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Christian Horner alleges that Formula 1 officials and journalists are taking advantage of the controversy surrounding Red Bull.
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Christian Horner alleges that Formula 1 officials and journalists are taking advantage of the controversy surrounding Red Bull.

The head of Formula One, Christian Horner, has claimed that top officials in the sport have exploited the intense controversy surrounding the accusations of misconduct against him. Despite being cleared of any wrongdoing, these accusations have put his future in the sport in jeopardy.

The Red Bull team suspended the female employee who filed a complaint against the 50-year-old. The team’s leader accused the media of blowing the situation out of proportion and implied that others in the sport were trying to take advantage of his vulnerability in his position.

During the controversy that became public on February 5th, Horner maintained his innocence. An external barrister conducted an independent investigation and declared him innocent on February 28th.

Unfortunately, just one day after the incident occurred last week on Thursday, an email was leaked that contained messages supposedly exchanged between Horner and the person making the complaint. This email caused a lot of buzz and shifted the focus to the incident, which Horner believed was unjustified. He also suspected that other teams were trying to use it to their benefit, as he expressed before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix this weekend.

The main factor driving the extensive coverage of this is the revelation and subsequent media spotlight, according to the speaker. This has been extremely challenging, especially for my family, as all the focus has been on one aspect.

Afterwards, others have attempted to exploit this situation. Formula 1 is a cutthroat industry, with some trying to profit from it. This may be the unsavory aspect of our field.

Other leaders of teams, especially Toto Wolff from Mercedes and Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren, have emphasized the importance of transparency in the investigation and the release of its findings to the public in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Both individuals have expressed disapproval of the negative impact caused by this situation on the sport. They emphasize that the sport has strived for diversity and inclusivity in recent years and caution that this could be undermined if there is no transparency in the process that was used.

Both F1 and the FIA are in agreement about the need for transparency and have both requested to review the results of the investigation initiated by Red Bull GmbH, the parent company of Red Bull Racing.

The suspension of the complainant was a result of the investigation that had previously cleared Horner.

Red Bull and Horner have not shared any information yet, including the name of the lawyer who conducted the investigation due to confidentiality agreements with all parties involved. They have also not made any statements regarding the unconfirmed contents of the leaked email.

Horner, when asked about the suspension in Jeddah, chose not to provide any additional information or details. Red Bull has also not disclosed the steps that will be taken with the female employee, who is believed to be on a paid suspension.

“I’m sorry, but I am unable to make any comments regarding matters that are considered confidential between an employee and the company,” stated Horner. The employee in question reportedly received a formal legal letter this week regarding the outcome of the investigation and has five days to file an appeal.

Horner asserted during his time in Saudi Arabia that the issue, as far as he was concerned, was nearly resolved and it was time to shift focus, although he did question the level of attention it has received.

“A lot of attention has been given to this,” he stated. “It has piqued the interest of various media outlets for various motives. But now, it’s time to move on and put it behind us. Our primary focus should be on racing- on the track, in the cars, and with the drivers.”

During the first practice session in Saudi Arabia, reigning world champion Max Verstappen displayed total dominance, replicating his strong performance from the previous round in Bahrain. He claimed the top spot, beating out Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso by two-tenths of a second. However, in the more accurate night session of FP2, Alonso took the lead, with a two-tenths advantage over Mercedes’ George Russell and Verstappen placing third.

Source: theguardian.com