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Australia win second women’s T20 against Bangladesh by 58 runs – as it happened
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Australia win second women’s T20 against Bangladesh by 58 runs – as it happened

That’s where we will leave things today. There were some really positive signs from Bangladesh with their bowling and then in the first few overs at the crease, but it was just not nearly enough to stop the force that is Australia’s women’s cricket team. Healy and the selectors opted to take a few small risks by changing up the batting order, but they paid off, Wareham and Harris putting on a brilliant partnership and perhaps posing some new questions for when it comes to World Cup decisions. I’ll be interested to see whether they shake things up again for the third T20 on Thursday, or they stick with this lineup, or they revert to business as usual one last time.

Litchfield had another poor outing with the bat, but as Healy said after the match, she’s a very young player who is still finding her feet at the international level. The captain backed her to come out of this period and show more of the exciting cricket we’ve seen from her in the past.

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Australia’s captain Healy steps up to offer a few words, saying she is thrilled with the cricket her side played today, even more so than getting the win itself. I guess you have to say things like that when all you ever do is win.

Asked if we can expect more experimentation in Thursday’s T20, Healy says we’ll have to wait and see but that she “thoroughly enjoyed” batting at No 10 today.

For her 57 runs after being bumped up the order, followed by a wicket, Wareham is unsurprisingly given player of the match. She says her time in the WPL has helped her have the confidence to move up the order and perform like that.

Not sure if we are getting a player of the match presentation or not … I would have thought Wareham, Gardner or maybe Molineux would be in line for that. There seems to be a pause in the feed from Bangladesh but I will keep you updated.

And with that Australia also claim the T20i series with two wins. After some positives in their bowling, including Trishna’s hat-trick in the final over, their batting left a lot to be desired and Bangladesh will be disappointed with how their match unravelled in the end. Gardner and Molineux took three wickets each in the end, and Wareham was impressive in backing up her 57 runs with 1-24.

20th over: Bangladesh 103-9 (Rabeya 14, Trishna 1) Schutt takes the final over. Rabeya is again lucky not to be caught in the outfield after mishitting very high. Four leg byes on the final ball take Bangladesh to three figures, which will be a very small consolation.

Bangladesh lose their ninth wicket. Marufa steps down the wicket and Healy picks it up cleanly for yet another stumping. Bangladesh devastatingly short of the 100.

19th over: Bangladesh 94-8 (Rabeya 7, Marufa 3) Sutherland comes back in. Rabeya and Marufa manage to find some gaps in the field but it’s another good over from Sutherland.

18th over: Bangladesh 89-8 (Rabeya 4, Marufa 1) A great over from Molineux with a wicket and just the four runs from it. Rabeya hitting to deep backward square leg for two on the final ball

Nahida departs for one. Can Bangladesh get over 100, any less would be a huge dispappointment for them.

17th over: Bangladesh 85-7 (Rabeya 1, Nahida 1) Rabeya tries to sweep and misses, blocks the next couple, then pulls off a sweep and runs a single. Gardner finishes her impressive spell with 3-17.

Shorna trots down the wicket exposing the stumps and Gardner’s ball smashes into the top of off stump.

16th over: Bangladesh 83-6 (Shorna 21, Rabeya 0) Great over from Molineux. They shout for lbw on the final ball but the umpires is not interested in that one. Bangladesh need 79 from 24, which seems highly improbable.

Shorifa tries to play across the line and misses, and loses her off stump. Bangladesh have lost all momentum now.

15th over: Bangladesh 82-5 (Shorna 20, Shorifa 3) A very tight call on a possible stumping – Shorna just gets her toe back behind the line in time. They run three off Shorna’s edge to third man. Shorifa comes to the crease and survives some jitters, edging it high and back over Healy twice.

Fahima goes to sweep and misses, leaving the ball to hit the top of off stump.

14th over: Bangladesh 75-4 (Fahima 15, Shorna 16) Shorna skips down the wicket and hits Wareham for six straight down the ground. There are very limited camera angles and the quality of footage is not great so it takes the umpires a while to determine whether its four or six. Wareham indicates she thinks it should be a six so that she can get on with it. Then Fatima hits over mid-on and across the rope for four. A much more expensive over for Wareham and more inline with what Bangladesh need.

13th over: Bangladesh 61-4 (Fahima 9, Shorna 8) Sutherland is bowling really well, enticing Fahima to swing. Shorna smacks the fourth delivery through cover for two runs, then flicks the fifth around to square leg for no runs.

12th over: Bangladesh 58-4 (Fahima 8, Shorna 6) Shorna gets her first boundary hitting past long on, then survives a stumping chance as Healy fumbles behind the wicket. A bit better from Bangladesh but they will need to pick things up a bit for a chance at an upset here.

11th over: Bangladesh 51-4 (Fahima 6, Shorna 1) Sutherland brings the pace, sort of. Bangladesh bring up their 50 with three runs from that over. The hosts need 111 from 54 balls.

