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England emerged victorious over India with a four-wicket lead in the second women’s T20 international match, as the events unfolded.

I will end my day here. The contest was quite disappointing for the neutral audience and incredibly unpleasant for fans of India. However, if you are a happy supporter of England, tomorrow has the potential to be even better with the chance of a 3-0 series victory. Join James Wallace for the next match. Thank you!

Only 27.4 overs were played during the game, and England was able to successfully reach their target in just 12 overs. Alice Capsey, the top scorer with 25 runs, is currently being interviewed and she acknowledges that England has not yet played a flawless game.

However, they have emerged as the overall victors in the series. Looking ahead to tomorrow’s third T20I, they have a chance to achieve a perfect record.

Ecclestone attempts to hit Patil with a strong shot, but instead gets a lucky deflection that rolls away to the third-man boundary for a four. And with that, the game is over! What an unusual match it was. Despite the four wicket victory, I would still describe it as a complete domination.

In the 11th over, England’s score is at 76-6 with Ecclestone at 3 runs and Knight at 7 runs. Ecclestone continues to sweep confidently and takes a single to maintain her position at the strike. England only requires five more runs to secure victory.

Ecclestone will be facing Deepti’s third consecutive successful delivery. There are several fielders close to the batter’s position… and Ecclestone uses a sweeping motion to hit the ball, resulting in a slight deflection towards the fine leg area for two runs.

Oh no! Kemp got out on the first ball from Deepti and there’s a review, but he has to leave. Looks like things are getting interesting.

England continues to taunt India as Jones executes a reverse-sweep, resulting in an easy catch for the fielder at 45.

In the 10th over, England’s score is 73-4 with Amy Jones (5) and Heather Knight (7) at the crease. Jones starts off with a clever paddle sweep for two runs. She follows it up with two more runs on the next delivery and then takes a single to retain strike for the next over. England has a required run rate of eight runs from 60 balls.

The knight executes a magnificent shot, running down the field and hitting the ball over extra cover for a four. The bowler, Ishaque, is left to bear the consequences. And in a remarkable display, substitute fielder Amanjot Kaur makes a diving one-handed catch as Capsey attempts to hit the ball over cover.

In the ninth over, England’s score is 63 for 3 with Knight scoring 2 runs and Capsey scoring 25. Deepti Sharma’s off-breaks only give away one run in this over, providing a brief moment of calm. India decides to take a chance and request a review with a playful wink as Capsey attempts a reverse-sweep, but the ball was deemed to have pitched outside the leg stump.

In the eighth over, England’s score is 62 for 3 wickets, with Knight at 1 run and Capsey at 25 runs. The captain of the England team comes out to bat for the remaining part of the match. They require 19 runs in 12 overs to win.

A bouncer from Pooja Vastrakar sails past the keeper and is called a wide. Sciver-Brunt then smashes a full delivery, which bounces off a fielder at mid-on and reaches the boundary. Unfortunately, Sciver-Brunt is bowled while attempting to flick to the on side, with her leg stump slightly exposed. However, there is some consolation in the fact that she made a strong effort.

In the seventh over, England’s score is at 55-2 with Capsey at 25 and Sciver-Brunt at 12. Renuka is in her fourth and last over for India as they hope for a miracle. Capsey wants to end the game early and hits a slower ball to the long-off boundary for four runs. Renuka follows it up with a great yorker and ends with stats of 2-26. England now needs 26 runs in 13 overs.

In the sixth over, England’s score is 49-2 with Sciver-Brunt scoring 11 and Capsey scoring 20. Ouch! Sciver-Brunt hits Ishaque with force, but the ball ends up hitting Capsey. Despite the pain, Capsey smiles and Sciver-Brunt hits a six over long-on off the left-arm spinner. Capsey finishes the over with a boundary and England only needs 32 runs in 14 overs to win.

