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What’s on TV tonight: Donna, the Doctor, and a Tardis that’s dangerously out of control.

Doctor Who

6.30pm, BBC One

For the 60th anniversary of the sci-fi series, Russell T Davies writes another special episode featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as they continue their adventure. The Tardis malfunctions and takes them on a dangerous journey where they must fight for survival. Additionally, they must also save the universe from a grave threat.

The Final Cyclist: Greg LeMond

7pm, Sky Documentaries

Everyone loves a comeback story and this is one of sport’s greatest. In 1987, the promising career of US cyclist Greg LeMond was cut short when he was accidentally shot during a hunting trip. In fact, LeMond still had some way to go until his finish line, as this fascinating feature documentary lays out. Ellen E Jones

“Musicals Special of Strictly Come Dancing”

7.25pm, BBC One

This week is dedicated to musicals, which is considered the best week. Bobby and Dianne will be performing a salsa routine to the iconic Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Nigel and Katya will be doing the charleston to Mary Poppins, Ellie and Vito will be quickstepping to Beauty and the Beast, and Annabel and Johannes will be foxtrotting to Wicked. The contestants are vying for a spot in the semi-final.

Hidden Assets

9pm, BBC Four

The start of a new season brings new risks, such as a cyber attack on Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau. Personal information of a CAB officer has been leaked, and it turns out the targeted officer is you. At the same time, a company executive is discovered deceased in Antwerp, and a new detective takes over the investigation. Things are heating up for Bibi in this thrilling crime drama. The story is brilliantly dark and twisted, written by Ali Catterall.


9pm, Sky Documentaries


In the second installment, the impact of the bombing continues to spread as families of the victims seek explanations regarding its classification as a terrorist attack (one mother had to inform her young son that his father had been killed). The focus shifts towards the extensive transatlantic investigation, led by two FBI agents who are central to the narrative.

Bob Dylan: Shadow Kingdom

10pm, BBC Two

Phil Harrison presents an aesthetically filmed performance by the seasoned musician and songwriter, Bob Dylan, at an intimate venue during the summer of 2021. Despite the presence of face masks on his accompanying musicians, the show offers a diverse selection of both new and well-known tracks, such as “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” for devoted fans of Dylan’s work.

Film choice

“The movie ‘You Are Not My Mother’ will be airing on Film4 at 11:40pm.”

You Are Not My Mother on Film4.

Kate Dolan’s first feature film is a thought-provoking exploration of mental illness using elements of horror and Celtic mythology. The protagonist, Char, is a lonely teenager who is constantly bullied and has a mother, Angela, who appears to suffer from manic depression. As Halloween approaches, Angela’s behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable, causing concern for her family. While some believe the root cause to be psychological, Char’s grandmother has a different perspective, linking it to the supernatural world. Dolan, a talented horror director from Ireland, skillfully keeps the audience guessing as the family’s dynamics begin to unravel. Simon Wardell

Fargo, 9pm, Great! Movies

The spinoff of the TV show has lost its appeal after five seasons, but the 1996 dark comedy directed by Joel and Ethan Coen still retains its sharpness, much like the chilly weather in its setting of Minnesota. Jerry, a dishonest car salesman played by William H. Macy, enlists the help of two amateur criminals – the talkative Carl (Steve Buscemi) and the silent Gaear (Peter Stormare) – to abduct his wife and demand a ransom from his wealthy father-in-law. Frances McDormand gives a fantastic performance as the down-to-earth yet determined sheriff Marge, who becomes hot on their trail as their plan hilariously and violently backfires. Oh my goodness! SW

Dave received a notification from Jackie Brown at 9:40 PM.

The least extravagant of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, this 1997 crime caper sidelines his usual stylistic trickery for the equally satisfying scams and double-crosses of Elmore Leonard’s source novel. There’s also more heart than he typically manages, with revitalised stars of yesteryear Pam Grier and Robert Forster adding pathos and experience to their portrayals. She’s a flight attendant caught by the Feds illegally carrying cash for Samuel L Jackson’s arms dealer; he’s the bail bondsman drawn into helping her escape her predicament. SW

Live sport

The FA Cup match between Alfreton Town and Walsall will be broadcasted on BBC One at 12:15pm. The game will take place at Impact Arena and is a second-round tie. Eastleigh will face Reading on Sunday at 12:40pm, which can be watched on ITV1.

The first semi-final of the UK Championship Snooker will be aired on BBC Two at 1pm. The final will also be televised on Sunday at 1pm from York Barbican.

The Premiership Rugby Union match between Bristol Bears and Gloucester Rugby will be held at 1:30pm on TNT Sports 1 at Ashton Gate. The Saracens will face the Northampton Saints at 4:15pm.

English Football League: Nottingham Forest vs. Everton, 5pm, Sky Sports Main Event from the City Ground.

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