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Christian Horner makes his case against ‘controlling behaviour’ claims
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Christian Horner makes his case against ‘controlling behaviour’ claims

The outcome of a lengthy meeting between Christian Horner and the lawyer leading the investigation into claims of misconduct against the head of the Red Bull team is still uncertain.

Just days before the unveiling of the 2024 Red Bull vehicle and the start of the new season in Bahrain on March 2nd, Horner met with a lawyer in a secret location in central London on Friday. The meeting lasted for eight hours in the morning and afternoon, but no decision was made at that time, as anticipated.

Red Bull stated that it would be inappropriate to comment until the investigation is finished. No statement has been released by Horner or Red Bull GmbH, the parent company that initiated the investigation.

Horner argued that the outcome of his case could have a significant impact on his professional future. He defended himself against claims made by a female colleague that he exhibited “controlling” behavior. He has refuted the allegations as baseless.

The barrister leading the investigation has collected evidence, including from the employee in question. Horner was given the chance to address this evidence during the meeting on Friday before the inquiry makes a decision. There is currently no set timeline for when a decision will be reached, and additional meetings have not been ruled out. The team is hopeful that a decision will be made before their car launch next Thursday.

The meeting marked the peak of a tumultuous week for Horner, following the disclosure of the allegations on Monday when the parent company confirmed it was addressing the matter.

“Upon learning of recent accusations, the company initiated an independent inquiry,” stated a representative. “The investigation, currently in progress, is being conducted by an external specialist lawyer. The company considers these matters with utmost importance and the investigation will be concluded as soon as feasible. It is not appropriate to provide further comment at this time.”

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There is currently no public information about the female employee involved, nor have any details of the complaint been disclosed. The investigation will continue until all relevant facts have been determined. The findings will then be presented to Red Bull GmbH, who will decide on any necessary action. Horner may still pursue legal action if he deems it necessary.

Source: theguardian.com