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Australia dominate to secure an innings victory against South Africa on day three of the women's Test match. Here's a summary of how it unfolded.
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Australia dominate to secure an innings victory against South Africa on day three of the women’s Test match. Here’s a summary of how it unfolded.

Read our coverage of Australia’s dominant win against South Africa in the one-off women’s Test in Perth on day three.

This was the decisive moment that determined the outcome of the game.

The exciting series has come to a close, with South Africa emerging victorious in the ODI and T20 matches. The Test was a different outcome, but as they say, practice makes perfect and with more opportunities comes growth and increased competitiveness in the future.

Megan Maurice was contemplating that specific matter before the Test started.

The players are now preparing for the WPL, set to begin on February 23. There, they will once again compete against each other or team up in different attire. Expect more names to be added and breaks to be taken.

That concludes my statement, thank you for being here. Goodbye!

Beth Mooney has been named the series MVP.

Laura Wolvaardt, who is usually reserved, has been summoned to the stage. She gives credit to Australia, as they outplayed us in every aspect, but it was a valuable experience for our team. Playing at such an iconic venue was a wonderful opportunity. Personally, I would be thrilled to participate in more Test cricket matches as it presents a great challenge.

Alyssa Healy is an excellent interviewee who speaks quite rapidly. However, she has a cautionary message for the global community: “I’ve never witnessed this team being more eager to play cricket or push their limits.”

Many broadcasters receive a plate trophy.

South Africa won one T20 and one ODI in this series with multiple formats, while Australia claimed the trophy with a score of 12-4.

We have now reached the presentation ceremony. The player of the match is Annabel Sutherland. She says, “There’s nothing more to it than my love for batting and being with my teammates on the other end. South Africa put up a tough fight in the white ball series, but we started off strong with the ball here. We will definitely be celebrating tonight.”

(The woman conducting the interviews was wearing a stunning white dress, by the way).

I appreciate Hypocaust for providing this.

South Africa put in a commendable performance in the second half, defying expectations by lasting through the afternoon session. Credit goes to Tucker and Tryon for their perseverance, as well as Klass for his impactful cameo towards the end. Meanwhile, Australia continues to impress with their exceptional team and influx of young talent.

The sports analysts are buzzing about the athletes on the field. Cricket player Ash Gardner shared, “It was a significant moment for us to have the chance to play at the WACA. We were fortunate to witness Annabel’s impressive performance and secure the series win today. It’s quite remarkable to see Darcie achieve her first five-wicket haul in cricket. Annabel is truly a superstar.”

Out! That concludes the game! Hlubi swings at a floating ball and sends it straight into the hands of the bowler.

In the 97th over, South Africa’s score is 214-9 with Klaas at 1 and Hlubi at the crease. Sutherland has had an outstanding performance with five wickets in addition to her double century. A successful day at the office for her.

Klass attempted an uppercut one too many times and accidentally hit the ball towards Healy, who caught it with his gloves.

In the 96th over, South Africa’s score is 214-8. Klaas and Mlaba are at the crease with 1 and 15 runs respectively. The bowler pitches a slow, high delivery but no runs are scored.

The 95th over saw South Africa at a score of 213-7, with Klaas at 1 and Mlaba at 15. Sutherland received a well-deserved applause at the end of the over, and there were celebratory hand slaps among the fielders. Australia is close to securing the win. Tryon’s dismissal was a result of an excellent delivery that deceived and confused the batsman.

I was completely fooled! Totally caught off guard!

In the 94th over, South Africa’s score is 213-7 with Tryon at 64 and Mlaba at 15. Mlaba steps forward and defends the ball from King. She attempts to strike the last ball but doesn’t connect.

In the 93rd over of the match, South Africa currently has a score of 213-7, with Tryon scoring 64 and Mlaba scoring 15. There is a substitution as Sutherland enters the game from the other end. Tryon is struck on the thigh and lets out a cry of pain. They swing and miss at the following ball.

