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England eliminated from Cricket World Cup following loss to Australia – a recap of the events.

That concludes my contribution, as well as England’s chances in this tournament. The victory over Bangladesh on October 10 feels like a distant memory, as the team has struggled with a significant decline in performance and growing lack of confidence. Despite this, the current title holders still have two remaining matches against the Netherlands and Pakistan, which could potentially restore some dignity and secure a spot in the Champions Trophy.

While Australia is comfortably leading ahead of New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, it is highly probable that they will secure a spot in the semi-finals, although it is not yet officially confirmed. The updates from today will be available shortly. Thank you for all your messages – goodnight!

Buttler has spoken and this is his message: “I feel like we’re having the same conversation after every game right now. We did make some improvements today. We returned to playing closer to our potential, but it wasn’t enough as we lost by about 30 points.”

“There are numerous methods to obtain the required 30 runs. This definitely seems like a low moment, especially for me as a captain. Being in this position after arriving in India with high expectations is extremely difficult and disheartening. It is a painful experience.”

“We have not performed to our full potential. We entered the tournament with the confidence to give it our all and compete against whoever we faced. It is extremely challenging to reach those top levels. The effort and dedication required are well known, even when we fall short.”

“We have disappointed ourselves and those who support us at home, who have stood by us through good times and bad. We carry that weight on our own shoulders.”

Jos, let go of that feeling of guilt. We all make mistakes – but most of us don’t achieve huge success first.

Adam Zampa has been named the player of the match for his impressive 3-21 off 10. I was unable to locate Jos Buttler while searching for the correct channel, and it appears he is currently not present.

Unfortunately, Moeen Ali was chosen to join Sky and expressed his disappointment. He acknowledged that the team has not performed well in the tournament and attributed it to a lack of confidence. Despite their efforts to be aggressive, they were unable to execute and ended up losing wickets in quick succession.

The message is evident: simply go out and play our game. However, I believe the lack of confidence in the team has prevented us from doing so.

Buttler and Mott stand united in their belief that the messaging to the players has remained consistent, but there may have been a breakdown in communication between them. The team’s recent lack of success in scoring runs and taking wickets may have caused them to feel ashamed and keep their emotions to themselves, unlike in the past when they would have outwardly expressed confidence.

“I understand it may be quite disheartening at the moment, but looking ahead, we have a strong roster and promising young players with a fearless mindset coming up…” and unfortunately, the feed disconnects.

Pat Cummins, with a smile on his face, stated that they were aware from the beginning of the tournament that they were not performing at their best. However, they have noticed a significant improvement. He also mentioned that Adam Zampa is a game-changer and they are fortunate to have multiple players like him. Cummins added that they have a complete squad ready to compete.

Please put away the calculators.

“It’s the end. They leave with some dignity after a tough effort, even though today marks their sixth loss in the competition. They still hold the lowest position in the rankings. Sky expresses their opinion by quickly switching to football coverage.”

Swing, edge, out.

Australia's Josh Inglis takes the catch to dismiss England's Adil Rashid, off the bowling of Josh Hazlewood to win the match.

In the 48th over, England’s score is 253-9 with Rashid at 20 runs. It is Stoinis who is bowling and both Rashid and Woakes seem to be tired. Cummins tries to dry the ball but Stoinis still struggles to grip it and ends up throwing a full toss. Rashid takes advantage of this and hits it for six runs behind the slip. Woakes also misses a slow bouncer and has to make the most of the full toss. A great display of batting skills.

Woakes takes fly at a full toss – he has to – and it goes up, up and Labuschange collects, as tightly as the Aussies have all afternoon.

Australia's Marnus Labuschagne takes the catch to dismiss England's Chris Woakes.

In the 47th over, England’s score is 243-8 with Woakes at 29 and Rashid at 13. Cummins only allows three singles until Woakes hits a six with a powerful shot back to the bowler. England now needs 43 runs in 18 balls, with two overs left from part-time bowlers. The situation is very exciting!

