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What occurred during the Nasa space shuttle disaster 21 years ago on tonight's TV?
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What occurred during the Nasa space shuttle disaster 21 years ago on tonight’s TV?

The Spacecraft That Crashed Back to the Ground

9pm, BBC Two

“As I gazed upwards, my eyes were met with the sight of a luminous, ivory sphere.” This three-part story begins with personal recordings and individuals describing the tragic event of the space shuttle Columbia’s explosion during its 28th launch in 2003. It then interviews experts and loved ones of the crew as it goes back in time to a month prior to takeoff when Nasa halted all shuttle missions due to fuel line cracks being found. – Hollie Richardson

Rick Stein’s Food Stories

6.30pm, BBC Two

Over the years that Rick Stein has been cooking, Britain has transitioned from traditional dishes like black forest gateau and steak Diane to a country that embraces sushi. In this series, the chef explores the current favorite foods in the UK, starting with a visit to a sheep farmer and then attempting to recreate his mother’s shepherd’s pie recipe.

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

The 27th season finale of the long-running crime show centers around a two-part episode where a disturbing mass of dried up corpses is found beneath King’s Cross. The main character, Nikki (played by Emilia Fox), believes that setting up an emergency morgue on the site is necessary due to the severity of the situation. Neil Pearson and Hermione Norris make appearances as humorous local police officers.

Capturing a Copper

9pm, Channel 4

This is the last installment of a three-part series that has brought attention to the problems surrounding police oversight. It delves into two cases of sexual misconduct, one involving an officer accused of sharing revenge porn and another possibly involving sexual assault during a training course for new recruits. Phil Harrison

True Detective: Night Country

9pm, Sky Atlantic

You can imagine Danvers’ reaction in this penultimate episode when she is told the official cause of the researchers’ deaths is “froze to death” in an avalanche. The case is closed but – armed with new findings from super-team Prior and Navarro – she decides to take matters into her own hands. The drama gallops towards an unmissable conclusion. HR

Larry (Larry David) and Leon (JB Smoove) in Curb Your Enthusiasm.View image in fullscreen

Curb Your Enthusiasm

9pm, Sky Comedy

Is it possible for a lawn decoration to exhibit racism? In this story about the tactless and awkward Larry David, the answer is yes. While staying at their Atlanta Airbnb, Larry, Leon (played by JB Smoove), and Jeff (played by Jeff Garlin) attempt to get rid of a statue that they find offensive, but encounter some obstacles along the way.

Live sport

The Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Chelsea will take place at 6:30pm on Sky Sports Main Event at Selhurst Park.

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