Moving on to other updates, the male cricket team from England is facing a challenging day at Rajkot.

In the 92nd over, South Africa has a score of 211-7 with Tryon at 62 and Mlaba at 15. After the break, King takes over with some leg spin (or coffee in my case).

We’re back!

In the 91st over of the match, South Africa’s score is 210-7 with Tryon scoring 61 and Mlaba scoring 15. Garth is bowling the last over before tea and Australia is hoping to end the partnership between the two players, which has now reached 30 runs. Garth almost manages to get a wicket with a cleverly disguised slower delivery on the last ball before tea. Mlaba attempts a swing but misses, narrowly avoiding getting out. I’ll be taking a quick break to make some coffee and will be back soon!

In the 90th over, South Africa is at 204-7 with Tryon at 55 and Mlaba at 15. There is a delightful scene of children playing cricket outside the main arena, taking over a pathway with grass on either side. It is wonderful to see grounds that have room for kids to play. In the meantime, Tryon takes advantage of a wide delivery from Brown and hits it through the covers for a boundary. Only one over left before tea.

At the start of the 89th over, South Africa has reached a score of 200-7. Tryon holds a score of 51 while Mlaba has 15. Mlaba appears determined and hits Garth with force, like a woman wielding a frying pan. She repeats the action with a slightly more traditional technique. She attempts a third hit but only manages to get a single run.

In the 88th over, South Africa’s score is 190-7 with Tryon scoring 50 runs and Mlaba scoring 6 runs. Brown’s delivery had excellent carry, with Healy catching the ball on the rise behind the stumps. The last ball was a menacing inswinger.

In the 87th over of the match, South Africa’s score stands at 189-7 with Tryon and Mlaba at the crease. Tryon, known for her strong batting abilities, has reached her first Test fifty, despite being dropped by Mooney when she was at 38. She achieves this milestone by scoring a single towards long leg off Garth. As a gesture of celebration, Tryon and Mlaba exchange fist bumps.

The 86th over of the match saw South Africa at 185-7, with Tryon scoring 47 runs and Mlaba at 4. Mlaba starts off with a powerful shot through the covers for four, but it was Brown who stole the show with an impressive inswinger that knocked out Jafta’s stumps. Brown is certainly having a memorable Test.

Beautiful! The ball strikes the outside edge and curves into the stumps! This marks the end of a 41-minute watch.

In the 85th over, South Africa’s score is 178-6 with Tryon at 45 and Jafta at 9. The temperature at the WACA is 33 degrees, with the Freemantle Doctor wind blowing the flags. Tryon plays the second ball confidently and it goes for four runs through the covers. The over ends with a challenging delivery that beats Jafta.

In the 84th over of the match, South Africa’s score is 173-6 with Tryon scoring 41 runs and Jafta scoring 9 runs. Brown, who looks young and energetic, has a long and fast approach that is causing the batsmen to struggle. He bowls a maiden over, adding to the pressure on South Africa.

In the 83rd over, South Africa’s score is 173-6 with Tryon scoring 41 and Jafta scoring 9. The game was briefly paused for drinks due to the hot weather. Garth’s over was eventful, with Jaffa hitting a smooth off drive and three impressive deliveries that narrowly missed the outside edge. Tryon even had a close call with an edge that fell just short of slip.

The 82nd over begins with South Africa at 168-6, with Tryon scoring 41 and Jafta at 4. The new ball is in the hands of Darcie Brown, who is bowling towards the building site end of the ground. Brown starts off with two massive inswingers, resulting in two lbw appeals and leaving Tryon in a state of confusion. She then attempts another swing but misses the outside edge. A great maiden over from Brown. Is anyone currently at the WACA or has recently visited? How is the condition of the old stadium?