In the fifth over, England has a score of 38-2 with Sciver-Brunt at 4 and Capsey at 16. Capsey attempts to hit Renuka’s ball with a ramp shot, but it results in an edge that narrowly avoids the stumps. The ball is stopped at slip, preventing it from going for a four. Renuka, who was India’s top bowler in the previous match, is once again proving to be a strong threat with her angled balls aimed at the stumps. There is a call for a run-out as the stumps are hit at the non-striker’s end, but Capsey had her bat grounded in, avoiding being out. The over ends with Capsey hitting a strong shot in front of point for four runs.

In the fourth over, England has scored 28 runs with two wickets down. Capsey, with a score of 6, hits a shot through the covers to earn her first four points, competing against Sadhu, both being teenagers. Next, Sciver-Brunt impresses with a drive through extra cover, securing a boundary and getting her first points on the board.

On Wednesday, Alice Capsey took the first bowl and managed to score a single run, allowing her to switch positions with her teammate Wyatt. Renuka then delivered an impressive ball that swung in and evaded the bat, hitting the stumps. Will this turn the game around?

In the third over, England’s score is 19-2 with Capsey scoring 1 run and Sciver-Brunt scoring 0.

Dunkley strikes the ball forcefully towards Harmanpreet at mid-off, but it falls just short of being caught. And there’s a wicket! Dunkley attempts to create space for a powerful shot on the off-side, but is bowled by Renuka. The England opener’s unsteady performance concludes.

The bails fly as Sophia Dunkley is bowled out.

England scores 17 runs without losing a wicket in the second over, with Wyatt at 0 and Dunkley at 9. Sadhu, a young player of only 19 years, starts off with three consecutive dot balls before making a mistake and bowling too short to Dunkley. Dunkley takes advantage of this and hits a four to the deep backward square. She then misses the next ball but regains her composure to hit another boundary behind point.

At the start of the first over, England has scored 9 runs with Dunkley at 1 run and Wyatt at 0. Renuka starts with a wide on the leg side, and then another one that goes all the way to the boundary as Richa Ghosh is standing close to the stumps. England is now at 6 runs, but no legal ball has been bowled yet. Renuka eventually finds her line and manages to get an outside edge off Dunkley’s bat, hitting the keeper’s thigh. Dunkley tries to hit over extra cover but doesn’t make clean contact, resulting in an edgy shot and a single run. Another wide on the leg side follows. Only one run is scored from the bat in this over, but it’s still a decent start for England.

The game has resumed. Renuka is in possession for India, and Dunkley is at bat.

This is the catch that Ecclestone made upon returning. It’s the type of catch that would make me quite nervous as a TV umpire.

Charlie Dean claimed 2-16, while Ecclestone and Glenn each took 2-13 and Bell took 2-18. Sciver-Brunt and Freya Kemp also contributed a wicket each. Dean discussed her bowling performance with the broadcasters, providing insight into her different techniques. One of her variations, an off-break with a scrambled seam, proved to be successful in dismissing Mandhana. Dean was outstanding today, setting the pace for England with her bowling at the start of the match.

Ecclestone tosses the ball, Ishaque attempts a big swing but misses, resulting in India’s defeat. The hosts’ batting performance was extremely disappointing.

In the 16th over, India’s score is 79-9 with Ishaque scoring 8 runs and Renuka scoring 1 run. All of the England bowlers have contributed to this score.

Bell delivers a short pitch, causing Sadhu to hit the ball high into the sky of Mumbai. The quick fielder successfully catches it.

In the 15th over, India’s score is 75 for 8 with Sadhu at 1 and Ishaque at 7. Ishaque attempts a powerful shot off Dean, but it is caught by Ecclestone at mid-on, who drops it while diving forward. However, Ishaque manages to hit a four at the end of the over.

In the 14th over, India’s score stands at 69-8 with Ishaque scoring 2 runs and Sadhu scoring 0. Ecclestone delivers a yorker to Sadhu but fails to knock over the stumps. Only one run is scored in this over.

