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What occurred when a Black broadcaster visited a racially segregated town in South Africa on tonight's TV program?
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What occurred when a Black broadcaster visited a racially segregated town in South Africa on tonight’s TV program?

Exclusive to Caucasians: Ade’s Radical Journey

10pm, Channel 4

Ade Adepitan, a Nigerian British journalist, shows an impressive level of openness and curiosity as he becomes the first Black person to spend a week in Orania, a town in South Africa that is exclusively inhabited by white people. Despite being seen by many as an attempt to revive or maintain the harmful beliefs of apartheid, Orania is largely disregarded by the South African government. During his time in Orania, Adepitan engages with locals, visits a school (where he witnesses a cringe-worthy play), and is ejected from the community’s main Afrikaner Protestant church. As he asks important but uncomfortable questions, the animosity towards him becomes increasingly evident.


9pm, Channel 5

Jason Watkins gives excellent performance as Simon, a normal guy who unintentionally becomes a criminal in this week-long drama. He plays a man named Simon who has a family and loses control and hits a teenager who has been provoking him. The teenager is left in the hospital and Simon, who claims he found the teen lying in the street, is praised as a hero by the community. However, the boy’s father, who is seen as a gangster, invites Simon for a drink to thank him. Claire Skinner, known for her role in the TV show “Outnumbered,” also appears in the drama.

University Challenge

8.30pm, BBC Two

Which school, Birkbeck London or Trinity College Cambridge, will progress to the semi-final? And which team has the most unique mascots? Find out answers to these questions as Amol Rajan quizzes on topics such as Jason and the Argonauts, Shakespeare plays, and Spanish origin geography terms. Commentary by Ali Catterall.

Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Spain

9pm, BBC One

The twinkle-toed twosome in Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Spain.

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The lively duo of Anton Du Beke and Giovanni Pernice are once again journeying together – this time dancing their way through Spain, with Du Beke’s mother as a special guest in her hometown. Their adventure begins in a hot air balloon, landing near Seville where they join in a lively gondola race. HR

24 Hours in A&E

9pm, Channel 4

Today, it was a busy day at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for the employees. They evaluated a victim of a horseback riding accident and provided emotional support to a distressed girl in the clinical environment. In another area, a friendly security guard at the hospital reminisced about the evolution of his job. Additionally, a patient who is always with their pet parrot has caught people’s attention. This is the update from Graeme Virtue.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

9pm, Sky Comedy

This week in the final season of Curb, audience favorites are brought together as Larry faces both a challenging request from a distant acquaintance, and others attempting to copy his clever tactics for avoiding similar commitments. In spite of the odds, Jeff and Freddy believe they have a shot.

Film choice

Bob Hoskins in The Long Good Friday

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Cannot reword.

Reworded: Mackenzie’s criminal story provides a captivating glimpse into London in 1980 – a transforming city struggling to move from its postwar past to a modern international center. Along with this, it serves as a fantastic and intense mystery set in the gritty underworld. The redevelopment of the Docklands motivates long-time gangster Harold (played by Bob Hoskins) to establish a legitimate presence through a large land deal with the American mafia. However, his plans are threatened when someone starts bombing his properties. Hoskins portrays a dominant and aggressive ruler until things take a turn.

Live sport

The World Open for Snooker begins at 6:30am on Eurosport 1. The event takes place in Yushan, China on the first day.

The first game in the series between New Zealand and England in Women’s International T20 cricket will be broadcast on TNT Sports 1 at 11:30pm. Heather Knight will lead the visiting team as captain in the match taking place in Dunedin.

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