In the 81st over, South Africa’s score is 168-6 with Tryon scoring 41 and Jafta scoring 4. Garth is getting ready to bowl, her feet stomping on the ground. Four fielders stand behind the batsman, along with a gully. Garth’s bowling speed ranges from 105 to 108 kilometers per hour (equivalent to mid sixties miles per hour). Jafta is determined to not hit any of the deliveries.

The 80th over sees South Africa at 168-6 with Tryon scoring 41 and Jafta at 4. King, wearing shades, long sleeves, and with her collar up, is bowling with a lot of bounce in her trainers. Jafta attempts to cut the ball but instead edges it, causing it to fly off Healy’s leg. And now, the new ball makes its appearance.

In the 79th over, South Africa’s score is 166-6 with Tryon scoring 40 runs and Jafta scoring 3 runs. It’s great to see the WACA on TV, with its iconic floodlights. Gardner’s over only yields one run, as she bowls from around the wicket.

At the 78th over mark, South Africa’s score is 165-6 with Tryon at 39 runs and Jafta at 3 runs. Shoutout to Jim for the update! Good morning everyone, I apologize for getting my timing mixed up this morning. We seem to have skipped an over during the transition, but I wanted to mention that Mooney dropped Tryon at slip when he was at 38 runs.

After 77 overs of play, South Africa’s score is 164-6 with Tryon at 38 runs and Jafta at 3. Ash Gardner continues to bowl well. I will be leaving now. Tanya Aldred will take over to commentate on the expected Australian win. Goodbye!

In the 76th over, South Africa’s score is 163 for 6, with Tryon scoring 37 and Jafta scoring 3. Jafta hits a full delivery off her toes and collects two runs through midwicket.

In the 75th over, South Africa’s score is 161-6 with Tryon scoring 37 runs and Jafta scoring 1 run. Sinalo Jafta, the new batter, starts off with a clip off the hip to score her first run. The Australian team stays active between overs.

Two is better than one! Australia is on a winning streak after putting in a lot of effort. Gardner makes a crucial catch off the new batter de Klerk, while Sutherland, the star player, holds on at slip.

In the 74th over, South Africa’s score is 160-5 with Tryon at 37 runs and de Klerk at 0. King delivers a leg-spin but Tryon confidently hits it for four runs.

Ash Gardner successfully takes the wicket! Tucker’s long innings comes to a peaceful end as she gently hits a full-length ball back to Gardner, who catches it in her follow-through.

In the 73rd over, South Africa’s score is 156-5 with Chloe Tryon (32) and Nadine de Klerk (0) at the crease.

In the 72nd over, South Africa’s score is 153-4 with Tucker at 62 and Tryon at 32. King resumes after a brief break and there are nine overs remaining before the new ball can be used. Close call! King bowls a ball of medium length that narrowly misses Tryon’s bat and Healy quickly removes the bails, but it’s ruled NOT OUT. Tryon’s back foot remains grounded and behind the line.

In the 71st over, South Africa’s score is at 153 for 4, with Tucker scoring 62 runs and Tryon scoring 32. Ash Gardner is the bowler, and she’s wearing stylish red sunglasses reminiscent of Judge Dredd. Surprisingly, it’s a maiden over, so it’s time for a break and a drink.

In the 70th over, South Africa’s score is 153-4 with Tucker scoring 62 runs and Tryon scoring 32 runs. King bowls a ball with good flight and dip from the off. South Africa is struggling to score, with many consecutive maidens like in a Jane Austen novel after lunch.

In the 69th over, South Africa’s score is 153-4, with Tucker scoring 62 and Tryon scoring 32. The atmosphere has become quiet. Molineux only allows one run in her latest over. Now, Alana King is coming in – will she bring some excitement to the game?

In the 68th over, South Africa has scored 152 runs for the loss of 4 wickets, with Tucker at 61 and Tryon at 32. Healy introduces a fielder at short cover, in addition to the slip and short leg. Tucker plays a sweep shot and adds one run to the total.

