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England beat Pakistan by 23 runs in second men’s T20 international – as it happened
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England beat Pakistan by 23 runs in second men’s T20 international – as it happened

Well played England, a satisfying day at the office for them with the World Cup looming in a little over a week. Time for me to depart, thanks for tuning in. We’ll be back for the next game in the series at Cardiff on Tuesday and I’ll be back on the tools tomorrow for the Women’s ODI from Taunton. Goodnight!

Jos Buttler is POTM for his 84 with the bat. He marshalled his troops very well today too, with a pep in his step that was definitely missing at the World Cup. Being in form with the bat probably doesn’t hurt his captaincy.

Jos Buttler speaks: “I thought there were some great performances from everybody.

On Jofra: “I thought he was brilliant. you can see the emotion – taking wickets again – is fantastic. He’s not just going to be the Jofra Archer of old straight away, but it was a really positive performance. It’s about trying to get overs into Jofra but also looking after him as well. I thought the whole bowling group was brilliant.”

Babar Azam speaks:

“It was a par score,” says the Pakistan captain. “I think our bowlers bowled very well. Our batting had moments but we were not close to finishing well. If someone scored 40 or 50 then I think we’d have definitely won this game.

“The way Fakhar dominated after the early wickets fell, I think if me and Fakhar had batted for four or five more overs, then we could have won.”

Finally a word from Babar on Imad Wasim – who took 2 for 19 after reneging on his retirement: “He’s a very clever bowler and his batting is improved. So it’s very good for us.”

Shaheen is the last man to fall, caught in the deep by Phil Salt. England complete a well oiled victory and lead the series 1-0 with two to play. A decent run out with bat, ball and in the field from Jos Buttler’s men and a heartwarming return for Jofra Archer too.

19th over: Pakistan 158-9 (Afridi 7, Rauf 3) Pakistan need 26 off the final over, Reece Topley is going to bowl it.

Amir tries some jiggery pokery but misses and is bowled by Jordan. England nearly over the line now. Haris Rauf the last man for Pakistan.

18th over: Pakistan 153-8 (Afridi 5, Amir 5) Archer finishes his international comeback with 2-28. An expensive first over but the final three were top class, yorkers and slower balls deftly executed. He takes his hat off the umpire and can consider that a successful return to the fold.

Second wicket for Jofra! Imad times a full ball from Archer but finds Livingstone on the fence.

17th over: Pakistan 146-7 (Wasim 22, Afridi 3) Chris Jordan – Mr Velcro hands himself – is on to bowl the 17th over. 89 MPH yorkers delivered straight and wide, six singles off an excellent over for England.

38 from 18 needed for Pakistan.

16th over: Pakistan 140-7 (Wasim 19, Afridi)

Pakistan need 44 from 24 with three wickets left. Shaheen Shah Afridi strides out to the middle.

Reece Topley returns and Imad Wasim lifts him over short third for a boundary. Brilliant execution. Wasim runs one down to third again where Bairstow dives over the ball and gifts another four! Oh my oh my! – SIX! Iftikhar steps across and spanks a length ball into the stands!

Tries to go big down the ground next ball but hits it high high high… Chris Jordan circling under it. Plop. What were you worried about?

15th over: Pakistan 124-6 (Ahmed 12, Wasim 14) Archer plugs things up, fast and full at the stumps and throws in the odd slower ball back of a length. Pakistan dealing in singles. Top off over from Jofra.

Pakistan need 60 from 30 balls.

14th over: Pakistan 119-6 (Ahmed 9, Wasim 12) Game on! 18 Runs off the over as Rashid gets some tap from Imad Wasim and Iftikhar! Brutal striking from both batters sees the ball soar into the stands. A rueful scratch of the beard from Rashid. Pakistan back in it – 65 from 36 needed.

13th over: Pakistan 101-6 (Ahmed 2, Wasim 1) Livingstone finishes a smart over. Iftikhar Ahmed is probably Pakistan’s last hope here.

The Big One Gone! Liam Livingstone is summoned – Hello Gruesome – Fakhar marmalises him down the ground for SIX. Livingstone takes some pace off and gives it some flight, Fakhar looks to smack it into the moon but mis-hits it – Harry Brook taking the skier comfortably. That could be the game for England.

12th over: Pakistan 92-5 (Zaman 39, Ahmed 1) Just the one run and the wicket off Archer’s second over. Iftikhar Ahmed is the new batter. The run rate creeping up for Pakistan but Fakhar is still there…

Jofra gets his first international wicket after a 438 day injury enforced drought! A 90MPH length ball is smacked straight to Ali at short cover. A wide grin breaks out on Archer’s face and his teammates mob him. That’ll mean a lot to the big man. Sport can be cruel at times, he’s had a rough few years.

11th over: Pakistan 91-4 (Zaman 39, Azam Khan 11) Chris Jordan ties Azam Khan down with three consecutive dots. Azam finally breaks the shackles with a drive past point for four. Four more follow in the same area and Jordan has overstepped. The Cardinal Sin. Azam Khan can only get a single off the freebie.

10th over: Pakistan 80-4 (Zaman 38, Azam Khan 2) Azam ‘son of Moin’ Khan is the new batter. Rashid slips him a couple of googlies that he pats back before getting off the mark with push to deep cover. Ten overs done, England won’t rest easy whilst Fakhar Zaman is still at the crease.

