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Don’t criticize veterinarians – we are performing a challenging job in challenging circumstances.

My husband and I (both veterinarians) were disappointed to read Adrian Chiles’s article (What have I learned after three years of owning a dog? Be aware of the veterinary bills, 15 November). In my 25 years of practice as a vet, I have never come across a colleague who does not prioritize the well-being of their patients. We are trained to provide different treatments at different costs. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to predict which dog will respond to simpler treatments and which will need more complex tests and care.

Our priority is to inform clients about the available options and empower them to make an educated choice on which treatment plan they prefer to follow.

The cost of providing veterinary care is high and veterinarians are facing increased stress. Many individuals became first-time pet owners during the pandemic, often adopting pets that may not fit their lifestyle once they resume work.

Veterans did not receive any time off during the pandemic. We continued to work, even in difficult circumstances. “Car park consulting” became the standard, regardless of weather conditions. The rise in dog ownership further burdened our workload, and many exhausted vets are choosing to leave the field in large numbers.

Currently, I am on standby for the second time within a week. Due to our limited staff, it is necessary for me to work extra nights. I am anticipating a call for an urgent matter so I can perform my duties with competence and effectiveness. Of course, I will charge accordingly for my services.
Kate Platt
Brilley, Herefordshire

Source: theguardian.com