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TV tonight: the Native American tribe battling for freedom of the press
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TV tonight: the Native American tribe battling for freedom of the press

Storyville: Bad Press

10pm, BBC Four
This documentary, which concerns the Muscogee journalist Angel Ellis’s battle for press freedom, is structured like a political thriller. The Muscogee Nation is the fourth-largest Native American tribe – and one of the few to have established an independent press. But that progressive movement was censored in 2018 by the tribe’s legislature, acting in self-interest in the run-up to an election. Ellis consistently says exactly what she thinks – can she win back the right to report whatever she sees fit? Jack Seale

Mussolini: The First Fascist

7.35pm, PBS America
Viewed with hindsight, dictators usually look poisonous and ridiculous. So it is with Benito Mussolini, whose absurdity masked his ruthlessness until he took absolute control of Italy in 1922. This documentary explores his toxic reign. Phil Harrison

The Great British Sewing Bee

9pm, BBC One
“Have you never seen a bomber jacket?” A painfully cutting question from the Sewing Bee judge Esme to one unlucky contestant midway through kids’ week of the competition. As well as the jackets, the remaining seven sewers need to make animal-themed fancy dress from beach towels. Hollie Richardson

The Great British Sewing Bee.View image in fullscreen

Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life

9pm, Channel 4
A pelvic exenteration is one of the most radical surgeries that can be undertaken at the Royal Marsden hospital in west London – and 65-year-old Tracy needs to undergo the procedure to tackle the stage four bowel cancer that has spread from her rectum to her vagina. HR


9pm, BBC Three
The threesome: a scenario that, in sitcomland, is all but guaranteed to end in toe-curling disaster. But it’s the solution to a dull relationship offered by Georgia to our hapless self-styled fitness guru, Andy, at the gym. Will this suggestion patch things up? Or will it thud like a 50kg dumbbell? Ali Catterall

Coldplay: Our Glastonbury

10pm, BBC Two
Coldplay are the closest thing Michael Eavis has to a house band: they are headlining at Worthy Farm this year for the fifth time. In this short film, the frontman, Chris Martin, recalls their formative experiences at the fabled festival, starting with the new bands tent in 1999. He will also be chatting about other sets he has loved, including Stormzy in 2019 and Badly Drawn Boy in 2000. PH

Film choices

Céline Dion on stage in 2019.View image in fullscreen

I Am: Celine Dion (Irene Taylor, 2024), Prime Video
Whatever your opinions on Céline Dion’s glass-shattering MoR music, it will be a hard heart that isn’t softened after watching this documentary by Irene Taylor. Part celebration of a career, part paean to resilience, it follows a year in the Canadian singer’s life as she deals with stiff person syndrome. This rare autoimmune neurological disorder restricts her movement, gives her spasms (at one point, you witness her having a seizure) and has ruined her epic voice. Simon Wardell

Diane von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge (Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Trish Dalton, 2024), Disney+
The Belgian designer invented the wrap dress – but that is the least interesting thing about her. As related by the woman herself in Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Trish Dalton’s riveting documentary, she was also the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor, the jet-setting wife of a German prince, a Studio 54 regular and an early exponent of QVC. Feted by the likes of Oprah, Marc Jacobs and Hillary Clinton, Von Furstenberg comes across as a delightfully candid, self-aware feminist who made a lasting impression in a man’s world while retaining her independence. SW

Earwig (Lucile Hadžihalilović, 2021), 1.15am (Wednesday), Film4
Hadžihalilović is celebrated for her disconcerting fables about childhood. This 2021 Möbius strip of a film promises something similar. Mia (Romane Hemelaers) is a girl with teeth made of ice who is confined by her guardian, Paul Hilton’s Albert, to a dingy house in an undefined European city. But then we meet Romola Garai’s waitress, Céleste, who has a spooky connection to Albert that grows in significance as the plot develops. It’s reminiscent of David Lynch at his most gnomic and teasing and has all the logic of a dream, but is captivating nonetheless. SW

Live sport

Euro 2024 football: England v Slovenia 6.45pm, ITV1. England’s final match in Group C, from Cologne.

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