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According to Jimmy Anderson, it was clear that India was feeling nervous as England attempted to chase a total of 399.
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According to Jimmy Anderson, it was clear that India was feeling nervous as England attempted to chase a total of 399.

Jimmy Anderson attributed England’s recent improvement in batting to causing uncertainty among India’s players. However, he also acknowledged that his own performance played a significant role in his team’s hopes of achieving another historic win by the end of the third day of the second Test.

Following a subdued Ashes competition, Anderson has certainly performed well for Ben Stokes upon his comeback. He is now the first seamer over 41 years old to take five wickets in a Test in the past 101 years. As has been the trend with Anderson, underestimating him is a foolish move.

It is likely that this also applies to England as a whole, with their period under Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum resulting in five successful chases of over 250 runs. This includes the notable 378 for three they achieved against India at Edgbaston in 2022.

At the end of the match, England had scored 67 runs for one wicket while chasing 399. They were able to claim the final six Indian wickets for only 44 runs. Anderson commented, “I could sense the nerves in their batting today. I don’t think they were sure how many runs would be enough. Our approach may not be intimidating, but it definitely puts doubt in the minds of our opponents.”

“Despite having a significant lead, India approached the situation with caution. The coach [McCullum] expressed last night that if they were able to reach 600, we would make an attempt to take advantage of it.”

“We have experienced several instances in the past two years, especially in the last year, that give us confidence in our performance due to how other teams have responded. For example, during the Ashes, when we had a fielder at the boundary for the first ball, it reassured us that we are on the right track.”

On the third morning, it was evident that Anderson was excelling, as he swiftly dismissed Rohit Sharma with a well-delivered ball and Yashasvi Jaiswal with an edged shot to slip, establishing a strong start. However, during this impressive performance, he also caused an injury scare for England, as Joe Root hurt his right pinky finger while warming up and narrowly missed a catch at first slip.

Anderson stated that Root’s finger was not in good condition, as he had spent a significant amount of time off the field with ice on it. However, Anderson believes that there is no need for serious concern. The priority was to ensure that Root’s finger was in the best possible condition, and it was not worth risking further injury. Anderson also mentioned that there is a possibility that Root may be needed to bat in the future.

England's Joe Root falls after colliding with India's Yashasvi Jaiswal on Sunday.

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When questioned about how he played, Anderson responded by saying that he took five wickets in both innings, which is the same number he got during the Ashes. He also added, “As a player, it’s important to make a contribution to the team and I didn’t do that this summer, so I was disappointed about that. However, the break gave me an opportunity to reflect on areas where I can improve. I also used the time to focus on my fitness because I know that India is a tough place for a fast bowler.”

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“I am extremely happy with taking five wickets, but what pleases me even more is the fact that I was able to bowl 35 overs in just three days. I felt physically strong while doing so. The hard work I put in over the last few months has definitely paid off, and that is the most gratifying aspect for me.”

Anderson, the patriarch of the household, took great pride in witnessing Rehan Ahmed and Tom Hartley take a total of seven wickets during the day’s match. Additionally, debutant Shoaib Bashir managed to secure the important wicket of centurion Shubman Gill. Anderson expressed admiration for the team’s perseverance and determination, even while facing strong opposition from Gill. He commended the young players for their remarkable composure and resilience.

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