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Can you figure it out? Misbehaving knights

Puzzle advent calendars have become popular in the recreational math community. One of my top picks is created by Mathigon, a visually appealing website that offers free resources for students, teachers, and independent learners. Today’s puzzles are from this website. Happy solving to all!

The knights are approaching.

How many knights can be placed on the board such that no knight is attacking another knight? A chess knight hops two squares horizontally/vertically and one to the side.

The round where a number is missing.


3. Square are you?


4. Hexa-going, hexa-going, hexagon.


5. Satsuma segment.


I will return with the answers at 5pm UK time.

UPDATE: The solutions can now be found here.

Please refrain from revealing any spoilers. Let’s instead talk about our favorite knights.

Mathigon, owned by Amplify, is a fantastic resource for mathematics education. It is highly interactive and innovative, and can be accessed for free. Take a look!

Since 2015, I have been posting a puzzle on alternate Mondays. I am constantly searching for interesting puzzles. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Source: theguardian.com