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TV tonight: the cruel truth about the show that exploited Miriam Rivera
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TV tonight: the cruel truth about the show that exploited Miriam Rivera

Miriam: Death of a Reality Star

9pm, Channel 4

“Six guys date the woman of their dreams and discover she is a man.” That was the shocking brief for 2004 reality series There’s Something About Miriam – in which transgender woman Miriam Rivera revealed in the last episode that she was born male. Fifteen years later she was found dead. This three-part series speaks to producers and contestants involved in the show and Miriam’s family and friends, as well as hearing recordings from Miriam herself. Hollie Richardson

Jamie Cooks Spring

8pm, Channel 4

In Jamie Oliver’s new series, he cavorts in a covetable kitchen shed making the most of seasonal ingredients plucked from his garden (with help from Conker the dog). It starts with bountiful rhubarb, spinach and leeks – the fragrant star of a quiche with stuffed-crust pizza vibes. Graeme Virtue

Blue Lights

9pm, BBC One

What is fast becoming one of the randiest response units on patrol (good luck with those sore heads, Annie and Shane) deals with the aftermath of the loyalist shooting – and Jonty is back to help. Meanwhile, there’s a tearful moment for Stevie, who is reminded of his past when he arrests a man for assisted suicide. HR

Pompeii: The New Dig

9pm, BBC Two

One of the stunning frescoes unveiled by archaeologists in Pompeii: The New Dig.View image in fullscreen

If you have stuck with the dig for this long, you’ve reached the final hours – and what poignant ones they are. By excavating a posh house, bakery and the equivalent of a launderette, it’s moving to see the archaeologists discover what people were doing as Mount Vesuvius erupted, bringing devastation to the city. Hannah Verdier

Meet the Richardsons

9pm, Dave

Despite the recent news of the comedy couple’s split after nine years, their enjoyable mockumentary about married life continues. Jon pops round to old friend Adrian Chiles’s pad, while Lucy goes to her high-school reunion (“It still smells the same: sausage rolls and gonorrhoea!”). HR

The Regime

10pm, Sky Atlantic

The chancellor (Kate Winslet) is having a hot flush, so everyone else in the palace must endure sub-Arctic temperatures and smile. Only her ousted enemy, the “effete old peacock” Keplinger (Hugh Grant), can go toe-to-toe in barb-trading. This sets the stage for a Winslet-Grant reunion, 28 years after Sense and Sensibility’s Oscar win. Ellen E Jones

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