salt 61, Buttler 45). Hosein returns for his fourth over. Is he Powell’s close companion? Salt effortlessly hits a six, reaching the hundred partnership in just 56 balls. Buttler has been playing a supporting role for the past 20 minutes, yet they have managed to maintain a run rate of 11 per over. With half of the game completed, England is still in contention for both the match and the series.

In the 9th over, England’s score is 97-0 with Salt at 53 and Buttler at 43. Motie has switched ends, coming back to the end where he had success in the previous game. He gave up 18 runs in his one over from the other end, but in this over he only allows five singles. It’s almost a maiden over.

Matt Guthrie from Phoenix, Arizona believes that the key factor in this game will be the scoring differences between England and the West Indies. According to him, England has been hitting 4s while the West Indies have been hitting 6s. It is worth noting that the West Indies were at a score of 73-3 at this point in the game.

The 8th over sees England at 92-0, with Salt scoring 51 and Buttler at 40. In a small win for England, Motie is replaced by Jason Holder after only one over. Holder starts off strong with three balls resulting in a single, two, and a dot, but Salt takes advantage of a slower ball and hits a four. He then follows up with another two runs, quickly reaching a fantastic fifty in just 26 balls. The required run rate is now less than 11, an easy feat for England.

In the seventh over, England’s score is 81-0 with Salt at 41 and Buttler at 39. Alzarri Joseph takes the ball and, like other bowlers today, starts off by giving away a boundary – a four from Buttler’s pull shot. When Joseph manages to get past Buttler’s bat with his speed, it results in a no-ball. The over yields eight runs, which can be considered a success for the bowler, but England is still scoring at a faster pace. The concern now is whether they can avoid a collapse in the middle of the innings.

In the sixth over, England’s score is 73-0 with Salt at 40 and Buttler at 33. As the Powerplay comes to an end, Powell brings in his second spinner, Gudakesh Motie, who only gave away nine runs in four overs in the previous match. However, he is not as successful this time, giving up more than nine runs in just four balls. Salt starts off with a six, followed by Buttler’s impressive reverse shot for four, and then Salt adds insult to injury with another six.

England currently holds the Powerplay, but it is still a highly unlikely outcome.

In the fifth over, England has scored 55 runs with no wickets lost, thanks to Salt’s 27 and Buttler’s 28. Powell continues to use Hosein, although his reasoning is unclear. Salt confidently hits a four, while Buttler impresses with a reverse slog-sweep. Hosein’s statistics are 3 overs for 34 runs and no wickets, and England is keeping up with the required run rate.

In the fourth over, England’s score is 44-0 with Salt scoring 21 runs and Buttler scoring 23 runs. Holder, who conceded 12 runs in his previous over, is replaced by Andre Russell. Russell manages to restrict Buttler’s scoring opportunities by beating him with deliveries outside the off-stump. However, Salt hits a three and a brilliant four by smashing a yorker through a tight gap in the field.

Phil Salt and Jos Buttler run between the wickets.

The third over of the match has just ended with England scoring 35 runs without any loss of wickets. The batsmen in play were Salt, who has scored 13 runs, and Buttler, who has scored 22 runs. Hosein, the bowler, has just completed his second over. Buttler hit a four past mid-on and then followed it up with a two past backward point. The rest of the over consisted of a couple of singles, another two, and a few misfields by the West Indies team. It is evident that they are struggling under the pressure of England’s six-hitting. As the camera shows a beautiful view of dark volcanic hills, David Gower points out that the home team, at this stage, had lost two wickets and had only scored 22 runs.

In the second over, England has scored 25 runs with Salt at 12 and Buttler at 13. Jason Holder is now on the field to begin the first over of seam. Salt starts off strong with a four, but then attempts a risky sweep and is nearly given out LBW. However, after a review from Powell, Salt is deemed not out due to the umpire’s original call. On the same ball, Buttler would have been out by a large margin if there was a direct hit at the other end. Salt celebrates his lucky escape by hitting Holder for a six. This puts England ahead of the required run rate.

In the first over, England is at 13 runs with no wickets lost. Salt has a close call with the first ball, nearly hitting it into the ground and potentially getting out. He manages to take a single and then Buttler, after observing one ball, decides to take a risk. He hits two sixes in a row, one off the back foot and one off the front foot. As they say, when in Rome!

The team members are currently on the field and it appears that West Indies will also begin with spin, with Akeal Hosein stepping up. Phil Salt showed composure while fielding in the previous innings. Now, he must deliver the performance of a lifetime.

In the 20th over, West Indies is at 222-6 with Russell scoring 8 and Holder scoring 18. Topley, who performed well in his first three overs, bowls the final over. However, he is unable to prevent Jason Holder from hitting a length ball for a six, followed by a four from a yorker, and another six from a wide ball. West Indies has hit a total of 16 sixes, compared to their 14 fours. This score of 222 is the highest ever in a T20 international in Grenada, where the average score is typically around 170. This impressive score comes after England’s bowlers had a great start.

Pooran was immense, Powell explosive, Hope and Rutherford very handy, and Holder put the icing on the cake. England are almost out of the series already. Can they get close? Back in a few minutes to find out.

At the end of the 19th over, West Indies have scored 204 runs with 6 wickets down. The bowler, Mills, was replaced by Curran who started off with a close call for a wide ball that went through Buttler’s legs. It was reminiscent of Simon Burnton’s earlier mention of nutmeg. Rutherford then hits a six off a slower ball but is caught out trying to repeat the shot with a pull. He hits the ball to long-on where Salt makes a composed catch. It’s now Dre Russ’s turn to bat, but possibly not the ideal situation for him as he hits a six over Curran’s head, bringing the team’s total to 200.

Source: theguardian.com