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England beat New Zealand to win second women’s ODI and series – as it happened
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England beat New Zealand to win second women’s ODI and series – as it happened

Righto, that is me done. Congratulations to England on another fine performance. They take the series with one to play – the teams now head to Bristol for the final ODI on Wednesday before the T20 part of the tour gets underway. Thanks for your company, goodbye.

Victorious England Captain Heather Knight:

We’re really pleased. We talked about dominating and having that ruthless edge. To win the series in the two ways we have, I don’t think it could have gone better. We want to be ruthless, it’s important we keep pushing and keep dominating.”

The bowlers made it look really tough out there, they put pressure on the Kiwis… Bouchier’s century was really special. There were a lot of nerves on the balcony! We know how desperate she was and she’s had some near misses. We knew it was on her mind, so to get that monkey off her back is so good. Top work from Nat (Sciver-Brunt) at the other end, blocking the full toss was the highlight for me!”

The Player of the Match award goes to… Maia Bouchier

Sophie Ecclestone took 5-25 with the ball but the coming of age knock from England’s opener takes the gong. She beams throughout the post match presentation.

On a first professional hundred:

The relief was there and I’ve put in a lot of work. It was great to be out here playing in front of this crowd. To get a hundred is so special. I’ve worked hard to get to this point, it’s taken me time to get here. I really not to get ahead of myself, a hundred is just a number and I’ve worked on that process.”

On support from Nat Sciver-Brunt to get to the milestone:

I was really hoping she’d stay at the other end! It was great to have her in the middle, a calm person to keep me in check. It’ll give me so much confidence, I was hoping to get the opportunity in this series. It’s such an important part of batting – realising you have more time than you think.”

Some profound words to finish:

I’m proud of myself. I’ve struggled to understand the purpose of my game at times and what I give to the team. I want to be aggressive in my own way, and my team-mates have encouraged me to play the way I play.”

What a story!

England take the series 2-0 with one to play. The only jeopardy during the chase was whether Maia Bouchier could get over the line for her first professional century. She managed it with aplomb with the help of the wily and experienced Nat Sciver-Brunt.

What a moment! Bouchier on 98, clips for two into the leg side and hurtles the two runs needed to secure the win and rack up her FIRST EVER CENTURY IN ADULT CRICKET (She has one at Under 13s apparently) Brilliant knock, her teammates greet her with hugs and high-fives. A special moment, surely the first of many more to come.

24th over: England 139-2 (Bouchier 96, Sciver-Brunt 2) Just a single to raise the tension up a notch more… Can Bouchier get there?

23rd over: England 138-2 (Bouchier 95, Sciver-Brunt 2) Sciver-Brunt takes a single to make it eight to win and eight for a Bouchier century. Jess Kerr skids one on and it pins Bouchier on the back leg! Huge appeal… NOT OUT. But New Zealand review. It is mighty close – but stays NOT OUT – Bouchier the beneficiary of the umpire’s call. A couple are scampered with a somewhat shonky lofted drive before a quick single off the last sees Bouchier keep strike. What drama. England and Bouchier both need five runs. Five runs for a maiden international century, and a maiden first class century, a maiden century in adult cricket!

22nd over: England 133-2 (Bouchier 92, Sciver-Brunt 1) Bouchier takes six off the returning Penfold to go into the nineties. The century is still on – Bouchier needs eight more and England need nine to win!

21st over: England 127-2 (Bouchier 86, Sciver-Brunt 1) Jess Kerr is too full and is subsequently pinged for four through the leg side by Bouchier. She needs fourteen for a century – England need fifteen to win.

20th over: England 122-2 (Bouchier 81, Sciver-Brunt 1) Nat Sciver-Brunt joins Bouchier who keeps her chances of a hundred alive with a lovely cover drive for four.

Heather Knight pulls Amelia Kerr straight to Brooke Halliday. Too little too late barring some sort of batting abomination/glitch in the matrix.

19th over: England 110-1 (Bouchier 70), Knight 9) Bouchier tickles a single off Kerr. She might have to settle for a red-inker. Oh well.

England will indeed have this in the bag by the time the football starts. Join OBO and MBM don Rob Smyth once we’re wrapped up here in Worcester.

18th over: England 109-1 (Bouchier 69), Knight 9) Heather Knight has other ideas – a horrible full toss from Brooke Halliday is muscled over the ropes for SIX! That really was buffet bowling. England need 33 runs to win. Time for a drink. New Zealand need a large one!

17th over: England 103-1 (Bouchier 69), Knight 3) Amelia Kerr into her fifth over. She can’t stem the flow. A short ball is whistled to the midwicket fence by Bouchier. She has 69 runs and England need 31 runs. Wonder if she’s got half an eye on a rapid-fire ton?

