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TV tonight: the absurd true-crime story about a man who faked his death
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TV tonight: the absurd true-crime story about a man who faked his death

Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead

9pm, Channel 4
Strap in for an utterly absurd true-crime story. An eccentric man known locally in Glasgow as Arthur Knight woke up from a Covid coma in 2021 and found himself surrounded by police. US authorities claimed his real identity was Nicholas Rossi who, after several rape charges, faked his own death. This four-parter follows the countless shocking reveals as, over two years in court, he and his English wife, Miranda, continued to insist he was Knight. It also speaks with journalists, legal figures involved and the women Rossi allegedly assaulted. The case led to a judge ruling that he is, in fact, Rossi, and he is now facing charges in the US – but the journey needs to be seen to be believed. Hollie Richardson

Cold Case Investigators: Solving Britain’s Sex Crimes

9pm, BBC Two
A remarkable new series, which follows major crime unit detectives as they reopen cold cases using new DNA technology. We see some of their successes in catching and convicting perpetrators for crimes as far back as 1983, in what are both monumental and frustrating feats – as shown when one man, who was raped in a park when he was a teenager, doesn’t know how to react to the news. HR

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

8pm, BBC Two
Sophie Raworth, Monty Don, Joe Swift, Angellica Bell and Nicki Chapman are among your green-fingered guides through this year’s bloom fest, delving into some of the 35 gardens on display during the week. First up, Raworth welcomes the royal family to the showground. HR

Joanne Crawford as Helen McNally and Jonathan Harden as David ‘Jonty’ Johnson in Blue Lights.View image in fullscreen

Blue Lights

9pm, BBC One
Another blistering season finale for the excellent Belfast response officers drama – starting with the aftermath of young Henry shooting Grace and Stevie’s car, as a community in uproar descends into violence. There are hefty tearjerker moments, too, especially when Jen helps Happy and Robin finally find peace. HR

The Fortune Hotel

9pm, ITV1
The ingenious, if slightly confusing, cross between Race Across the World, The Traitors and about 12 different daytime gameshows proceeds into a climactic second week. Stephen Mangan presides as the remaining couples, suspicious and bickering, try to end up with a suitcase full of cash. Jack Seale

Mysteries of the Pyramids With Dara Ó Briain

9pm, Channel 5
Think of pyramids and you probably picture Egypt, which is exactly where this two-part series starts, with input from archaeologist Raksha Dave. Soon though, Ó Briain visits pyramidal structures in other parts of the world, in hope of answering their ancient questions such as “How were they built?” and “What did the aliens do after?” Ellen E Jones

Mad Max: Fury RoadView image in fullscreen

Film choice

Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015), 9pm, Sky Showcase
As a taster for the prequel Furiosa – in cinemas from Friday – here’s George Miller’s reboot of his own 80s apocalyptic rust’n’dust trilogy. Tom Hardy takes over as renegade desert loner Max, but his monosyllabic character plays second fiddle to Charlize Theron’s fierce oil tanker driver Furiosa. She has gone on the run with her leader’s “breeders” – a harem of fertile women – and Max finds himself joining their escape plan. All burnt orange in the day and steel blue at night, it’s a vivid watch, fuelled by Miller’s trademark combustible action. Simon Wardell

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