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England coach Matthew Mott emphasizes that outcomes are beyond our control.

Following two impressive wins within a span of four days, the atmosphere surrounding England’s limited overs team and Matthew Mott’s job stability has drastically improved. Mott has hinted that his performance should not solely be evaluated based on the outcomes under his management.

A lackluster effort to protect their title at the 50-over World Cup in India sparked rumors about the Australian coach’s future. However, following a lackluster beginning to their tour in the West Indies, their sudden resurgence in the Caribbean appears to have solidified his role.

Mott stated, “I have a lot of experience in this game and I understand that it’s similar to the stock market where your value fluctuates constantly.”

“As a coach, one quickly learns not to take too much credit for successes or place too much blame for failures. The main goal is to improve each individual player, and that is our focus as coaches. Our aim is to prepare them to perform at their best, but in the fast-paced world of T20s, the outcome is often beyond our control.”

More than anything said by Mott, it was the prospect of chasing 223 to win the third Twenty20 in Grenada and keep the series alive that inspired the team, and forced them to adopt the thrillingly aggressive mentality that has brought them back-to-back victories to tie the series at 2-2 before the decider on Thursday.

“Events occur with a purpose, and this event has allowed us to have the freedom to say, ‘This is our strategy for playing.’ In hindsight, we will most likely view this as a crucial moment for our team,” stated Mott. “This is now our model. We have been striving for it and discussing it, and now we have witnessed its manifestation.”

“I think the overwhelming feeling was almost like: ‘If we keep playing like this we’re going to get the same results.’ So let’s change it up a bit. Let’s free ourselves up. Let’s fight fire with fire and go out there and play. That massive chase has ignited a flame within the group and it’s galvanised everyone.”

The team has discovered a new leader in Phil Salt, who recently became the fifth Englishman to achieve a T20 century on Saturday and the first to score two on Tuesday. Mott stated that Salt used to only have two modes, “hard and harder”, but has now displayed a more well-rounded game. As a result, even though Jonny Bairstow may return to the squad for the T20 World Cup in June, there is no longer an open spot at the top of the order because Salt’s performance is “undeniable”.

England’s head coach Matthew Mott

According to Mott, he has always believed that the player in question is exceptional and capable of unique abilities. On Tuesday, there was a noticeable change in his confidence and determination, indicating that he not only belongs among the best, but also has the skills to succeed. Mott believes that sometimes one may not realize their true potential until they have accomplished it, and now this player is thriving in their international career.

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Before last Saturday, Salt had an average of 0.7 sixes in his 18 T20 innings. However, in his last two innings, he has scored 19 sixes. The 27-year-old has shared that he has been focusing on increasing his hitting power in order to improve his ability to hit sixes. He mentioned, “I have been hitting the gym for the past few months to gain a couple of kilograms.”

“I aimed to increase my strength, speed, and size. I have been consuming a high number of calories, reaching 3,500 per day. It has been a challenge to meet this goal. My partner has been upset due to the significant increase in our grocery expenses.”

After six months, England will travel back to the Caribbean for the T20 World Cup. The fixtures for the tournament are anticipated to be revealed on Thursday. The team believes that the experience gained in this series will give them a significant advantage. While Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes may play if they are physically able, the majority of the squad selected for this series will also be participating in the World Cup. Coach Mott expressed that he is already witnessing the potential for success with a strong sense of determination and self-assurance within the team.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has appointed Ed Barney as its newly appointed performance director, transferring him from his previous role with Great Britain Hockey. Barney had previously served in talent identification at the ECB from 2010 to 2013.

Source: theguardian.com