In the 67th over, South Africa’s score is 151-4 with Tucker scoring 60 and Tryon scoring 32. Gardner is keeping Tryon from scoring with another maiden. I suggest having more fielders near the bat to capitalize on this pressure. Healy has a comfortable lead in runs.

The 66th over saw South Africa at 151-4, with Tucker scoring 60 and Tryon at 32. A Molineux maiden was delivered, showcasing Australia’s quick and efficient performance since lunch.

The 65th over sees South Africa at a score of 151-4 with Tucker at 60 and Tryon at 32. Gardner is also bowling from around the wicket, delivering the ball to Tryon. It’s a close call as an edge narrowly misses the lone slip and results in a couple of runs.

In the 64th over, South Africa’s score is now 149-4 with Tucker at 60 and Tryon at 30. Molineux changes to over the wicket to bowl to Tucker, who executes a great sweep and adds a couple of runs to their already significant lead.

In the 63rd over, South Africa’s score is 147-4 with Tucker at 58 and Tryon at 30. Healy collects a slick ball from Gardner and swiftly removes the bails. She initially thought it could be a stumping, but replays reveal that Tucker’s heel was firmly on the ground behind the line.

In the 62nd over, South Africa’s score is 146-4 with Tucker scoring 57 and Tryon scoring 30. There have been a series of dot balls, resulting in another maiden over for Sophie Molineux. She attempts to bowl a very full ball, almost catching Tryon off guard.

At the 61st over mark, South Africa is at 146-4 with Tucker scoring 57 runs and Tryon scoring 30. Gardner delivers another over without any runs being scored. It’s going by so quickly, there’s barely enough time to type. Can someone please consider the struggling OBO writer?

In the 60th over, South Africa’s score is 146-4 with Tucker at 57 runs and Tryon at 30. Molineux delivers a fast throw and appeals for an LBW against Tucker… but she managed to just graze the ball, avoiding the out. After lunch, Australia is quickly completing the overs.

In the 59th over, South Africa’s score is 145-4 with Tucker scoring 55 runs and Tryon scoring 30 runs. Ash Gardner bowls a maiden over and almost gets Tryon out at short leg. There is an inside edge onto the pad, but the catch is not caught by Litchfield who is positioned under the helmet.

In the 58th over, South Africa has a score of 145-4 with Tucker at 55 and Tryon at 30. Sophie Molineux is bowling from the other end and manages to deceive Tucker with a delivery that slides on. Molineux then tries to entice Tucker into a risky shot by delivering a few balls above the eyeline, but Tucker chooses to play it safe and blocks them out, resulting in a maiden over.

In the 57th over, South Africa’s score is 145-4 with Tucker at 55 and Tryon at 30. Ash Gardner will be bowling after the break and has a slip and short leg in place. Tryon hits a strong four runs through the off side.

The players are now entering the field, and Australia must take six more wickets to secure the victory. As for South Africa, they need to score 359 more runs in order for Australia to have to bat again.

Okay, the afternoon session is coming up.

Sophie Molineux bowls the last over before the session ends. Did Healy miss a catch? Yes, it was a difficult chance, but still a chance – Tryon gets an inside edge onto the top of her pad, but Healy is not able to hold onto the catch. The batter stays in and South Africa finishes the session after a tough battle. The visitors put in a good effort. Australia only managed to take one wicket this morning. It’s time for a break and some food.

In the 56th over, South Africa’s score is 140-4 with Tucker scoring 55 and Tryon scoring 26.

In the 55th over, South Africa is at 140-4 with Tucker scoring 55 and Tryon scoring 26. Kim Garth delivers a rare poor ball, short and wide, allowing Tryon to hit it for four. There is an appeal as Garth’s delivery hits Tryon’s front pad, but the umpire rules it not out. Healy requests a review, but it remains not out as Tryon hits the ball hard. Tucker then takes a sprightly single and Garth goes for a short delivery, but Tucker is quick on her feet and manages to get a couple of runs. One more over to go before the break.

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