The 46th over begins with England at 233-8, with Woakes at 21 and Rashid at 11. Rashid swings his bat in a helicopter motion, causing the ball to be lost by a diving Cameron Green on the boundary. As a result, Green also loses his trousers. Hazlewood’s over yields seven runs, leaving England with 54 more runs to get in 24 deliveries.

“Hello from Mexico, it’s a pleasure to meet you Kat Peterson. I am interested in joining the foreign correspondents team. I wanted to avoid being associated with England’s embarrassment by being out and about, but I have unintentionally found myself in a city with readily available public wifi. Thank you Mérida. Of course, I could refrain from constantly checking the score, but it’s difficult to resist the hope and anticipation.”

The 45th over saw England’s score at 223-7, with Woakes scoring 19 and Rashid scoring 3. Cummins had a great over, only allowing three runs. However, it was noted in commentary that Australia will still need two overs from their non-regular bowlers.

“I don’t pretend to know why England keep stepping on rakes, Sideshow Bob style,” muses Niall Mullen, “but it is stark how a team for whom nothing seemed impossible has transformed into a team where nothing is possible.”

At this stage, it is necessary to mention that they require two balls for five overs.

In the 44th over, England’s score is 223-7 with Woakes at 19 and Rashid at 3. Woakes shows determination as he hits Hazlewood for a four through midwicket. Willey also contributes with a four before being impressively caught by Zampa. There is still a slight chance for England to win.

Australia once again impresses with a remarkable feat – a running, one-handed catch and dive at the boundary rope by Zampa.

Australia's Adam Zampa takes the catch to dismiss England's David Willey, off the bowling of Josh Hazlewood.

At the 43rd over mark, England’s score is 212-7 with Woakes at 11 and Willey at 15. Starc’s last over is proving to be more successful for England compared to his first. The over starts with a wide, followed by two impressive drives from Woakes for four runs each – one square and one through cover. In total, thirteen runs were scored in this over by England.

In the 42nd over, England’s score is 187-7 with Woakes at 7 runs and Willey at 9 runs. Zampa, who looks young despite being 31 years old, finishes his last over and gives up only one run. Warner and Labuschagne applaud him as he puts his towel in his back pocket and heads to his spot on the field. He took three wickets today and has a total of 19 in the tournament. Impressive performance.

In the 41st over, England’s score is 187-7 with Woakes at 6 and Willey at 10. Starc’s over was costly, with a wide and two boundaries hit by David Willey.

“Hello Edmund Bannister, this is Tanya.”

Currently, my son is really into the movie “Inside Out” by Pixar. I can’t help but notice the similarities with this England team – once fueled by happiness, it now seems to be controlled by feelings of sadness, disgust, fear, and anger…

At the 40th over mark, England has a score of 187-7 with Woakes at 5 and Willey at 1. The necessary rate is currently ten runs per over. Zampa, who has bowled 9 overs for 20 runs and taken 3 wickets, secures his third wicket.

“Perhaps I’ll prepare the pizza earlier for everyone,” writes Mark Beadle, a man who has suddenly become pressed for time. “BYOB.”

Moeen’s downfall came as he attempted a precise run of 42, with Cummins directing Warner to the perfect spot for Mo to execute a successful slog sweep. Despite his confident hit, Moeen is disappointed and hangs his head in frustration. Meanwhile, Warner celebrates modestly.

Australia's David Warner takes the catch to dismiss England's Moeen Ali, off the bowling of Adam Zampa.

In the 39th over, England’s score is 186-6 with Moeen Ali at 42 and Woakes at 5. The over begins with Moeen hitting a four with a hook shot, followed by a four from Woakes with an upper-cut shot, and a single in between. The umpires retrieve a new ball from a box of chocolates, specifically the dark chocolate truffle.

Merni mentions that India is entirely located in the northern hemisphere. I appreciate the observation and will make necessary adjustments.

In the 38th over, England’s score is 177-6 with Moeen Ali at 37 runs and Woakes at 0. Zampa rubs the ball dry. Three singles are earned and there is an appeal for lbw, but it is rejected.

