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Australia defeated South Africa by three wickets in the semi-final match of the Cricket World Cup, according to live updates.

The news of Ali’s match has quickly spread through the wires from Eden Gardens, signaling my time to say goodbye.

Thank you for your presence and feedback, it was an exciting experience. Rob and Tanya will return on Sunday to provide live coverage of the 2023 World Cup final between India and Australia. Be sure to join them for what is expected to be an amazing sporting event. Have a good night!

Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia:

Playing on the field is less challenging than sitting in the dugout! Despite feeling anxious for a few hours, our team put in a commendable performance and played a great game. The advantage is that a few of us have previous experience in finals. The arena will be filled and heavily biased, but we must embrace it. Participating in the 2015 World Cup was a major accomplishment in my career, so I am eagerly anticipating the final in India.”

The leader of the South African team, Temba Bavuma, stated:

It’s difficult to express. Congratulations to Australia, wishing them the best in the final. They were exceptional for a significant portion of the game and earned their victory.

Our protagonist persevered. It was a fierce competition. Our initial performance with the bat and ball proved to be the game-changing moment, but we ultimately faltered… They were merciless… their relentless attack put us in a tight spot.

David Miller displayed his mindset and abilities as a player. We were hoping for stronger bowling performance. Tabraiz Shamsi was exceptional, and we were in the game, but we needed several things to go our way. We had opportunities, albeit difficult ones, but we were unable to capitalize on them.

Coetzee, a youthful individual, was a fierce fighter. Not much was going on until the dismissal of Smith revived our team’s chances. He persevered until he began experiencing cramps.

Quinton de Kock has had an exceptional tournament. Although he may have hoped for a different outcome, he will always remember the resilience and determination of our team. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside him and in South Africa, he will be remembered as a true legend of the game.

Travis Head has been chosen as the Player of the Match for his impressive performance of taking two wickets in two consecutive balls and scoring a quick fifty at the beginning of the game.

It is difficult to unravel everything that happened. The finish was intense and the game was amazing… we were aware that it would be a challenging battle.

The player endured a hand injury before the competition and didn’t think he would be able to participate, let alone lead his team to the finals. He praises India’s formidable attack, presumably referring to their bowling skills although it could also include batting.

I never imagined myself playing in a World Cup championship match.

Australia performed exceptionally well and have proven to be skilled in international competitions. They will be competing against India at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Sunday for the final match (their eighth final). The team playing on their home turf is expected to win, but the intensity of a World Cup final can lead to unexpected outcomes. It is sure to be an unforgettable event.

Congratulations to South Africa for their intense efforts on the field. There were moments where it seemed like they could achieve victory, especially with the dismissal of Glenn Maxwell. However, their early loss of wickets ultimately proved to be costly. It is rare for a team to bounce back from a score of 24-4, and this was the case for South Africa.

Pat Cummins has successfully hit a short and wide ball for a four, securing his team’s spot in the 2023 World Cup Final. This has resulted in South African hearts being shattered in the semi-finals, yet again.

Temba Bavuma.

In the 47th over, Australia’s score is 211-7 with Starc at 16 and Cummins at 9. Markram only allows one run, so the game continues. Jansen will resume bowling, feeling unfortunate as the end of the match is near.

The 46th over has begun with Australia at 210-7, with Starc at 16 and Cummins at 9. It may seem unfair for Marco Jansen to be bowling now, as he has had a rough game and looks defeated. Starc manages to get a four by clipping a full ball through midwicket, bringing Australia closer to their target with only three runs needed. Despite the situation, there is still no sign of Rabada coming in to bowl. Instead, Aidan Markram will take on what could potentially be the final over. It appears that South Africa’s determination has faded at this point.

In the 45th over, Australia’s score is 206-7 with Starc scoring 12 and Cummins scoring 9. Markram is still bowling and Australia manages to collect two runs. They only need seven more runs to win and the atmosphere is tense. The crowd is standing and the players are anxious. Rabada is still not on the field, instead Marco Jansen will be bowling.

In the 44th over, Australia’s score is 204-7 with Starc at 11 and Cummins at 8. Gerald Coetzee is the bowler, but he appears exhausted. Perhaps Kagiso Rabada would have been a better choice, as Coetzee seems to be struggling to stay on his feet. Despite this, Coetzee manages to limit the scoring to just one run in the over. Australia needs 9 runs to win, while South Africa needs to take 3 more wickets.