Hello to Simon McMahon – whose bagpipes have a slightly mournful parp this afternoon:

“Afternoon Jimbo. I can scarcely believe that England kick off their World T20 campaign in ten days time, against Scotland of all teams.
Scotland did well to qualify, but if England bat first in that one, I fear that all sorts of records could be broken. Hopefully the Scotland team can get a win against Oman or Namibia, or both. Though I wouldn’t bet on it. Scotland and World Cups (in any sport) just don’t seem to go together. I still have flashbacks to the 50 over World Cups of 1999 and 2015 v Bangladesh and Afghanistan. At least Peru or Costa Rica aren’t in our group.”

Do not repeat NOT hit the ball in the air near Chris Jordan. Rashid draws the false shot from Shadab Khan and Jordan makes a hard catch look pifflingly easy. England ascending.

9th over: Pakistan 76-3 (Zaman 37, Khan 2 )Shadab Khan is the new man, he punches to point for a single to bring Fakhar on strike. MONSTERED DOWN THE GROUND! What a strike – Moeen is biffed onto the camera gantry where the ball pings onto the concrete like an olive stone into an enamel bowl.

Three reds and the big kahuna is gone! Moeen brings an end to the 53 run partnership.

Moeen to bowl his last and he pins Babar in front with his first ball! The umpire raises the digit of doom… we’re going upstairs!

8th over: Pakistan 67-2 (Babar 32, Zaman 30) Adil Rashid into the attack. Could be a change of ends for Archer. The master spinner is straight into the groov, a single and three dots keeps Pakistan honest. Can he get out of the over? Yes, excellent first over – just three runs off it.

7th over: Pakistan 64-2 (Babar 31, Zaman 29) Chris Jordan into the attack. He uses all his wiles to calm things down a little. A couple of dots and single. Slower balls and cutters into the pitch. Jordan finds Babar’s edge but there is no slip in place and the ball runs away for four.

6th over: Pakistan 55-2 (Babar 25, Zaman 27) It is Archer. His first ball back is fast and right on the money. Babar defends. One ball of grace though, the next ball Babar thunks down the ground for a one bounce four. Archer runs in with that liquid smooth action, he pulls his length back and Babar clips for a single. Shot! Fakhar flicks off his pads for four before scooping an 88MPH ball for SIX over the keeper! Pakistan on the charge, Archer’s comeback over not the fairytale he might’ve dreamt of. England are in a contest here.

5th over: Pakistan 40-2 (Babar 20, Zaman 17) Fakhar sweeps Moeen for four to put some pressure on at the start of the over. A quick single follows, Pakistan upping their intent after a flat first couple of overs. Babar rocks back and slaps Ali away behind point for four. The crowd are well behind Babar and his side here, cheering each boundary more loudly than the last. Thirteen off Ali’s third over. Surely time for a bit of Jof?

4th over: Pakistan 27-2 (Babar 12, Zaman 12) Topley nearly nicks off Fakhar Zaman but the edge flies just wide of Moeen in the slips. Luvvly. Fakhar plays a deft scoop for four before giving Topley the charge and whacking him through midwicket for another four. Good intent from the new man here.

Ayub holes out to Salt in the deep. Pakistan off to a shaky start.

3rd over: Pakistan 13-1 (Ayub 3, Babar 10) Moeen darts it in. England send a potential LBW appeal against Saim Ayub upstairs but the replays show that he got a glove on it. A dot to finish. Moeen has sent down two overs for just four runs. Pressure on Pakistan.

No Jofra yet, Moeen to continue.

2nd over: Pakistan 10-1 (Ayub 1, Babar 9) Shot! Topley goes too wide and Babar plays the cover drive on the up, the ball whistling away in the gap for four. Another classical drive sees Babar pick up three more. Ayub blocks out the final ball.

1st over: Pakistan 1-1 (Ayub 0, Babar 1) Babar Azam is greeted by hearty cheers as he joins his Peshawar Zalmi opening partner, Saim Ayub. Babar clips off his toes for a single, the only run off the first over. Reece Topley is going to get the new ball from t’other end.

England strike with their third ball! Moeen starts with two dots and then Rizwan hacks across the line to Livingstone close in at midwicket.

Here come the players, 438 days in the international wilderness for for Jofra Archer are about to come to an end. But first – Moeen Ali is going to open the bowling.

Great scenes at Edgbaston as Jofra Archer clubs his first ball away for four and then scythes a full ball down the ground for SIX! Amir then nails his final two balls, getting them right in the blockhole. Jofra hit 12 off four balls at the end and Livingstone finished on two runs from three balls. Pakistan pegged England back in the final five overs – Imad Wasim the pick of the bowlers with 2-19 off his four overs. Shaheen came back strongly at the end to take three wickets.

19th over: England 169-7 (Livingstone 1, Archer) Huge cheer as Jofra Archer joins Liam Livingstone for the final over. Mohammad Amir is going to bowl it. What can England get up to?

Jordan goes now too! England have lost 5 wickets for 25 runs. At one point it looked like 200 was on the cards. Not any more.

Source: theguardian.com