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Buttler acknowledges that England experienced a significant downturn in the World Cup match against Sri Lanka.

Jos Buttler admitted he had reached “a huge low point” after England were left on the brink of elimination from the World Cup in the group stage following defeat to Sri Lanka by eight wickets in Bengaluru. This was their fourth dismal failure in five matches, with Buttler saying the team’s plans for the tournament had “just not worked at all”.

The England team was dismissed for a low score of 156 runs, but Sri Lanka easily won with more than 24 overs remaining. Despite the outcome, Buttler expressed confidence in his team’s abilities and was unable to understand their sudden lack of performance. He stated, “We have a strong team and have achieved great things in white-ball and 50-over cricket recently.”

“We boarded the plane with great optimism and strong faith that we could compete for the championship. However, sitting here now, after the past three weeks, is a surprise. It’s a surprise to everyone. As I walk back into the dressing room and see the players sitting there, I can’t help but wonder how we ended up in this position, with such talented and skilled individuals in the room. But this is our reality, the result of what has happened over the past three weeks, and it is a significant low point.”

The captain of England’s white-ball team, Buttler, only scored eight runs in the recent match, adding to his ongoing struggles as he has been averaging just 19 runs in the tournament. He acknowledged his own poor performance, stating that he has not been playing at his best. Despite putting in hard work and preparation, he believes his team’s struggles are not due to a lack of talent.

Many members of the team are skilled and talented players. It is disappointing that our performance in this tournament has not met our expectations. However, there is no hidden solution or tactic. Each player is responsible for their own runs and wickets. The captain sets the example for the team and as a leader, I have not been able to do that through my own performance.

England’s upcoming match against the unbeaten and in-form India on Sunday will be a tough challenge. According to Buttler, their focus should be on themselves as individuals and as a team, regardless of who their opponent is. They will continue to analyze their performance and strive to improve, with a strong sense of pride and determination. Regardless of the outcome, their goal is to return to their true form and play the cricket they are capable of in the remaining games.

According to Matthew Mott, the coach of England, his team has reached their lowest point. He believes that they must use this experience in a constructive manner. Having been on both winning and losing teams, Mott knows that a defeat like this should be painful, but it can also serve as motivation for improvement in the future.

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“When you reach your lowest point, it presents an opportunity for introspection. We must examine our training methods, team selection process, and all aspects of our approach. This will involve dissecting and analyzing everything. We must accept this and extract the valuable lessons to improve ourselves in a positive manner.”

Source: theguardian.com