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Christian Horner faces questioning regarding allegations as he struggles to salvage his career.
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Christian Horner faces questioning regarding allegations as he struggles to salvage his career.

Christian Horner will face questioning on Friday as a result of an independent inquiry into his actions following accusations of inappropriate controlling behavior against him as the leader of the Red Bull team.

Horner has refuted the allegations and plans to consult with the external lawyer appointed by Red Bull, the team’s parent company, to oversee the investigation at their headquarters in Milton Keynes by the end of the week.

The parties involved have not disclosed a specific timeframe for the investigation, but there is a sense of urgency to resolve the issue quickly. It is hoped that the investigation will be completed before the launch of the 2024 car next Thursday.

The 50-year-old is currently trying to salvage his career after a complaint was filed by a female staff member and brought to the attention of the team’s owner instead of the Formula One team directly. Red Bull Racing has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but it is rumored that the accusations involve a forceful approach to management.

On Monday, the team’s owner announced that they have initiated an investigation and stated, “The company considers these matters to be of great importance and the investigation will be concluded in a timely manner.”

During a Monday afternoon meeting of the F1 Commission in London, Horner reportedly informed other participants that the accusations were false. He vehemently refuted the claims after they were made public, declaring, “I deny these allegations completely.” The team’s parent company, Red Bull, has stated that making further comments would be inappropriate until the investigation is completed.

Horner, who will remain in his post while the ­investigation is carried out, has been team principal at Red Bull since it was bought from Jaguar in 2004. He is now entering his 20th season with them and has enjoyed a remarkable period of success but it is believed that his position would be untenable if the allegations are proved.

James Vowles, the principal of the Williams team, stated that he was not aware of the allegations or the severity of the situation, but emphasized the importance of addressing all issues in the sport.

During an interview with Bloomberg, the individual stated that if such an incident were to occur under our supervision, we would fully support and take action to address it, and strive for a welcoming culture for all individuals.

We need to reflect on ourselves and ensure that we are asking ourselves the right questions and behaving in a way that we can be proud of, not just in the present but also in the coming decade.

Allegedly, there is a conflict within Red Bull Racing due to ongoing drama. In 2005, Horner became the youngest team principal in Formula 1. He has since become the longest-standing principal in the paddock and has led Red Bull Racing to remarkable achievements during his tenure.

They have won six constructors’ world championships and seven drivers’ titles and have enjoyed remarkable dominance over the last two seasons, both won comfortably by Max Verstappen, with Red Bull claiming 21 wins from 22 races in 2023. Horner was instrumental in bringing the designer, Adrian Newey, to Red Bull as well as Verstappen to F1, when the driver was just 17 years old.

Source: theguardian.com