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“Victory!” The top moments of Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Andre Braugher, who passed away at the age of 61, was a highly acclaimed actor who received Emmys for his impressive roles in intense police dramas. He also received recognition in the theatrical world for his remarkable performances in Shakespearean historical plays. However, for many people worldwide, Braugher’s greatest joy came later in his life when he revealed his talent as a flawless comedic actor. His portrayal of Captain Raymond Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine became one of the most iconic characters in the world of sitcoms, and his character has been widely used in memes. Here are some of his most memorable moments.

The full bullpen

Braugher’s talent for commanding attention with just a few words was one of his standout qualities. It comes as no surprise that his most impressive scene is a mere seven seconds long, with only three words spoken, yet delivered with such powerful fervor that it evokes a victorious emotion.

Rosa’s prison visits

Braugher’s incredible talent for delivering deadpan humor is evident in the numerous amusing scenes he has in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the first episode of season five, we see his remarkable range in just one plotline. From his serious and stoic delivery of the name “Rosa” to his hilarious misinterpretation of sexual jokes, topped off with a monotone display of camp flamboyance, this episode showcases all of Braugher’s signature qualities as Captain Raymond Holt.

Things are not okay.

Braugher’s incredible presence was the key to his character’s popularity among viewers. However, in a show known for its clever writing and upbeat tone, there were limited chances for him to display the sheer dramatic weight he was capable of in a monologue. That is, until Holt was forced to depart from his beloved department and found himself at a funeral, facing off against two ex-colleagues who always seemed to frustrate him. It was in this moment that the writers gave Braugher the opportunity to showcase his mesmerizing ability to bring words to life. Without the context, one could easily mistake it for a scene from a production by the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company.


Braugher’s standout moment was when he displayed his talent for erupting in a raging fury, which was both terrifying and comically enhanced by his use of sexual innuendo. While there were many delightfully dry moments of sarcasm to enjoy in this plot, it was Braugher’s delivery of the word “bone” that truly left a lasting impression.

Reworded: Holt consumes a marshmallow.

Braugher’s talent for comedy turns even the smallest joke into a hilarious moment. This is evident in a scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine where eating a marshmallow becomes a delightful experience.

Boosting morale

In terms of what Braugher brings to this ridiculous attempt to raise his colleagues’s spirits after they’ve been exhausted by night shifts, see above. It’s yet more evidence of his ability to turn the daft into the comically sublime. But we defy you to watch the part where he starts laughing and not join in.

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The emotional journey of Rosa and Holt

The show Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought joy to many viewers, not only through its humor, but also through its ability to evoke emotions. In one particular scene, when Holt had to apologize to Rosa Diaz for his outburst, Braugher portrayed it as a heartfelt moment of connection that remained true to his character’s disdain for overly emotional displays. It was a very touching moment.

Holt’s balloon arch

If you are not familiar with it through watching the show, you are most likely aware of the outcome of this plotline due to its widespread use as a meme. In this absurd story revolving around balloons, Braugher delivers a performance filled with intense energy, vulnerability, and a phrase that should be exclaimed during every small triumph forever. Triumph!

Holt’s farewell speech

Not a real goodbye, given that he would (spoiler alert) eventually find himself reinstated among his Nine-Nine colleagues, but this departing address to his troops was never beaten as Braugher’s most tear-jerking moment. His voice barely changes from his customary monotone, but the trembling lip, the pauses, the clipped pronouns – this is how a brilliant actor brings devastating weight to their dialogue. It’s hard to watch this moment following the sad news of Braugher’s death without it having added poignancy. RIP Andre Braugher.

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