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England beat New Zealand by nine wickets in first women’s cricket ODI – as it happened
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England beat New Zealand by nine wickets in first women’s cricket ODI – as it happened

That’s us done, England polished that off in fine style which means I can do the nursery run. We’ll be back on Sunday for the second match of the series in Worcester, do join us for that. Ta-ra!

England Captain Heather Knight:

It was really pleasing. The way we attacked the game was brilliant, we pushed for wickets and bowled them out for a low score on a good pitch.That was a batting masterclass by our openers, they took smart options.

We’ve got brilliant players, on the bench as well, we’re building great depth in this squad now and we want to keep getting better. We’ve talked about being smarter as a group and I think we showed that today.”

New Zealand Captain Sophie Devine:

We’re really disappointed with that. We got a really good start with the bat but England came back extremely well. We need to put this behind us and come back harder. We’ve got to identify areas we need to improve but also look at positives. We know we’ll have to score 250-260, we were on course for that but lost wickets.”

A bashful Charlie Dean is Player of the Match:

It was a great team performance. I’ve been working on my consistency, I know my best ball is pretty good so it’s just about trying to deliver that as much as possible while changing things around. The bowlers ahead of me set things up today. Tammy and Maia set the blueprint of how to go about a chase in ODIs.”

With 172 balls remaining. An absolute drubbing for New Zealand in Durham. Beaumont ends on a wonderful 76* and Knight has the satisfaction of securing the win with a classy drive down the ground.

Her side take a 1-0 lead in the three match ODI series.

21st over: England 153-1 (Beaumont 76, Knight 5) England just one boundary away now. “New Zealand have been absolutely pulverized’ says Butcher.

20th over: England 147-1 (Beaumont 72, Knight 3) A couple of singles nudged off Halliday. ‘To say England have been dominant would be an understatement’ says Mark Butcher on the tv commentary. They’ve certainly laid down a strong marker for the rest of the series. Barely anything has gone right for Sophie Devine and her team today. England have been imperious.

19th over: England 145-1 (Beaumont 71, Knight 2) Two DRS reviews in the over but both go England’s way. Beaumont was adjudged LBW but the ball was sliding past the stumps. She celebrates her survival with a lovely dab fine for four. 12 needed for England. Get yourself a red-inker Tammy!

18th over: England 139-1 (Beaumont 66, Knight 1) England’s captain comes out for the final knockings. Heather Knight gets off the mark with a nudge to cover.

Hen’s teeth! A wicket! Not a great ball from Halliday in truth – a wide full toss is cloth’d to Bates in the ring. Bouchier on her way back for a well earned cold one.

17th over: England 136-0 (Beaumont 64, Bouchier 67) More strokes from Bouchier – a chip through midwicket and a tickle backward of point. This will do her confidence the world of good heading into a busy home summer. Eleven off the over. England have never beaten New Zealand by ten wickets in an ODI – can they pull it off here?

16th over: England 125-0 (Beaumont 63, Bouchier 57) Brooke Halliday into the attack. Bouchier greets her with a bunt over the top for four. Five more runs collected off the over with absolutely no jeopardy whatsoever. This is a real shellacking for New Zealand. Just 32 more needed for England now.

15th over: England 117-0 (Beaumont 60, Bouchier 52) Fran Jonas into the attack but she can’t stem the flow. Beaumont hoicks a four to cow corner and then reverse-sweeps tidily to collect four more. Ten off the over in total – England need just 40 more to win.

14th over: England 107-0 (Beaumont 51, Bouchier 51) SIX! Beaumont goes through to a 46-ball fifty with an imperious lofted drive down the ground off Amelia Kerr. HUNDRED up for England – Bouchier does the same – bunting off the back foot for SIX more. This really is impressive from England. Fifty for Bouchier too! Off just 38 balls, she shimmies down and drives over mid-on for four. 17 runs off the over.

13th over: England 90-0 (Beaumont 44, Bouchier 41) Six singles pocketed off Devine. England coasting.

12th over: England 84-0 (Beaumont 41, Bouchier 38) Amelia Kerr’s spin summoned for. She manages to put the breaks on the England charge, four singles knocked and nudged.

11th over: England 80-0 (Beaumont 39, Bouchier 36) If you want a job doing… Sophie Devine brings herself on. Bouchier scythes four more through point and then pulls another boundary into the leg side. England are motoring towards their target. The two openers have been very impressive, confident and aggressive – not missing out on anything and putting the pressure on all the kiwi bowlers as soon as they come into the attack.

10th over: England 68-0 (Beaumont 39, Bouchier 24) Beaumont is in great fettle out there in Durham! She smacks a Jess Kerr short ball to the leg side fence and then rocks back to crunch another four through point.