England is in their 37th over with a score of 174-6, with Moeen Ali at 35 runs and Woakes at 0. The task for England is becoming more challenging as the run rate is over nine.

Livingstone fiercely pulls the ball, but unexpectedly, Sean Abbott swoops in at midwicket and makes a flying catch, holding onto the ball tightly.

Australia's Sean Abbott celebrates with Marnus Labuschagne and teammates after taking the catch to dismiss England's Liam Livingstone, off the bowling of Pat Cummins.

In the 36th over of the match, England’s score is 171-5 with Moeen Ali at 33 runs and Livingstone at 1. Despite being out of form, Stokes has put in a commendable performance, relying on his presence alone. Australia’s Adam Zampa, the top wicket-taker of the tournament, has claimed another wicket.

Stokes expresses his disappointment by dropping his hands to the ground after attempting a low sweep, only for the ball to be caught by the short fine leg fielder. He walks off the field, places his bat down, removes his gloves and helmet, shakes his head and adjusts his long red beard. The rest of the England team and support staff in the dugout watch anxiously and applaud.

Australia’s Adam Zampa celebrates after taking the wicket of England’s Ben Stokes.
England's Ben Stokes reacts after losing his wicket, caught by Australia's Marcus Stoinis off the bowling of Adam Zampa.

In the 35th over, England’s score is 169-4 with Stokes at 64 and Moeen Ali at 32. Stokes attempts a swing at Hazlewood but only manages to get a single run. However, Moeen Ali seems to have regained his confidence and effortlessly hits a four through the covers as the sun sets in Manchester.

Learn more about Fakhar Zaman’s game-changing score of 126 as Pakistan begins to showcase their skills.

In the 34th over, England has a score of 162-4 with Stokes at 63 runs and Moeen Ali at 27 runs. Labuschagne is responsible for drying Stoinus’s ball. Stoinus begins with two yorkers, followed by Moeen scoring four runs on the next ball. Moeen and Stokes fist bump in celebration. The following ball is short and Moeen hits it for another four runs, bringing their partnership to 50 runs off 53 balls. Stoinus seems unhappy with his fielders.

In the 33rd over, England has scored 152 runs with 4 wickets down. Stokes has hit 6 runs and Moeen Ali has scored 18 runs. The game is briefly paused for drinks and to wipe away the dew on the field. Stoinis impressively stops more runs from Stokes with swift fielding at cover. The crowd, totaling 55,000 spectators, shows their appreciation as Moeen Ali elegantly drives Hazledwood’s delivery straight back down the ground for a four, showcasing his high elbow and flawless technique.

Below is Ali Martin’s fantastic diary from the World Cup.

In the 32nd over, England’s score is 146-4 with Stokes at 61 and Moeen Ali at 13. Stokes hits another six as he takes on a short ball from Head and sends it over deep midwicket. Moeen, however, is struggling with his timing and only manages to score eight runs in the over.

In the 31st over, the score for England is 138-4 with Stokes at 51 and Moeen Ali at 12. Starc, wearing black sleeves under his yellow shirt, shares a smile with Stokes as sweat drips from his helmet. Then, suddenly, Stokes hits a six and the spotlight shines brightly on him. He only gives a quick nod of his bat in acknowledgement.

Peter Rowntree caresses his facial hair. “The team has aged. YJB has not returned to his previous form after his injury. Adding players like Brook, Duckett, and James Rew would definitely lower the average age of the team.”

England’s Ben Stokes plays a shot on his way to his half-century.

In the 30th over, England’s score is 128-4 with Stokes at 46 and Moeen Ali at 11. A person, identified as Jos Buttler, is seen resting his head on his hands behind a cloudy window. The bowler, Head, proves difficult to hit with only three singles scored. The required run rate has now increased to eight per over.

In the 29th over, England’s score is at 125-4 with Stokes at 44 runs and Moeen Ali at 10 runs. Warner is putting in a lot of effort, like a scrappy Terrier chasing after sausages, as he slides on the damp grass to prevent Stokes from getting a drive. Starc’s over yields six runs for England.

Source: theguardian.com