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Tim Peake will end his retirement to lead the United Kingdom’s inaugural astronaut expedition.

The most recent British astronaut to venture into space will be returning from retirement to lead the United Kingdom’s inaugural astronaut mission.

Tim Peake, 51 years old, will be the leader of the upcoming mission. He previously traveled to the International Space Station in 2015 as an astronaut for the European Space Agency.

Axiom, an American company that arranges trips to the ISS, is developing the UK mission that will send four British astronauts into space. The estimated cost of the project is £200m, but there will be no financial contribution from British taxpayers.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Peake expressed his enthusiasm for the recent advancements in the space industry. He believes that the UK’s involvement in this new era of commercial exploration is a great opportunity and a significant achievement.

He stated: “There are multiple obstacles that must be overcome, including securing the financial model, selecting and training a crew, and obtaining approval from NASA for the mission. Additionally, a slot at the International Space Station must be identified if the mission is to proceed.”

“It is still in the early stages and there are multiple steps to complete, but it is exciting that we have initiated the process with these initial discussions.”

George Freeman, a Member of Parliament and minister in the Department for Science, expressed excitement about the possibility of a groundbreaking UK space mission with Axiom Space. He believes that this mission has the power to inspire future generations to aim for the stars and also supports our efforts to create a dynamic and cutting-edge space industry. He eagerly anticipates the progress of this exploratory work.

Our goal is to make the UK a leader in the international competition for commercial space funding. We are committed to aiding scientists and engineers in experimenting with new technologies and conducting valuable research, with the ultimate aim of bringing these benefits back to individuals and businesses throughout the nation.

The Telegraph has reported that the three individuals joining Peake on the mission are anticipated to be John McFall, a British paralympian and the world’s first disabled astronaut, Rosemary Coogan, an astronomer, and Meganne Christian, an industrial chemist. The formal announcement of the crew members has not yet been made.

Michael Suffredini, the CEO of Axiom Space, expressed excitement about collaborating with the UK Space Agency on a forthcoming human spaceflight mission. This agreement serves as the starting point for developing a thorough mission plan that aligns with the UK’s goals for advancing its space exploration and discovery capabilities.

“Collectively, we will strive to utilize the advantages of microgravity and drive the limits of progress in order to propel our society forward.”

Source: theguardian.com