In the 13th over, the India team’s score is 68-8 with Ishaque at 1 run and Sadhu at 0. Throughout their inning, we have consistently seen the Indian batters attempt to hit across the line and fail, which has been both confusing and frustrating to witness.

Jemimah, the only player from India, executes two impressive sweeps against Glenn, resulting in consecutive boundaries. However, it is not India’s day as Jemimah attempts to hit the ball towards the leg side but misses and is caught out while still in her position at the crease.

Sarah Glenn with a delivery.

Freya Kemp takes her turn on the pitch – Knight appears to be relishing the consistent rotation of her bowling options, preventing India from finding stability with any of their attack members. And there’s another move – Kemp switches to bowling around the wicket to Shreyanka, causing the ball to slightly veer away from the right-handed batter. A poke from Shreyanka results in an outside edge that is caught by Jones.

In the 12th over of the match, India’s score is 59 for 7 wickets. Jemimah has scored 22 runs while Sadhu has yet to score.

In the eleventh over, India’s score is 54 for 6 with Jemimah scoring 21 runs and Shreyanka scoring 3 runs. Ecclestone maintains control throughout the over while Jemimah continues to put up a fight, hitting the ball and taking quick runs.

In the tenth over, India’s score is 47-6 with Jemimah scoring 15 and Shreyanka at 2. This is Shreyanka’s second international match and she joins the crease at a crucial time when her team is struggling. I am quickly searching on Statsguru for India’s lowest scores.

According to Matt Taylor, the signing of Nathan Lyon was exciting news for Lancashire supporters.

This indicates that Lancashire has the top spin bowler in the world on their team. And she will likely have the opportunity to meet Nathan Lyon. Great news!

India is currently struggling. Vastrakar attempts to defend against Glenn with a forward shot, but misses and is hit by the leg-spinner.

In the 9th over, India’s score is 43-5 with Vastrakar scoring 5 runs and Jemimah scoring 14 runs. To my surprise, Dean comes back into the game instead of Knight, who I thought would continue with another Ecclestone set to try and secure a win. The batsmen opt for running aggressively, gaining four singles and a double.

In the eighth over, India’s score is 37-5 with Jemimah scoring 10 runs and Vastrakar scoring 3 runs. The over ends with a close call for a run-out as Glenn bowls a maiden.

In the 7th over, India’s score is 37-5 with Vastrakar at 3 runs and Jemimah at 10 runs. Jemimah is in need of a partner to support her. Ecclestone was impressed by her own amazing performance, likely proud that she was able to catch a challenging opportunity.

India now faces the challenge of going up against the top bowler in the world, Sophie Ecclestone. Jemimah scores a single with a sweep after a few unsuccessful attempts, but Ecclestone manages to catch it one-handed after diving to her left. Richa is out, and the officials are confirming that the catch was clean and not touched to the ground before being caught. The TV umpire confirms that it was a clean catch.

In the 6th over, India’s score is 33-4 with Jemimah scoring 9 runs and Richa scoring 4. Richa Ghosh expertly executes a pull shot behind square on the leg side, resulting in a four and giving India some relief. England gains the upper hand during the powerplay with their precise bowling, causing difficulties for India’s batters.

Unfortunately, Bell’s delivery was too wide and Deepti, the fresh batsman, was unable to resist taking a swing at the ball. As a result, she gave an edge to Jones behind the stumps and was dismissed for a second-ball duck.

Joy for England as Deepti Sharma heads back to the dressing room.

In the 5th over, India’s score is 28-3 with Jemimah scoring 8 runs and Deepti scoring 0. England continues to hit the pads.

Sciver-Brunt carries on and Harmanpreet kneels down to execute a beautiful paddle shot towards fine leg for a four. She then repeats the same shot, taking advantage of Sciver-Brunt’s slightly off line delivery, and scores another four. It’s a delightful display of batting. Sciver-Brunt changes her delivery to force Harmanpreet to defend forward, and then she successfully traps her in front of the wicket. The umpire raises his finger, but Harmanpreet decides to review. The review shows that there was no contact with the bat and all three reds are displayed on the screen. Sciver-Brunt emerges victorious in this contest.