9th over: England 60-0 (Beaumont 31, Bouchier 24) I don’t want to brag, but my beloved has just delivered me a Magnum™. Bouchier and Beaumont may as well have a 99 with a flake in their hands, they are doing this easily. Beaumont glides Rowe for four down to third. Bouchier bests her with a sweetly timed back foot punch through point for four more. Pass the sprinkles and strawberry sauce!

8th over: England 51-0 (Beaumont 30, Bouchier 16) Fifty up for England! Kerr oversteps to giveaway a free-hit. Beaumont slams the freebie down the ground for four with a flourish and a strut!

7th over: England 44-0 (Beaumont 25, Bouchier 15) Hannah Rowe into the attack in place of Penfold. Her radar is more in tune, three dots to start before a wide speared down then leg that the keeper does exceptionally well to get a mitt to. Shot! Bouchier whips a leg-side ball through midwicket for another boundary. Surely an early look at spin is the order of the day? Sophie Devine sticking with her seamers thus far.

6th over: England 38-0 (Beaumont 25, Bouchier 10) Half-volley served up on a platter by Kerr and Beaumont tucks in – driving away through cover for another boundary. Kerr squints into the sun and grimaces. That was a bit of a throw-down from the bowler and she knows it.

5th over: England 33-0 (Beaumont 21, Bouchier 9) Beaumont tickles fine for another boundary and follows up with a scampered single behind square. Bouchier on strike. BOSH! Penfold tests out the middle of the benign pitch and is pulled away dismissively for a one bounce four. A single is worked to leg by Bouchier, who will keep strike. No alarms and no surprises for England so far. Can you hear a glockenspiel?

4th over: England 23-0 (Beaumont 16, Bouchier 4) Shot! Beaumont punches off the back foot through point for four. Kerr bustles in under the afternoon sun, a single worked to leg to end the over. England going well. New Zealand need some wickets before we’re all too much older.

3rd over: England 18-0 (Beaumont 11, Bouchier 4) Penfold sends down a much tighter over, keeping Beaumont tied down outside off stump. A few signs of frustration from the diminuitive opener who dearly loves to feel bat on ball. Another single to finish will deprive Bouchier of the strike once more.

Have we all seen this from the county champo? Carnage. Tanya Aldred is on the tools over on the county blog:

2nd over: England 16-0 (Beaumont 10, Bouchier 4) Jess Kerr from t’other end and she neatens things up for the visitors. A big inswinger is just kept out by Beaumont. Five dots are stitched together by an on-the-money Kerr. She would have had a maiden if not for a mis-field in the ring that sees Tammy pinch the strike.

1st over: England 15-0 (Beaumont 9, Bouchier 4) A bit of a shocker for Penfold who oversteps with her very first ball to give away a free hit! Tammy Beaumont doesn’t miss out, stepping inside a short ball and pulling away for four. England up and running. Four more! Penfold drops short and Beaumont rolls her wrists well to find the gap on the ‘45. A single brings Maia Bouchier on strike and she unfurls a beautiful cover drive to get off the mark. Classy shot. Stinker of a start for the White Ferns.

Here come the pleasingly alliterative Beaumont and Bouchier with bat in hand. Can England make short work of this target? Molly Penfold has the ball for New Zealand. Let’s Play!


Charlie Dean is confident England can knock off this tricksy target with no drama. The sun is out and the pitch is getting more biscuit coloured by the minute. Run chase coming right up.

Ahthankyuhvermuch Daniel.

England have got this in the bag, right?

Here’s some proper crooning to tide us through the innings break:

That, then, is me. Here’s Jim Wallace to croon you through England’s response. Peace out!

When a side is skittled for 156 on a good pitch, you know they’ve not batted well. But England’s bowlers are so good – they were pretty disciplined and sent down some absolute jaffas in the middle of it that were just too good for the batters. Amy Jones , it must be said, was also immaculate behind the stumps, and there’s surely no way NZ can make a game of this … is there?

Charlie Dean says it’s a good pitch, but there’s a bit of sideways movement and the bowlers were focused on sending down their best ball. They knew NZ would come hard as they’ve a bit of a “top-heavy order” but Bell and Filer did well. They want to come out now and play positive cricket, but it can be tricky chasing low totals.

WICKET! Halliday c Knight b Glenn 51 (New Zealand 156 all out)

Halliday has another swing but this time doesn’t give herself quite enough room, top-edging high, and Knight holds a catch that was probably tricker than it looks, ball meeting hand just off the ground. Brilliant from England, less so from NZ.

34th over: New Zealand 156-9 (Halliday 51, Jonas 2) This time, Halliday swings without moving feet and racing in on the slide, Bell can’t quite get under the dropping ball, getting hands on it but unable to hold. They run two, then she eases four to the fence at wide third, raising a tremendous, battling fifty. Well expletive batted.

Source: theguardian.com