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England beat Pakistan by 37 runs in first women’s cricket ODI – as it happened
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England beat Pakistan by 37 runs in first women’s cricket ODI – as it happened

Right then, that’s enough from me, with Raf Nicholson’s report to follow shortly. Go well!

Player of the Match is Sophie Ecclestone, who just cruised through her overs for three wickets, brilliant while still not being at her best. She’s just very, very good. Heather Knight calls her side’s performance “scrappy”, noting the mountain of extras totted up when they were in the field. She wants those starts from the batters to turn into something more substantial, too, with no one reaching fifty today.

Pakistan bat through their overs but fall significantly short, their wait for a first ODI win over England continuing. They would have believed when Nida Dar and Aliya Riaz got them to 149-4, but England retained control through their spinners – Sophie Ecclestone finished with three for 26, while Charlie Dean picked up a couple. Lauren Bell and Kate Cross also took two apiece. The hosts have the series lead.

49th over: Pakistan 200-9 (Nashra 2, Najiha 24) The consolation for Pakistan? They’ve got themselves 200.

48th over: Pakistan 198-9 (Nashra 2, Najiha 22) Najiha whips Bell through the leg side for a couple. There’s an lbw shout from Bell but the ball is certainly missing leg stump.

47th over: Pakistan 195-9 (Nashra 2, Najiha 19) Dean nearly has her head taken off with an awkward bounce while fielding at backward point. Five leg-side wides follow as Jones fails to collect off Glenn, and extras are top-scoring for Pakistan with 40. England will win this game, but they’ve been far from their usual selves.

46th over: Pakistan 189-9 (Nashra 2, Najiha 18) Bell is given the ball to target the stumps and finish the show but three singles follow to keep it going.

45th over: Pakistan 186-9 (Nashra 1, Najiha 16) Glenn twirls her way through an over that concedes just one. We’re just waiting for the inevitable now.

44th over: Pakistan 185-9 (Nashra 1, Najiha 15) Najiha shows off a nice flick for one off Cross before a no-ball provides a free hit. Pakistan collect just a bye off it, when they need so much more.

43rd over: Pakistan 179-9 (Nashra 0, Najiha 12) Dean completes her 10 overs, finishing with 2-39 to play her part in England’s spin strangle.

42nd over: Pakistan 178-9 (Nashra 0, Najiha 11) England are just a wicket away. Pakistan, if you still believe, need 66 from 48.

Diana inside-edges a Cross delivery down to fine leg for four before launching over extra cover for another boundary. But it’s third-time lucky for Cross, with a leading edge from Diana finding Sciver-Brunt at catching midwicket.

41st over: Pakistan 169-8 (Diana 1, Najiha 11) Diana is sent back to the non-striker’s end after trying to run for a single that wasn’t there.

40th over: Pakistan 165-8 (Diana 1, Najiha 7) Cross goes up in appeal for a caught behind – Amy Jones is standing up to the stumps. England opt for a review, with the bowler convinced despite little noise from elsewhere. UltraEdge shows nothing and Diana Baig’s innings continues.

Pakistan need 79 from 60 balls.

Cross rejoins the attack and keeps it simple: straight to knock over the tailender’s off stump.

39th over: Pakistan 163-7 (Umm-e-Hani 1, Najiha 6) Najiha gets on one knee and pummels the ball across the line for four.

Pakistan need 81 from 66 balls.

38th over: Pakistan 158-7 (Umm-e-Hani 0, Najiha 2) Ecclestone, England’s cheat code, finishes with figures of 3-26 from her 10 overs.

Pakistan need 86 from 72 balls.

37th over: Pakistan 156-7 (Umm-e-Hani 0, Najiha 0) Pakistan have gone from 149-4 to 156-7, their hopes of a first ODI win over England fast fading.

And another one goes. Full from Dean, Aliya tries to sweep but misses. The finger goes up and Pakistan review … but it’s striking leg.

36th over: Pakistan 154-6 (Aliya 19, Najiha 0) A wicket-maiden for Ecclestone – she’s on for more.

Pakistan need 90 from 84 balls.

Ecclestone pins Fatima plumb – the batter reviews but that’s knocking over leg stump. Two quick strikes give England control of this contest.

35th over: Pakistan 154-5 (Fatima 5, Aliya 19) A crunching hit from Fatima Sana through cover brings her four and she gets a single straight after to make it a proactive opening to her knock.

