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TV tonight: The Red King throws up a slippery new suspect
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TV tonight: The Red King throws up a slippery new suspect

The Red King

9pm, Alibi
This story of a fish-out-of-water cop (Anjli Mohindra’s Grace) investigating a disappearance in an impenetrable rural community has defied its debt to The Wicker Man and been genuinely enjoyable. As the climax approaches, Grace has a new suspect in her sights. But the islanders seem to be pointing her in another direction entirely. Phil Harrison


8pm, BBC One
It’s the climax of finals week and time for the 20th MasterChef champion to be crowned. After making it through Michel Roux Jr’s tough trial in Tuesday’s semi–final, the three remaining super-cooks will have to deliver a three-course menu that will knock the tastebuds off John Torode and Gregg Wallace. Hollie Richardson

Race Across the World

9pm, BBC One
This week, the teams must get through Sumatra, a place where English speakers and dependable public transport systems are in short supply. But first it’s Owen’s 21st birthday, so there is time for an Indonesian egg-and-flour celebration before he and fellow bundle of joy Alfie set off on the uncertain road. Hannah Verdier

A man in the shadows in Secrets and Spies: A Nuclear GameView image in fullscreen

Secrets and Spies: A Nuclear Game

9pm, BBC Two
This cold war documentary ends with a thriller: a cheap CIA traitor blows Russian double agents’ cover for a bag of cash, so it’s time to “exfiltrate” our man in Moscow, Oleg Gordievsky, before the KGB make him disappear. Can Oleg and his jittery MI6 handlers get across the Finnish border undetected? Jack Seale

Inside No 9

10pm, BBC Two
Filmed entirely on a front-door camera, this week’s story follows a couple who have recently moved on to a suburban street. When the wife (guest star Vinette Robinson) goes missing, the nosy neighbours assume the husband did it – and, inspired by Netflix true-crime shows, they are determined to find out the truth. HR

Deadman’s Curse

10pm, Sky History
A treasure-hunting foursome – prospector Kru Williams, explorer Taylor Starr and her father Don Froese, plus seasoned mountaineer Adam Palmer – embark on a mission to Canada to solve the mystery of Slumach’s lost goldmine near Pitt Lake, British Columbia. Expect seriously dramatic editing as they battle extreme weather, tough terrain and a 100-year-old curse. HR

Live sport

England’s captain Jos Buttler plays a shotView image in fullscreen

International cricket: England v Pakistan 6pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Jos Buttler leads England in the first T20 in the four-match series from Headingley.

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