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What’s on TV tonight: Can a neurosurgeon with witch-like abilities use her mind to murder?

Mayfair Witches

9pm, BBC Two

Following the recent release of Interview With the Vampire, there is now another supernatural thriller inspired by Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe series. The film features Alexandra Daddario (known for her role in The White Lotus) as Rowan Fielding, a determined neurosurgeon who discovers she may have the ability to harm others with her thoughts. As she delves deeper into her family history, she learns that she comes from a long line of powerful witches and is haunted by a malevolent entity. While it has received criticism from American viewers, the film’s playful and mysterious elements are still captivating.

MasterChef: The Professionals

8pm, BBC One

The prestigious dining room at London’s St Pancras Renaissance hotel, known as the Midland Grand, provides a grand backdrop for the ultimate test of the finals week: cooking for the most esteemed chefs in the UK, who collectively hold an impressive 22 Michelin stars. Afterwards, the remaining four contestants on MasterChef must create a dish that reflects their concept of “home”. It is likely that this will bring judge Gregg to tears, but which contestant will be the cause of his emotional reaction?

Hannah Fry in The Secret Genius of Modern Life.

The Hidden Brilliance of Contemporary Living

8pm, BBC Two

The use of radar technology during World War II and a physics experiment from the 19th century are both important components in the development of the microwave, the appliance you used to heat up your ready-made meal last night. In her exploration of this machine, Professor Hannah Fry begins her journey in Cardiff. HR


9pm, BBC One

The season finale was well done, with plenty of instances where either Tosh (played by Alison O’Donnell) or Ruth (played by Ashley Jensen) have an epiphany and exchange meaningful glances before driving off quickly. As long-held family secrets are revealed and interrogations lead to answers, the final explanation for the crime isn’t particularly memorable, but the two detectives make a strong team that will likely continue.

Such Brave Girls

10pm, BBC Three

Kat Sadler and Lizzie Davidson, sisters, provide more cringe-worthy comedy. After visiting their grandmother in the hospital, Josie experiences an existential crisis. Her boyfriend Seb’s decision to move in only adds to her troubles. Seeking a solution, Josie joins Billie for a night out and some drugs.

The Lazarus Project

10pm, Sky Max

The last time we encountered our stubborn police officers, they were aboard a time-traveling aircraft plummeting from the sky. The positive update? They managed to survive (for the most part). The negative update? They have been transported back to a year that was already plagued with time resets. Maybe they would have better luck resolving things if they refrained from interfering with their past selves. – Graeme Virtue

Source: theguardian.com