16th over: England 96-1 (Bouchier 64), Knight 1) Maia Bouchier is in magnificent form! She plunders 17 runs off Sophie Devine’s over to bring up her half century and take a big old bite out of the chase. This is Bouchier’s third ODI half century in just eleven games. She picks up two boundaries on the leg side and two on the off, England need just 46 runs to polish this off now.

15th over: England 79-1 (Bouchier 48), Knight 0) Beaumont was ticking as she stomped off – she was in good form. It was a fumbled bit of fielding that led to some yes/no and Bouchier sent her back once she had committed to the single. I’m sure they’ll laugh about it later through gritted teeth. Heather Knight joins Bouchier, who consoles herself/any guilt she feels by flat batting Amelia Kerr back down the ground for four.

Out of nowhere! Some indecision between Beaumont and Bouchier sees Beaumont diving full length for her ground at the non-striker’s end. She look short by gnat’s whisker.

13th over: England 73-0 (Beaumont 28, Bouchier 42) Sophie Devine serves up a rank half tracker and is pulled away with panache by Beaumont. The White Fern’s captain is absolutely furious with herself, stomping back to her mark like someone who has just discovered a punctured tyre and a parking ticket.

12th over: England 67-0 (Beaumont 23, Bouchier 41) England rotate strike, even when the boundaries aren’t flowing they are very good at keeping the scoreboard moving. Something New Zealand were not so good at, getting bogged down for long passages.

11th over: England 63-0 (Beaumont 22, Bouchier 38) Sophie Devine brings herself on and tightens things up momentarily. Just a single to Bouchier, a nurdle off the pads.

Enjoyed this pithy tweet from the redoubtable Macpherson:

10th over: England 62-0 (Beaumont 22, Bouchier 37) Gah! A mis-field from Green in the covers gifts Bouchier four more. New Zealand did not need that. Bouchier picks off three more with a drive down the ground for a couple and a nudge to get off strike. Beaumont on strike for the final ball – BOSH! Too full from Kerr and Beaumont is on it like a flash to drive for another boundary.

9th over: England 51-0 (Beaumont 18, Bouchier 30) Fran Jonas into the attack with her slow left-armers. Bouchier has a look for three balls and then opens the shoulders – flicking through square leg with Swiss clock timing and then bunting up and over the covers for consecutive boundaries. Fifty up for England at a canter.

8th over: England 39-0 (Beaumont 18, Bouchier 21) Amelia Kerr’s legbreaks are called for. New Zealand need to do something before this match is out of sight. Bouchier is watchful, showing the full face. A tidy over is taken for a single off the final ball.

7th over: England 38-0 (Beaumont 18, Bouchier 20) Fran Jonas into the attack. She fires her first ball down the leg side, Beaumont spots it early and sweeps powerfully for four. Jonas finds her length and gets out of the over without any further cost. “Can England be ruthless again here?” Muses Nick Knight. I’d say so far, so ruthless.

6th over: England 34-0 (Beaumont 4, Bouchier 20) Too many loose deliveries from New Zealand and they can’t afford them with a paltry total on the board and these two England batter’s in zinging form. Penfold sends down a half volley and is driven down the ground for four.

5th over: England 29-0 (Beaumont 9, Bouchier 20) Bouchier stands tall and drives down the ground for four! Lovely shot. Held the pose for good measure. Four! Too full from Jess Kerr and dispatched by Bouchier. England rollocking along again.

4th over: England 19-0 (Beaumont 9, Bouchier 10) Shot! Beaumont drives Penfold for four through the off side. Mark Butcher on the tv commentary notes how good Beaumont’s balance is at the crease. She’s batting with a real confidence.

3rd over: England 15-0 (Beaumont 5, Bouchier 10) Sprightly start from England. Maia Bouchier goers up and over the top for four runs. Confident stroke, executed superbly. Driven for four. The next ball is caressed through the gap at cover to bring The Mighty Boosh four more.

2nd over: England 6-0 (Beaumont 4, Bouchier 2) Molly Penfold from t’other end. Bouchier pulls into the leg-side for a single and Beaumont plays a lovely drive on the up for a couple. The shot of someone in fine fettle.

1st over: England 2-0 (Beaumont 1, Bouchier 1) Jess Kerr with the new ball, she spears one into Beaumont with her very first ball and New Zealand go up for the LBW! Looks leg-side-ish to me but they choose to review! NOT OUT – sneaking down leg. Beaumont knocks a single to get off strike. She was in sublime touch up in Durham. Bouchier too, who nabs strike with a single off the last ball.

Source: theguardian.com