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Did you solve it? Best pub quiz questions ever

Did you solve it? Best pub quiz questions ever

Earlier today I set you the following mini-pub quiz, based on wordplay puzzles from The Cryptic Pub Quiz Book by Frank Paul. Here they are again with answers.

Round 1: Synonyms

Change one letter of each word to make pairs of synonyms. Thus “paid and dug” could be “pair and duo”

a) Mistress and buffering

b) Engage and maiden

c) Aware and prime

Answers: a) Distress and suffering. b) Enrage and madden. c) Award and prize.

Round 2: Spoonerisms

The answer to these questions are spoonerisms, a phrase repeated with its initial sounds swapped. Thus the answer to “What’s the difference between a lovely glove and a small, silent cat”?” is “One’s a cute mitten, and one’s a mute kitten.”

What’s the difference between:

a) a martial arts star and unpackaged French cheese?

b) an intrigued visitor to our shores and someone angrily holding an inquest into a death?

c) the jewellery of Vermeer’s painted girl and an aristocratic Peeping Tom?

Answers a) Bruce Lee, loose brie. b) curious foreigner, furious coroner. c) pearl earring, earl peering.

Round 3: Roman numerals

The first part defines a word and a Roman numeral. When you add the letters of the Roman numeral to the word, you get the word described after the equals sign. You can add the Roman numerals either before, in the middle of, or after the word. Thus “objectively sentimental + 55 = a dozen” is solved as TWEE + LV = TWELVE

a) A growth that can form on the body + 151 = someone who propels a vehicle

b) Bambi, for example + 54 = carry or transfer to someone

c) A small bed + 2,001 = perpetrate


Round 4: Fish

a) What is the only London tube station that contains none of the letters of the word “mackerel”?

b) What is the only US state that contains none of the letters of the word “mackerel”?

c) What is the only chemical element that contains none of the letters of the word “mackerel” (It is also the one with the shortest name)

Answers: a) St John’s Wood. b) Ohio. c) Tin.

Round 5: Mammals

Guess each pair of words. Each are spelled identically except for the addition of the name of a mammal inserted inside, or at either end, of the second word. Thus “a filled pastry and a marauder” is “pie and pirate”

a) Fell and a part of a plant used to symbolise desolation or an awkward silence.

b) Dishonest statements and events at which winners are selected at random from among ticketholders

c) Agreed and elaborate or difficult

Answers: a) Tumbled and tumblEWEed. b) Lies and LOTTERies. c) Complied and compliCATed

The Cryptic Pub Quiz Book by Frank Paul is out on Thursday April 4 and can be bought on the Guardian Bookshop or other online retailers.

I’ve been setting a puzzle here on alternate Mondays since 2015. I’m always on the look-out for great puzzles. If you would like to suggest one, email me.

Source: theguardian.com