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A shout out to anger management | Brief letters

A shout out to anger management | Brief letters

Re Emma Beddington’s article (15 April), at 78, at last I found a way to vanquish my rage at a recent Feldenkrais class on Zoom. We were doing breathing exercises and our teacher suggested we go he-he-he on the outbreath. Then she asked us to use our voice and I began. After a few medium sounds I found myself getting louder and louder, sounding like a really wicked witch. my lungs and body emptying my nastiness. Go for it, Emma!
Jenny Moir
Chelmsford, Essex

If the Michaela school is fervently secular, why are pupils required to sing a song regularly with the words “God” and “king” in the title and the first line (Michaela school will keep its prayer ban – but as a Muslim teacher I know it doesn’t have to be this way, 16 April)?
Michael Peel (a Quaker)

Missing from your list of fictional music biopics (17 April) is Richard Loncraine’s Slade in Flame (1975). The film, featuring the band Slade, is based on the band’s experiences and provides a pretty bleak and cynical view of the music industry.
Mark Newbury
Farndale, North Yorkshire

A clue in Wednesday’s quick crossword was “hearty”. The answer turned out to be “seafarer”. Really? Was Long John Silver the author of this puzzle?
Pete Wolstencroft
Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire

Having a Tory government for 14 years is enough to make anyone sick (Sunak to cite Britain’s ‘sicknote culture’ in bid to overhaul fit note system, 19 April).
Helen Evans
Ruthin, Denbighshire

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