10th over: Bangladesh 48-4 (Fahima 4, Shorna 0) At the 10th-over mark and Bangladesh look like they are starting to come unstuck. Wareham, Schutt, Gardner and Molineux have one each.

The spinners continue to punish Bangladesh. The opener steps across and goes for a pull short but the ball thunders into off stump. Dilara got Bangladesh off to a strong start in the power play, contributing 27 to the chase.

9th over: Bangladesh 45-3 (Dilara 28, Fahima 1) Dilara starts with a lovely slog sweep but it’s stopped short of the boundary. Dilara is still looking good but the runs have certainly dropped off since the end of the power play. With the captain dismissed, Fahima comes to the crease and takes a single off the final ball.

The captain departs for one run after trying to hit over mid-wicket but not nailing the height. Can Dilara keep up her run rate as her partners fall away, or will this be the beginning of the end for Bangladesh?

8th over: Bangladesh 43-2 (Dilara 26, Nigar 1) Wareham is into the mix and secures a maiden over.

7th over: Bangladesh 43-2 (Dilara 26, Nigar 1) Dilara is lucky to avoid being caught off a top edge. Just three runs and a wicket off that over from Gardner.

Actually I have to correct the record the first wicket has been given as caught behind rather than stumped. Murshida edged it back to Healy.

Another stumping! Shobana dances down the wicket and Healy is able to take the bails off juuuuust before Shobana swings around and grounds her bat. It’s another very close one. The umpires have a very good look and it’s given out. A few more runs for Shobana this time around but only just.

6th over: Bangladesh 40-1 (Dilara 24, Shobana 5) After two balls there’s a short pause as Dilara receives some medical attention – perhaps to her wrist.

Play resumes and Shobana hits to short cover for a single. Dilara then hits up towards midwicket but it falls just short of the diving fielder. Nice over from Perry.

5th over: Bangladesh 38-1 (Dilara 23, Shobana 4) A bit of relief for Schutt after being smacked for boundaries. Shobana comes to the crease and after a few wobbles is able to find the gap at point and end the over with a four.

Oof that is a close one, Murshida gets her first boundary then is stumped next ball. There is no DRS and Murshida is extremely unhappy with that decision – the umpire took a long, long time to raise the finger. The footage is not conclusive either, so that’s that, she has to depart.

*Turns out she was not stumped but caught.. hence my confusion

4th over: Bangladesh 30-0 (Murshida 4, Dilara 23) Molineux keeps Bangladesh to just three runs to start her spell. Bangladesh will need to run hard for the ones and twos if they are going to have a decent go at this chase.

3rd over: Bangladesh 27-0 (Murshida 2, Dilara 22) Offspinner Gardner enters the bowling for Australia, straight away bringing some turn and putting Murshida and Dilara under some pressure. But then Dilara steps forward and sweeps Gardner for four past deep square leg.

2nd over: Bangladesh 22-0 (Murshida 1, Dilara 18) Perry starts with two wide – this has been an issue all tour. Interestingly Perry didn’t bowl at all in the first T20 but Healy has opted for her this time around. Murshida sneaks a quick single to get off the mark. Dilara keeps on as she started, driving hard through backward point for another boundary. A total of three wides and a boundary is not the greatest start for Perry.

1st over: Bangladesh 14-0 (Murshida 0, Dilara 14) After some technical difficulties I am back.. and Bangladesh are off to a brilliant start! Dilara hits 14 off Schutt’s first over including three fours. Watch out Australia.

Well a very strong batting innings from Australia suddenly collapsed towards the end there! With the exception of the cheap wickets in the final over I think Healy would be happy with the shake-up in the batting order – Harris and Wareham put on a fantastic partnership, and McGrath and Perry looked good. They got to experiment a little which will put them in good stead for the World Cup and Healy had a nice rest.

Trishna gets her hat-trick! Well her innings certainly turned around. Mooney swings and misses and the ball clatters into the stumps.

Molineux is gone for a duck, caught at backward point, and Trishna is on a hat-trick with one ball remaining.

Just as she was looking oh so comfortable, Perry hits straight to the fielder at deep cover.

19th over: Australia 155-5 (Perry 24, Sutherland 1) McGrath starts with a reverse sweep and it’s again misfielded, allowing them to run one. Her innings is cut short by Nahida. Annabel Sutherland comes to the crease and gets off the mark with a drive to long off for a single.

Ahh that partnership was looking very solid … McGrath drops the knee to slog sweep and misses the ball which thuds into the pad.

18th over: Australia 151-4 (McGrath 18, Perry 22) Fahima finishes her successful bowling spell with 2-34, best for Bangladesh so far. McGrath and Perry are making sure to take the singles when they can, helped a couple of times by some errors in the field.

17th over: Australia 145-4 (McGrath 16, Perry 18) Not a great ball from Shorifa to start the over and McGrath hits her past fine leg for four. The next five delivers are better, Australia running some singles. I just remembered that Australia still have Healy and Mooney to bat if needed…

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