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At Melbourne Rebels, there is currently a lack of certainty as tickets for the first round of Super Rugby have not yet gone on sale.
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At Melbourne Rebels, there is currently a lack of certainty as tickets for the first round of Super Rugby have not yet gone on sale.

There is uncertainty surrounding the start of next week’s Super Rugby season due to the worsening financial issues at Melbourne Rebels. Fans, players, and officials are all unsure about the future of the club.

Tickets for the opening game of possibly the Rebels’ last season have not yet been released, with less than a week until the game.

The Victorian Super Rugby team has entered administration due to financial issues. This resulted in the dismissal of 10 employees, including their CEO Baden Stephenson.

Rugby Australia has pledged to meet costs to allow the club to compete in the competition this year, which starts next Friday. After the Chiefs play the Crusaders in New Zealand, the Rebels host the ACT Brumbies in Melbourne.

However, Victorian fans who are eager to purchase tickets have been met with confusion as neither the Rebels’ nor AAMI Park’s website provide links directly to tickets. Instead, visitors are directed to join a “waitlist” through Ticketek.

A representative from RA confirmed that tickets are currently unavailable due to the lack of a sales agreement.

“We are currently working on finalizing a new agreement with the venue. Until this is complete, we are unable to begin selling tickets,” they stated on Friday. “We are optimistic that this will be resolved by tomorrow, at the latest.”

Tickets for the Rebels’ next game in the Super Round, taking place in Melbourne, can be purchased through Ticketek.

The current round is being managed separately by TEG Sport, a sports promotion company, under the authorization of Super Rugby. The Victorian government is also providing assistance.

The CEO of RA, Phil Waugh, stated that the Rebels are moving forward with a Super W team for the women’s competition beginning in March. However, there is still much work to be done.

“We must expedite discussions regarding the future beyond 2025, as both players and staff require assurance and stability, especially high-performance staff,” he stated.

The sooner we can reach an agreement with all involved parties on the plan for 2025, the more beneficial it will be for our community.

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Fans of the Rebels have conveyed feelings of sorrow and acceptance regarding the probable demise of their team.

On Thursday, the club shared a video announcing the start of the season with its 104,000 Facebook followers. The video’s message was: “We don’t just return, we sprint back.”

The post evoked a range of feelings from its supporters, with one individual stating: “As a foundation member, I am proud to be a part of this team. I am uncertain about what I will do if we end up losing them.”

Someone else commented: “Have a successful season, guys. If it happens to be your final one, at least give it your all until the end.”

One person also commented, “Winning all of your games may lead to the Victorian government saving you.”

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