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TV tonight: rivals and icons in the super competitive world of piping
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TV tonight: rivals and icons in the super competitive world of piping

Battle of the Bagpipes

9pm, Sky Arts
Rivalries! Underdogs! Icons! Welcome to the world of competitive piping, which according to this joyful (but deadly serious) three-part series is tenser and tighter than ever. Episode one follows the powerful and precise work of Scottish pipe bands as they prepare to take part in the showpiece competition, the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow. Everyone looks justifiably terrified. Hollie Richardson

George Clarke’s ­Amazing Spaces

9pm, Channel 4
Inspiration for self-builds can come from surprisingly scaled-down sources. George visits a strange garden folly based on a wedding cake, as well as a striking beach house inspired by a pill box. Meanwhile, in Denmark, the home of minimalist architecture, there is a stunning circular house inspired by the owner’s collection of cars. Ellen E Jones

Alaska Daily

9pm, Alibi
A missing fighter pilot, a shock development in a murder investigation and an awol ferret named (wait for it) Hairy Potter? There is a lot to unpack here – especially as Stanley issues a stark warning to the renegade reporter Eileen (Hilary Swank). Will she heed his words? Unlikely … Kayleigh Dray

Love Me

9pm, W
A smart, adult Australian dramedy introduces three Melbourne residents with relationship problems. Their struggles are captured in sharply sketched vignettes, before it’s revealed that they are members of the same family. A calamity reorders their priorities in a way that, based on the perfectly pitched first episode, promises humanity and dark wit. Jack Seale

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on Outrageous HomesView image in fullscreen

Outrageous Homes

10pm, Channel 4
A gothic vampire fantasy home with a black lace four-poster bed. A 1900s house with its very own corner shop. A deceptively tiny Welsh cottage. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen continues to have a blast snooping around some of the country’s most admirably extravagant homes. HR

Trevor Eve Remembers … Waking the Dead

10pm, BBC Four
The two roles with which Trevor Eve is most associated both happen to be detectives. But while Shoestring lasted for just more than a year, his turn as DS Peter Boyd in nine seasons of Waking the Dead brought him acclaim. Here, he reflects on the long-running cold case show and the psychology required to maintain the part. Ali Catterall

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