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50 is fantastic, so imagine the truth.

50 is fantastic, so imagine the truth.

I am amazed to find that the feature titled “Kate Moss at 50” (entitled “She keeps us enthralled, like Bowie did”: the enchantment of Kate Moss, by her photographers, January 11th) seems to be represented by a photo of Kate Moss at around 20 years old. Are there no images of her at a more mature age? It appears that society continues to prioritize youth as the epitome of beauty, and it’s unfortunate that the Guardian did not showcase a stunning older woman.
Carol Martin
Paignton, Devon

Vinted is having a negative impact on the inventory of charity shops, as reported in the article “The Vinted Phenomenon: How One Woman’s Clothing Sales Led to a Billion-Dollar Company” on January 9th. While it is understandable that users would want to profit from selling their used clothing, it is unfortunate that this comes at the expense of charities. Local charity shops do not have the same transportation costs for individual donations and also help bring business to struggling high street areas.
Valmai Goodyear
Lewes, East Sussex

Hopefully, a docudrama is in the works discussing another major issue in our criminal justice system – the use of indeterminate imprisonment for public protection sentences, which have been given to almost 3,000 individuals (Letters, January 9th).
Alan Hurford

What is the deal with older men in their 70s and their love for performing acrobatics in their underwear? In a recent letter (10 January), the writer shares how her 77-year-old husband takes it to the next level by kicking his underpants up in the air and catching them behind his back with one hand. I choose to overlook his need for attention.
Marjorie Firth
Warkworth, Northumberland

Source: theguardian.com