Pakistan need 90 from 90 balls.

Dean gets the ball to skid past Dar outside off before the batter slogs across the line … and finds Beaumont at deep midwicket! Not sure she needed to play that shot just yet and England break a partnership that was ticking along very nicely.

34th over: Pakistan 149-4 (Aliya 19, Dar 26) With Pakistan needing 100, Knight turns to Ecclestone … who begins with a full toss that Dar dispatches through extra cover for four. Another full bunger follows but Dar can’t beat the fielder.

Pakistan need 95 from 96 balls.

33rd over: Pakistan 144-4 (Aliya 19, Dar 21) The required run rate for Pakistan is close to a run a ball and Glenn begins well with four dots … until Aliya cuts hard behind square for four and picks up two to close the over. Pakistan want to make history tonight.

32nd over: Pakistan 138-4 (Aliya 13, Dar 21) A top shot from Aliya, who shows Bell a straight bat down the ground for a boundary. An inside-edge on to her pads follows as England go up, unsuccessfully, for an lbw appeal.

31st over: Pakistan 133-4 (Aliya 8, Dar 21) England go up for a review after Dar fails to make contact with a sweep, taking her eye off the ball after getting down for the shot. I reckon that’s probably clipping leg stump at best … in fact, it’s completely missing. Good call from Sue Redfern.

30th over: Pakistan 129-4 (Aliya 7, Dar 18) A quiet over is made noisy by Aliya hooking a Bell bouncer down to fine leg for four.

29th over: Pakistan 125-4 (Aliya 3, Dar 18) Glenn is a touch too straight as Aliya sweeps around the corner for a couple to get off strike. Aliya nearly chops on to a sliding delivery but just about survives.

28th over: Pakistan 118-4 (Aliya 0, Dar 17) Bell tries to greet Aliya Riaz with a bumper … but sends it wide.

Lauren Bell is back and she troubles Muneeba, going around the wicket to move the ball away from the left-hander, always a tricky angle for the southpaw to negotiate. Muneeba responds by driving square for a couple … but Bell then strikes! It’s another drive but this time the fuller delivery nabs the outside edge, with Jones holding on behind the stumps.

27th over: Pakistan 115-3 (Muneeba 32, Dar 17) There’s a run-out appeal as Knight throws down the stumps at the striker’s end, but Muneeba is comfortably in.

26th over: Pakistan 111-3 (Muneeba 30, Dar 15) Lauren Bell pulls off a decent diving stop at fine leg after Muneeba top-edges Cross. Pakistan are knocking the ball around nicely for singles, rotating enough to surely get England worrying just a bit.

25th over: Pakistan 106-3 (Muneeba 28, Dar 12) A lush drive through extra cover brings Muneeba four off Glenn. A couple of singles follow and Pakistan are finding some rhythm in this partnership.

24th over: Pakistan 100-3 (Muneeba 23, Dar 11) Kate Cross returns for another spell … and the leg-side wide makes a reappearance, forcing the seamer to bowl an eight-ball over. Pakistan reach three figures.

23rd over: Pakistan 95-3 (Muneeba 21, Dar 11) Glenn drops the ball short – like Dean has done a few times – but Pakistan have struggled to turn those deliveries into high-scoring shots. Instead, they settle for three singles in the over.

22nd over: Pakistan 92-3 (Muneeba 19, Dar 10) Muneeba sweeps Ecclestone hard … for one. Dar seizes upon a full toss, driving through extra cover for four.

21st over: Pakistan 87-3 (Muneeba 18, Dar 6) Sarah Glenn’s leggies enter the picture. Nida Dar nails an excellent sweep to find her first boundary of the innings but it’s otherwise tidy from Glenn.

20th over: Pakistan 81-3 (Muneeba 17, Dar 1) England have turned up after drinks, and Ecclestone looks set for a substantial haul.

Ecclestone’s toying with her pace, a slow, floated delivery striking Ayesha on the pads before the batter departs next ball! It’s quicker, keeps straight and rattles the poles.

19th over: Pakistan 78-2 (Muneeba 16, Ayesha 8) Another drop! Dean gets a very faint outside edge from Muneeba and Jones fails to hold on after having two goes at it. Dean drops a couple short and wide but Muneeba isn’t able to capitalise properly before Ayesha finds the boundary with a smart slap to fine leg.

Source: theguardian.com