In the 43rd over of the match, Australia’s score is 203-7 with Starc at 11 and Cummins at 7. Markram throws a wide ball on the leg side, allowing Australia to easily score a single. Close call! A shot towards the leg side almost reaches the diving David Miller, leaving South Africa disappointed. This over results in two runs, leaving Australia with only ten more needed to secure their spot in the final in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

Temba Bavuma

In the 42nd over, Australia is at 201-7 with Starc at 11 and Cummins at 6. Coetzee is now bowling and has been causing trouble for Australia in the last 30 minutes with his intense bowling and sweaty appearance. However, Cummins manages to remain calm and hits a boundary through point. Coetzee’s sweaty fingers cause the ball to slip and it becomes a waist high full toss, resulting in a no ball and a free hit. Unfortunately, Starc misses his attempt to hit a six and the ball hits the off stump. De Kock quickly stops the single, leaving Australia with 12 runs needed to win. Coetzee is exhausted from his efforts.

In the 41st over, Australia’s score is 195-7 with Starc at 11 runs and Cummins at 1 run. Aidan Markram is now bowling with a slip fielder. South Africa is determined to take these three crucial wickets. Will this match become a memorable one? Cummins hits a full toss for a run and Starc hits a shot down the ground, leaving Australia with only 18 runs to win.

After the fortieth over, Australia’s score is 193 runs for the loss of seven wickets, with Starc scoring 10 runs and Cummins scoring 0.

The batsman was not declared out. The ball hit the stumps, but it was obvious that it landed outside the leg-stump. South Africa has used up their final review. One hopes that this won’t be their Tim Paine 2019 Ashes moment at Headingley, but it could potentially come back to affect them. They need 20 runs and are hoping for 3 more wickets.

A review has been requested for a possible LBW against Pat Cummins from South Africa.

He got him! Coetzee takes out Inglis, maintaining South Africa’s chances. Australia needs 20 runs and South Africa needs three wickets. Pat Cummins is now up to bat.

Coetzee celebrates the wicket of Inglis

In the 39th over, Australia’s score is 190-6 with Inglis at 27 and Starc at 6. Maharaj concludes his ten overs with a stellar performance, earning 1-24. Despite having no support from the scoreboard, he has bowled superbly. The South African fielders are losing hope, suggesting that the game may be slipping out of their grasp.

Australia’s score is 188-6 in the 38th over, with Inglis at 27 runs and Starc at 2. Coetzee attempts to take a wicket, but Starc’s shot lands safely for four runs. On TMS, Steve Finn suggests that Bavuma should focus on getting wickets rather than saving runs. Starc has a close call as he almost hands a catch to Coetzee, but the ball narrowly misses and goes to mid-on.

The 37th over sees Australia at 184-6 with Inglis scoring 27 and Starc at 2. Tabraiz Shamsi’s final over ends with figures of 2-42 from ten overs. However, he is unable to make the crucial breakthrough as Inglis scores a two off his last ball after five dot balls.


In the 36th over, Australia’s score is 182-6 with Inglis at 25 and Starc at 2. Inglis hits a four through the covers off Coetzee’s full ball, bringing the required total down to 31 runs. It’s a crucial moment for South Africa as time is running out. Maharaj has one over left and Shamsi is also ready to bowl.

“Hi James”

Hello Colum Fordham.

“This has turned out to be a surprisingly captivating match. Regardless of the outcome, Bavuma has effectively led his team in defending a low score, making strategic bowling changes and setting aggressive field placements.”

He has proven his critics wrong, but they will not disappear if South Africa loses.

“This one-day international bears similarities to the final session of an intense test match, particularly in regards to the intense atmosphere. A few dismissals could change the outcome entirely.”

I would not hesitate to violently remove your hand for just a small reward, Colum.

In the 35th over, Australia’s score is 177-6 with Inglis at 20 and Starc at 2. Coetzee, a strong player for South Africa in this tournament, was thrilled after taking the wicket of Smith. He reminds me of a character from StreetFighter, possibly Ryu or Ken. Are there any fans of Super Nintendo out there?

Bavuma brings Shamsi back into the game, facing six balls from Mitchell Starc. The skilled left-handed bowler successfully hits the fourth ball for one run, and the calm Inglis takes over the next strike.


Reworded: In the 34th over, Australia’s score is 175-6 with Inglis at 19 and Starc at 1. After the catch was made, Smith was seen hanging his head and walking off slowly, looking disappointed. His shot, a cross-batted swipe at a short ball, was unnecessary. It seems that Australia is determined to keep allowing South Africa a chance at the World Cup final.

There is a great deal of pressure on both Josh Inglis and the new batter, Mitch Starc, who manages to score one run with a drive towards the off side.

“I can’t believe that someone with Smith’s level of experience would even contemplate hitting the ball in the air – there are still so many overs left!” You and the man himself, Dean Kinsella.

Smith sends a skier into the air and de Kock makes a tumbling catch. Get ready and be prepared! 39 runs are scored with four wickets taken.