In the fourth over, India has scored 19 runs while losing two wickets. Jemimah has scored 7 runs and Harmanpreet has scored 1 run. Dean is not getting much spin but her bowling is precise and accurate.

Impressive play by Dean, who bowls the ball from an angled position and catches Mandhana out. The Indian player decides to challenge the decision, but all three reviews show it was a clear out. The ball was too low to hit back – India is in a tough spot after losing their first two batters quickly.

In the third over of the match, India’s score is 17 for 1, with Mandhana scoring 10 runs and Rodrigues scoring 6. Sciver-Brunt comes in to bowl, replacing Dean. Mandhana hits a four off the seamer behind point, her second of the match. Sciver-Brunt had some swing in her previous match, but it seems like there isn’t much movement happening currently. However, she still maintains a good line and length.

In the second over, India’s score is 11-1 with Jemimah and Mandhana both scoring 5 runs. Lauren Bell bowls from the other end and Mandhana hits a full delivery through point for a boundary, giving India their first four runs. Jemimah then hits the ball through the covers for two runs, resulting in a total of nine runs for India in this over.

On the first over, India has a score of 2-1 with Jemimah scoring 1 run and Mandhana scoring 0. Dean successfully bowls past Jemimah Rodrigues’ outside edge, but there is no spin due to the new ball. However, the fast and straight delivery is still causing some difficulty. Jemimah takes a single to get off strike, followed by a wide on the leg-side. Mandhana defends well against a slow and high delivery to end the over.

The second ball has been taken! Shafali has been caught in front, attempting to hit across the line while on the backfoot. The ball goes straight on and the umpires have an easy decision to make.

Charlie Dean celebrates the wicket

Okay, let’s start. Charlie Dean will begin the game for England, bowling to Shafali Verma.

Alyssa Healy has been appointed to a top position in the Australian game, according to recent reports.

The recent conversation on TNT between the two new players from India, Shreyanka Patil and Saika Ishaque, was quite pleasant to watch. It was clear that they were both extremely happy to have made their debut as international cricketers. I was particularly impressed by Shreyanka’s off-breaks and how she was able to produce good spin with a smooth action.

India has made a change in their lineup, substituting a seam bowler for a spinner. Titas Sadhu will be taking the place of Kanika Ahuja.

India: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Richa Ghosh, Pooja Vastrakar, Deepti Sharma, Shreyanka Patil, Titas Sadhu, Renuka Singh, Saika Ishaque

England: Sophia Dunkley, Danni Wyatt, Alice Capsey, Nat Sciver-Brunt, Heather Knight (c), Amy Jones, Freya Kemp, Sophie Ecclestone, Sarah Glenn, Charlie Dean, Lauren Bell

According to Heather Knight, this playing field is more suited for the team that chases. As a tactical decision, England has replaced Mahika Gaur with Charlie Dean, as stated by the captain.

We may have an international on, but the glitzy franchise stuff never stops – the Women’s Premier League auction is playing out today, with Danni Wyatt and Kate Cross nabbing deals among the English contingent. Wyatt is off to UP Warriorz and Cross will play for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Welcome to the live coverage of the second T20I between England and India at the Wankhede Stadium! In the first match of the series, the visitors demonstrated their professionalism by recovering from a shaky start and scoring an impressive 197-6, with Nat Sciver-Brunt and Danni Wyatt contributing quickfire scores in the 70s. India’s spinners struggled to contain their opponents, while England’s Sarah Glenn and Sophie Ecclestone outperformed them, with Ecclestone’s return from injury highlighted by her excellent figures of 3-15. Let’s hope for a closer and more exciting match today.

The game will start at 1:30pm GMT and I will be available for the entire duration. Feel free to share your opinions, questions, top Christmas films, suggestions for activities in Tooting (as I will be moving there soon), Spotify Wrapped outcomes, or anything else you’d like to discuss. Thank you!

Source: theguardian.com