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County cricket day three: Lancs v Surrey, Kent v Somerset, and more – live
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County cricket day three: Lancs v Surrey, Kent v Somerset, and more – live

Essex in a spot of bother, only 69 runs ahead and already four wickets down, Cox for a duck. Westley still there though. Two wickets a piece for Hutton and James.Essex 78-2Durham were docked ten points. I don’t really understand how this happens – surely all bats are made to fit the regulations?Hampshire will be back down south, entertaining Lancs.Surrey because of the backing you get in all forms. It was nice for him to bowl 28 on the bounce in April and me to bowl 11.”

And some Josh Bohannonn to soothe Lancs brows:

“We were good for the majority (of today) and it’s pretty obvious we got it wrong for period at the end. That’s going to happen at the start of the season. People are finding their feet and in a way, it’s good that it happens now and not later down the line.

“We’ve got one of the best spinners in the world and one starting his international career who is getting better by the day. It’s going to be really exciting to watch – especially for me at short-leg – and it will be really good if we can get some more cricket in tomorrow. Hopefully the weather holds off for us.

“We are looking at how we can get a result in potentially two and a half days. There’s enough tackiness in the pitch which is pretty similar to our nets and both Nathan and Tommy bowled beautifully there this week, that’s why we chose the team we did.”

Hampshire no play on days one or two

Canterbury: Kent 284 all out v Somerset

Old Trafford: Lancashire 202 v Surrey 11-0

Trent Bridge: Nottinghamshire 293 v Essex 253 and 65-1

Edgbaston: Warwickshire 292-5 v Worcestershire 360


Derby: Derbyshire v Gloucestershire no play on days one or two

Lord’s: Middlesex 138-1 v Glamorgan 620-3dec

Hove: Sussex v Northamptonshire 292-7

Headingley: Yorkshire 72-2 v Leicestershire 354

Durham plug on. No play before lunch at Derby and although the sun seems to be shining at Chester-le-Street, no news yet on the chances of play. They’re going to take an early lunch at 12.30 at Headingley. But hey, things look perky at Canterbury, Trent Bridge, Lord’s and Hove.

Source: theguardian.com