Gerald Coetzee celebrates the dismissal of Australia's Steve Smith.

In the 33rd over of the game, Australia’s score is 174-5 with Smith at 30 runs and Inglis at 19 runs. Rabada comes in to replace Maharaj, possibly because Bavuma is saving him for one over in case a wicket falls. It’s a neat over from Rabada, maintaining the pressure, and only two singles are scored.

In the 32nd over, Australia’s score is 172-5 with Steve Smith at 29 and Inglis at 18. Gerald Coetzee is still bowling and Smith manages to get an edge through the slip region for four runs. South Africa is still searching for a wicket, as the Maxwell moment from earlier in the match feels like a distant memory now.

Australia is at 165-5 after 31 overs, with Smith at 24 and Inglis at 17. Maharaj only has one more over left to bowl. The partnership between Smith and Inglis has reached 28 runs. Australia’s chances were in trouble after Maxwell was bowled, but they now only need less than 50 runs to win. South Africa needs to make a big effort to turn things around.


30th over: Australia 162-5 (Smith 22, Inglis 16) A big change as Bavuma takes Shamsi off and brings the pace of Coetzee back, it doesn’t go to plan as Inglis uses the extra pace to glide for four wide of slip. Every boundary, nay run, is a wounder for South Africa. 51 needed for Australia, we were firmly in it, but maybe we are now heading out of *SBT?

I am attempting to challenge fate.

In the 29th over, Australia’s score is 155-5 with Smith at 21 and Inglis at 12. Maharaj is in his eighth over and has proven to be the top ODI bowler with 1-19 so far. He hopes to add a few more wickets to his tally, but only one run was scored off this over.

In the 28th over, Australia’s score is 155-5 with Smith at 21 and Inglis at 11. The team is making a strong comeback, scoring five runs in this over. Inglis hits a smooth drive for four, easing some tension. The Green and Gold need 58 more runs to win. The Proteas have taken five wickets. Have you placed your bets?

At the 27th over mark, Australia’s score is 150-5 with Smith at 21 and Inglis at 6. South Africa needs to take more wickets with their spinners in order to have a chance. Inglis manages to score a couple runs and the over adds four more to Australia’s total. Although the keeper/batsman has not been very active in the tournament, a strong performance in this match may redeem him and secure Australia’s spot in the final.

In the 26th over, Australia’s score is 146-5 with Smith at 19 and Inglis at 4. The ball is spinning vigorously, with Shami and Maharaj having nine overs left to bowl. This is the pivotal moment of the game, as if Steve Smith can survive this period, Australia will have enough time to reach their target. Wickets are the deciding factor in the upcoming overs. If a few more are taken, Australia will be left with their lower order to finish the job.

In the 25th over, Australia’s score is 141-5, with Smith at 19 runs and Inglis at 4 runs. Maharaj only allows one run, giving everyone a chance to rest.

In the 24th over, Australia’s score is 140-5, with Smith at 16 and Inglis at 2. Inglis hits a two to the leg side. The crowd at Eden Gardens is energized, while I am anxiously watching from my couch in south London.

James Male comments, “This is starting to feel like another game…”

Arul Kanhere speaks up, stating that South Africa cannot be accused of choking, no matter what the situation may be called.

I am not sure, but I could possibly be Arul.

Shamsi successfully dismisses Maxwell, creating an electrifying atmosphere in Kolkata. A fast delivery catches Maxwell off guard, causing him to miss his attempted shot. This results in his departure from the game and Josh Inglis taking his place at the batting position.

Tabraiz Shamsi of South Africa celebrates after bowling Glenn Maxwell.

The game is currently active.

Glenn Maxwell is out

In the 23rd over, Australia’s score is 134-4 with Smith at 14 and Maxwell at 0. There was another intense appeal from South Africa when de Kock believed Maxwell had edged the ball behind while attempting a reverse-sweep. However, the umpire ruled him not out and the replays confirmed that there was no contact between the bat or glove and the ball. Umpire Nitin Menon made a great call under immense pressure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Marnus attempts a reverse-sweep and is declared out LBW! He requests a review, but it does not overturn the decision. Can South Africa capitalize on this opportunity? It is crucial for them to dismiss the new batsman quickly – who happens to be Glenn Maxwell. This could be daunting.

The first ball to Maxwell is being heavily contested, but the decision is not out. There was no contact with the bat and luck is not in South Africa’s favor. They believe this is their chance to shine. The ball is spinning rapidly, adding to the intensity of the moment.

Australia’s score is 133-4 in the 22nd over, with Smith at 12 runs and Maxwell at 0.

Tabraiz Shamsi celebrates after dismissing Marnus Labuschagne.

Source: theguardian.com