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David Warner was once again in possession of his baggy green caps, but the mystery surrounding their disappearance remains.
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David Warner was once again in possession of his baggy green caps, but the mystery surrounding their disappearance remains.

The country-wide hunt for David Warner’s lost baggy green caps has concluded as the experienced opener was finally reunited with his treasured headgear after Thursday’s game.

Before the start of day three in the third Test against Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Warner posted on Instagram to announce that the caps had been located.

Warner expressed relief as the last few days approached. He acknowledged the significance of his cricket cap and stated that it would hold a special place in his heart forever.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped in finding it, including the Qantas team, the freight company, the hotel, and our own team management. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you all.”

Warner misplaced the two hats during his journey from Melbourne to Sydney earlier this week when the backpack containing them disappeared from his luggage.

The problem overshadowed Warner’s 112th and ultimate Test at the SCG and triggered a frenzied hunt.

Airlines, hotels, and shipping companies had been reviewing CCTV footage for any leads. In the meantime, Warner’s father publicly called the suspected thieves “scumbags” on a radio show, and Warner himself made a heartfelt plea for the return of the caps.

Warner stated on Instagram on Tuesday that this is their final attempt to complete the task.

A few days ago, our luggage was transported by Qantas. After reviewing CCTV footage, we discovered blind spots and consulted with the reliable Quay West Hotel, who also checked their cameras and found no one entering our rooms.

“Regrettably, my backpack was removed from my luggage, which contained both my backpack and gifts for my daughters. Inside the backpack was also my baggy greens.”

The item holds special sentimental value to me and I would be thrilled to have it back in my possession this week. If the backpack is the one you truly desired, I have an extra one available for you. You won’t encounter any issues.

The prime minister, Anthony Albanese, was also involved in the situation, urging the person who took the valuable caps to return them.

“The Prime Minister expressed concern over the missing baggy green, stating that it goes against the spirit of the game. He acknowledged David Warner’s numerous appearances for Australia and believes he deserves to wear it one last time. If anyone is able to assist in locating it, let’s work together to make it possible.”

The team management informed Warner that the two caps were given back after the game on Thursday, but there was not much information available about how they were retrieved.

Warner had donned the backup baggy green, which the team keeps on standby for unexpected situations, for the first two days of the Test. He has expressed his desire to auction off this cap in order to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation.

Despite being dismissed for 34 on the second day, it is anticipated that Warner will still wear his own traditional Australian cricket cap when the team plays again on Friday.

Source: theguardian.com