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Alyssa Healy is acknowledging the possibility of playing more Test matches as she gets ready to captain Australia during their upcoming tour in India.

Alyssa Healy, captain of Australia, acknowledges that there is little chance of adding more women’s international red-ball cricket to the already busy schedule. This comes as she gets ready to lead her team in a single Test match against India.

Healy has recovered from a finger injury to secure her spot in the momentous match at Mumbai’s Wankede Stadium, which will kick off on Thursday. This will mark Australia’s first Test match since defeating England in June and their first in India since 1984.

The recently appointed captain for all formats in Australia, Healy, hopes for an increase in women’s Test matches, but understands that this may not happen frequently.

The wicketkeeper thinks that having multi-format series is important for women to have the opportunity to compete in the longest version of cricket at the international level. Australia’s highly-anticipated tour of India will also include three one-day matches and three Twenty20 matches. This series comes after India’s impressive 347-run victory over England in a single Test earlier this month, which was preceded by three Twenty20 matches.

Healy expressed the significance of being able to adapt and make necessary changes throughout a series, especially when it comes to winning a single Test match. The outcome of the English match was also difficult for them to accept. This statement was made by Healy during a press conference on Wednesday.

“It’s a situation where you could easily make an excuse and say it was extremely challenging due to the conditions, but you weren’t able to adapt for the upcoming Test match and establish a rhythm for the series. While I would personally appreciate seeing more Tests being played, the likelihood of that happening is slim.”

“Simultaneously, I believe that the increasing interest of different countries in participating in multi-format series is an excellent opportunity to revive and make Test cricket more meaningful in our sport.”

Unfortunately, Healy was unable to participate in the entire WBBL due to injuring her finger in October while attempting to intervene in a fight between her two dogs. Although she has been cleared to resume her role as wicketkeeper against India, she will not be opening the batting.

Instead, she is expected to play in the middle order in conditions that are favorable for spin, after witnessing Deepti Sharma, a top spinner, achieve impressive figures of 9-39 in India’s dominant victory over England.

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Healy expressed confidence in being able to handle the challenge of facing a significant amount of spin during the middle of the game. She believes her experience and skills will allow her to adapt and fulfill the necessary role for the team.

Unfortunately, Healy was unable to catch a cricket ball after her unexpected injury and before traveling to India. However, she believes that her finger has healed enough to take on the challenge. “I am amazed at how well it has recovered and how it has handled the situation here,” Healy stated. “I have full trust in it once again, and I am excited to get back on the field and play cricket.”

Source: theguardian.com