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TV tonight: why are our roads in such a state of crisis?
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TV tonight: why are our roads in such a state of crisis?

Dispatches: The War on Britain’s Motorists

8pm, Channel 4
Potholes! Battles over low traffic neighbourhoods! Confusion over electric cars! Britain’s roads are in crisis, according to this edition of Dispatches, and it’s the worst time to be a driver. Journalist Ginny Buckley gets in gear to investigate these big issues, revealing how much these repairs and schemes are costing the taxpayer and asking the bigger question: will the UK ever really be ready to switch to a fossil fuel-free motoring future? Hollie Richardson

Murder, They Hope

9pm, BBC Two
Two mysteries finish off the silly sitcom/sleuth hybrid. It’s the wedding day of Gemma and Terry (Sian Gibson and Johnny Vegas), but events are derailed by the uninvited family of Gemma’s mum’s new boyfriend – horrific even before one of them is run through with a sword. There are some canny nods to The Shining and Succession in there, too. Jack Seale

Joanne McNally in Taskmaster.View image in fullscreen


9pm, Channel 4
It’s the penultimate episode of one of TV’s most beloved (if pointless) celebrity competitions. Steve Pemberton has a sweary argument with a bin, Joanne McNally finds a use for a cow’s ear, Sophie Willan is confused about mirror writing and Nick Mohammed makes Greg Davies burst into tears. HR

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

9pm, Sky Atlantic
The gruelling Holocaust drama continues. With his role in the smuggling ring exposed, Lali is being interrogated and tortured in brutal Block 11. We know he must survive, as present-day Lali is recounting his story to author Heather. Graeme Virtue

Joe & Katherine’s Bargain Holidays

10pm, Channel 4
Chalk-and-cheese holiday buddies Joe Wilkinson and Katherine Ryan head to Northern Ireland for a lads’ escape. The itinerary includes staying in George Best’s childhood home, a spot of Game of Thrones-themed archery and exploring Enniskillen by water scooter. HR

Johnson & Knopfler’s Music Legends

10pm, Sky Arts
Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso and “thoroughly nice guy” Carlos Santana is Brian and Mark’s guest this week. He is the one-time toast of San Francisco’s psychedelic music scene, who blended Latin and African rhythms with the blues to “combine the sex with the sacred”, and located the mysticism in rock “to produce music out of time”. A real pleasure. Ali Catterall

Film choice

Brendan Gleeson in Calvary. View image in fullscreen

Calvary (John Michael McDonagh, 2014), 2.05pm, Sky Cinema Greats
If there is any doubt that Brendan Gleeson is one of the great actors of our time, John Michael McDonagh’s 2014 drama should convince you. He stars as Father James, a small-town Irish cleric told by someone during confession – so in confidence – that he is going to kill him in one week. The man was raped by a priest as a boy and wants to kill James in an act of revenge. As he continues his pastoral duties, James wrestles with this potential death sentence. Gleeson exudes intelligence, compassion and humour in a film full of whip-smart dialogue. Simon Wardell

The Sorcerers (Michael Reeves, 1967), 11.15pm, Legend Xtra
One of only three films made by Witchfinder General director Michael Reeves before his early death, this quirky chiller pits the swinging 60s generation against their more staid forebears – and finds that human nature can be twisted at any age. Medical hypnotist Marcus (Boris Karloff) and his wife, Estelle (Catherine Lacey), invent a machine that can control another’s mind, and choose feckless youngster Mike (Ian Ogilvy) as their first subject. Their descent into vicarious thrill-seeking – like a proto-Being John Malkovich – is rapid and giddy. SW

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