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Have you figured it out? Instead of Wordle, try Worzle.

This morning, I presented you with three “Worzle” challenges. The term is a blend of Wordle and puzzle, and is a fusion of Wordle and Sudoku. It was created by one of our readers, Alf Smith. Below are the puzzles once more, along with their corresponding answers.

If you have been out of touch for the past two years and are not acquainted with Wordle, the game may be perplexing. But if you have played Wordle at least once, then Worzle should be easy to understand.

You have been given a completed Wordle game with some letters missing, and your task is to fill in the blanks. Each puzzle is its own game, with the goal of finding a 5-letter word. A green square indicates a correct letter in the correct position, while a yellow square represents a correct letter in the wrong position. Each row must form a 5-letter word. The bottom row, with all green squares, reveals the solution word.




EasyWorzle soln




MediumWorzle soln




HardWorzle soln

Alf Smith is credited for creating today’s puzzles. I hope you all enjoyed them. I will return in two weeks.

Every other Monday, I post a puzzle here. I am constantly searching for interesting puzzles. If you have a suggestion, please send me an email.

Source: theguardian.com