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Carlos Sainz declared the victor of the Australian F1 Grand Prix while Max Verstappen retired prematurely - a recap of the events.
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Carlos Sainz declared the victor of the Australian F1 Grand Prix while Max Verstappen retired prematurely – a recap of the events.

The winning team in the Formula One championship, specifically for Red Bull, is…

With that being said, I believe I have completed my task.

It was an incredible day in Melbourne. The prevailing question was whether anyone could challenge Max Verstappen’s winning streak from pole position for the fourth consecutive time and continue his 10-race winning streak. However, the reigning champion was unable to finish on lap three, causing the competition to become unpredictable.

Carlos Sainz had passed the Dutchman in second place before he had to retire. He took advantage of a clear track ahead and managed to secure the victory – a decent feat considering his search for a new team next season and his recent surgery for appendicitis. It was a successful day for supporters of Ferrari, with Charles Leclerc finishing behind Sainz in second place for a one-two finish.

Charles Norris and local racer Oscar Piastri claimed the third and fourth place slots, boosting Mclaren’s spirits as they leave the race. However, Lewis Hamilton, who, like Verstappen, was forced to drop out due to mechanical problems, will travel to Japan feeling increasingly frustrated with his Mercedes.

I am Joey Lynch, and I sincerely thank you for following along with the Australian GP. Please read Giles Richards’ complete report. Best of luck to you.

Giles Richards has provided a race report encompassing all the events of the 2024 Australian F1 Grand Prix.

Sainz reflected on the race: “It was a great race overall. I felt strong while driving. I did feel a bit stiff, especially physically, but luckily I had some space on the track and was able to control my speed, tires, and everything. It wasn’t the most challenging race.”

“I am delighted and extremely proud of the team. It brings me joy to have my teammate Charles alongside me in first and second place. This accomplishment proves that determination and dedication truly pay off. Life can be unpredictable, but even with the challenges we faced at the beginning of the year, including a podium finish in Bahrain, an appendix surgery, and a triumphant comeback leading to victory, the journey has been an exciting rollercoaster ride that I thoroughly enjoy. I am overjoyed with our success.”

Sainz celebrates victory at the Australian Grand Prix and becomes the first driver, aside from Verstappen, to claim the trophy since Sainz himself did so at the Singapore race last season. This marks Sainz’s third career win.

The Dutch racer will need to delay his attempt to match his impressive streak of ten consecutive victories, as his next chance to start a new winning streak will be in Japan in two weeks.

It’s time for the national anthems to be played and for the first time in a while, it’s not the Dutch or Austrian anthems being heard. First, the Spanish anthem will honor race-winner Sainz, followed by the Italian anthem for Ferrari.

Just a quick mention, Alex Albon’s 11th place finish signifies that he did not earn any points today. I wonder what Logan Sargeant is thinking about this.

There will be dancing taking place on Lygon St tonight!

1. Carlos Sainz (25pts)
2. Charles Leclerc (19)
3. Lando Norris (15)
4. Oscar Piastri (12)
5. Sergio Perez (10)
6. Fernando Alonso (8)
7. Lance Stroll (6)
8. Yuki Tsunoda (4)
9. Nico Hulkenberg (2)
10. Kevin Magnussen (1)
11. Alex Albon
12. Daniel Ricciardo
13. Pierre Gasly
14. Valtteri Bottas
15. Zhou Guanyu
16. Esteban Ocon
17. George Russell

The DNF (Did Not Finish) included Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Melbourne has seen a large number of attendees this week, with nearly 500,000 people entering the gates. The event concluded in a spectacular manner.

Sainz expresses his amazement and gratitude towards his garage team. After recovering from illness and originally being unable to attend the race in Saudi Arabia, the hired driver celebrates being a part of a momentous Ferrari victory in Melbourne. Appendix? Who needs it?

After Russell’s accident, a virtual safety car is deployed, allowing Sainz to comfortably cross the finish line with his Ferrari.

The Italian team is likely to secure both first and second place, with Leclerc following close behind in second.

Russell has collided with the wall at a high speed. As a result, we will have to finish the race under a virtual safety car. However, he has reported on the radio that he is unhurt.

Sainz is expressing worry about his tires over the radio, though he only has a few more minutes to manage. Meanwhile, Leclerc has achieved the fastest lap as he aims to secure his second place position against Norris.

The sixth place ranking is still tightly contested, with Russell aggressively pursuing Alonso from behind.

Sainz holds onto his top position with Leclerc, Norris, Piastri, and Perez trailing behind.

Russell is persistently challenging Alonso for sixth place. The Mercedes appears to have the necessary DRS advantage to overtake the Aston Martin.

There are five laps remaining and the Ferrari team is still in the top two positions, with Sainz in the lead and Leclerc behind. Norris and Piastri of McLaren follow, followed by Alonso, Russell, Stroll, Tsunoda, and Hülkenberg.

As the race progresses, the two Haas cars are aggressively competing for the tenth spot on the grid. Hülkenberg is determined to fend off Magnussen and secure a spot in the top ten and earn points.

Unless something goes terribly wrong, Sainz, Leclerc, and Norris will likely take the top three spots on the podium, with Piastri finishing about ten seconds behind his McLaren teammate in fourth place.

Russell is still pushing hard against Alonso, who is not gaining much ground on Perez in fifth place. Perez is currently 17 seconds ahead.

Norris has achieved yet another quickest lap in his attempt to catch up to Leclerc in second place. The gap between them has now decreased to under four seconds.

In the final ten laps, Sainz is currently in the lead followed by Leclerc, Norris, Piastri, Perez, Alonso, Russell, Stroll, Tsunoda, and Hülkenberg.

In the recent broadcast, an interesting statistic was shared – the last instance of a Ferrari one-two finish followed by a Mclaren was in the 2007 Spa race, with Kimi Räikkönen, Felipe Massa, Alonso, and Hamilton taking the top four spots.

Norris has overtaken the second-placed Ferrari of Leclerc and set a new record for the fastest lap of the race. He is now four seconds behind Leclerc, trying to catch up.

Russell switches to the pit lane with no one-stop strategy, placing him at a disadvantage. Perez takes fifth place and Alonso moves up to sixth. The Mercedes now has new tires which they will use to try and catch the previous champion.

Sainz is currently in the lead, followed by Leclerc in second place and Norris in third place. Piastri holds the fourth spot, with Russell, Perez, Alonso, Stroll, Tsunoda, and Hülkenberg trailing behind.

Jonathan sent an email to those interested in F1 history/trivia with a new one to add to the collection: 43/58.

Has there ever been a race with fewer world champions still racing, since Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have retired? Out of all the previous races, has there been one with less total championships on track than the 2 that Fernando Alonso has?

The top four drivers have all made two pit stops, leaving Sainz in the lead followed by Leclerc, Norris, and Piastri. According to the coverage, Russell and his team are considering a one-stop approach.

Sainz enters the pit lane, executing a successful stop and emerging from it with a seven-second lead over Leclerc.

Source: theguardian.com