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According to court testimony, during the trial of Kurtley Beale, the rugby player is accused of forcefully locking a cubicle before allegedly committing sexual assault.
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According to court testimony, during the trial of Kurtley Beale, the rugby player is accused of forcefully locking a cubicle before allegedly committing sexual assault.

According to court testimony, professional rugby player Kurtley Beale reportedly used profanity towards a woman and coerced her into a sexual encounter in a restroom cubicle at a pub in Bondi.

Beale, who is 35 years old, is currently on trial in the NSW district court for one charge of sexual intercourse without consent and two charges of sexual touching. These charges stem from an alleged assault that took place at the Beach Road Hotel in December 2022.

The ex-Wallabies player has denied the accusations.

On Monday, the supposed victim, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal purposes, stated that she went to use the men’s restroom because it was nearby and less crowded than the others. However, Beale followed her in and locked the cubicle.

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The woman observed Beale, wearing mid-thigh linen shorts, holding his limp penis and moving it up and down.

During the trial, the woman stated that Beale persistently uttered “suck my dick” and she continuously refused. However, the rugby player forcefully grabbed her head and inserted his penis into her mouth.

She mentioned that it occurred rapidly.

Following their separation, the woman stated in court that she attempted to remain composed and apologized to a “frustrated” Beale, but he proceeded to abruptly rotate her by the hips.

According to the testimony of the woman, Beale asked “can we please have sex” and she responded with a “no” again.

After that, Beale glanced at her and then said “Go away,” she recounted to the court.

Before entering the men’s restroom, the woman claimed that Beale shouted “hey” and then proceeded to grab her while repeatedly saying: “I want to have sex with you.”

She described it as being desperate, forceful, and direct in expressing a desire to have sex.

The woman reportedly responded, “We cannot because you are married and I am engaged, I do not want to.”

The speaker stated that she maintained a friendly attitude in order to avoid upsetting Beale and had no desire to have a romantic relationship with him.

Prior to that, the female stated that she was in the company of friends and her future husband at the location when Beale reportedly made physical contact with her buttocks.

The woman reported feeling a hand slide down her buttocks, touching her exposed skin.

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“I look behind me and see that it is Mr. Beale.”

The woman, who displayed emotion during her testimony, stated that the touch lasted approximately 1.5 seconds. She also mentioned using her left hand to “swat” away Beale’s hand.

“I was taken aback, I was caught off guard.”

During the event, the woman noticed that Beale appeared to be very drunk. She even went as far as asking him if he had consumed cocaine.

Prior to their initial encounter that evening, the female individual mentioned that she was familiar with Beale through their involvement in rugby and had been keeping up with his posts on social media.

According to the court, the woman went to the pub after having lunch at a restaurant and feeling intoxicated. She then went to a friend’s house where she continued to consume alcohol and also ingested two lines of cocaine.

On Monday evening, the court was presented with a transcript of text messages, which included one where the woman mentioned her intention to anonymously report the supposed incident to the police.

The lawyer for Beale, Margaret Cunneen SC, informed the jury that there was no use of force and that the defense’s argument was that the accuser gave consent.

Cunneen has advised the jury to take into account the credibility and trustworthiness of the woman’s testimony.

The hearing will resume on Tuesday with presiding judge Graham Turnbull.

Source: theguardian.com