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The man who allegedly received 217 Covid vaccinations without any adverse reactions has been labeled as 'hypervaccinated'.

The man who allegedly received 217 Covid vaccinations without any adverse reactions has been labeled as ‘hypervaccinated’.

A German man who voluntarily received 217 coronavirus jabs over 29 months showed “no signs” of having been infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 and had not suffered from any vaccine-related side effects, according to a study published in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.

A 62-year-old individual from Magdeburg, Germany, referred to as “hypervaccinated” by doctors, underwent numerous vaccinations for personal reasons. This was reported by researchers from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg who conducted an examination of the individual’s medical history.

According to a report from Spiegel, a man is currently under criminal investigation for suspected fraud related to his distribution of vaccine certificates. It is believed that he may have been running a fraudulent scheme to sell the certificates to individuals who did not want to receive the vaccine.

The original reports concerning the study provided minimal details and led to various assumptions. Some speculated that the man had paranoid hypochondria, a fixation with needles, or was a doctor who self-administered vaccines. Others questioned if he had personal funding for the injections or if he had medical approval to receive them.

Subsequent updates confirmed that the man was under criminal investigation for allegedly acquiring a large number of COVID-19 vaccine doses in order to obtain signed and stamped vaccination cards. These cards were then sold to individuals who chose not to get vaccinated, resulting in significant consequences during the peak of the pandemic.

According to authorities, the fraud accusations were being investigated by a public prosecutor in Magdeburg. However, no charges were ultimately pressed. This information was confirmed by researchers.

After reading a newspaper article about the man, the academics reached out to him. He agreed to let them study how his body reacted to receiving multiple injections.

“We subsequently reached out to him and extended an invitation for him to participate in a series of tests in Erlangen,” stated Dr. Kilian Schober. “He expressed keen interest in taking part.”

The researchers stated that he received his 217th vaccination as part of the study.

The team of researchers stated that they had received confirmation for 134 of the vaccinations, which consisted of eight separate vaccines, some of which were made from mRNA. They examined the man’s previous blood tests from multiple years and also analyzed his blood samples after receiving additional vaccines.

According to Spiegel’s report, the public prosecutor’s investigation resulted in confirmation of 130 vaccines within a nine-month period because of the man’s actions.

Schober stated that the absence of significant side effects in the face of such intense vaccination suggests that the medications are well-tolerated.

The scientists discovered that his immune system was operating at full capacity.

The team reported that individuals who had received three vaccines had lower levels of immune cells and antibodies against Covid-19 (Sars-CoV-2) compared to those who had higher levels.

In general, there was no evidence supporting a weaker immune response. According to one of the main researchers, Katharina Kocher, it was actually the opposite.

Additional tests revealed that the man’s body continued to react to other viruses in the same manner, leading researchers to conclude that his immune system was not compromised by the high number of vaccinations he had received.

The scientists stated that while additional information about the man and his intentions will not be revealed, his actions have ultimately benefitted society by showing that “vaccines are generally well-tolerated”. Nonetheless, they advised against others replicating his behavior as multiple vaccinations can potentially lead to undesirable and unneeded symptoms. It should not be assumed that because the man, who never contracted COVID-19, tolerated numerous shots without issue, that the same would apply to everyone else.

According to Immunology expert Prof Dr. Andreas Radbruch, who is also the president of the European Federation of the Immunological Associations of Experts (EFIS), the act of excessive vaccination does not offer any additional protection once a person’s immunological memory is fully equipped.

“The antibodies absorb the vaccine before it can stimulate an immune reaction. When the antibody concentration reaches a certain point, the immune system will stop producing new antibodies,” he explained to German media. “Once a person has a sufficient amount of antibodies, further vaccinations will not increase their protection.”

The standing commission on vaccination in Germany, known as Stiko, recommends that individual’s achieve a solid level of immunity after three encounters with a pathogen. This can include one vaccination and two infections, or the reverse. As a precautionary measure, individuals at high risk and those above the age of 60 in Germany are advised to receive a booster vaccine for COVID-19 each fall.

Source: theguardian.com