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TV tonight: who will get to Lombok first in the Race Across the World finale?
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TV tonight: who will get to Lombok first in the Race Across the World finale?

Race Across the World: The Final

9pm, BBC One
Just 12 minutes separate the winners from the runners-up as the final four teams embark upon the last leg of the no-fly journey, which will take them from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, to the island of Lombok. With seven countries and nearly 9,000 miles behind them – they started in Sapporo on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido – it’s an infuriatingly short amount of time for whoever doesn’t make it. Stick around for the reunion show at 10.40pm, filmed six months later. Hollie Richardson

The Repair Shop

8pm, BBC One
Leigh brings a tattered leather armchair into the workshop this week, telling the lovely if heart-rending story of how it became the first piece in the home he shared with his partner, Greg, who died from Aids 35 years ago. Meanwhile, Catherine brings in a bodhrán that needs some TLC. HR

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

9pm, BBC Two
The comedian is back exploring countries with “a bad reputation” – this time starting in Uganda, east Africa, which he still associates with Idi Amin’s brutal dictatorship. His host, the Bugandan princess Alex, shows him a great time – until a tricky conversation about the country’s recent (and popular) anti‑gay law. HR

Jim and Nancy Moir in Painting Birds.View image in fullscreen

Painting Birds With Jim and Nancy Moir

9pm, Sky Arts
It’s not all sunshine and sauntering for UK’s painting power couple. In this episode, the Moirs brave blustery north Wales in search of the black grouse. It’s a photogenic subject, straight off the label of a whisky bottle, so it’s well worth the effort. Joining them is the chirpy comedian Joe Pasquale. Hannah Verdier

The Red King

9pm, Alibi
It’s finale time for the creepy, blackly comic island whodunnit. After some grisly business involving a severed hand, the mainland copper Grace has untangled the mystery of the missing teenager Cai. Now, though, the guilty party is facing mob justice stoked by the True Way cult. Can the frankly knackered Grace stand up to those out for blood? Graeme Virtue

Inside No 9

10pm, BBC Two
As the ultimate series of the wonderful anthology continues, Steve Pemberton plays Jason, a middle-aged man who has dragged his barely interested family to an escape room. Obviously, all isn’t as it seems in a moving meditation on persistence, mortality and the endurance of love. Phil Harrison

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