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TV tonight: remembering the wonderful work of Robin Williams
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TV tonight: remembering the wonderful work of Robin Williams

Robin Williams: A Life in Ten Pictures

9pm, BBC Two

“Before he was famous, before he was rich – when he was just fabulous.” A photo of the then twentysomething emerging standup Robin Williams in San Francisco is just one of the 10 great photos remembered here, along with shots of him as a quiet, introspective child, on the set of Good Morning Vietnam, and the last one taken with his half-brother the year he killed himself. Hollie Richardson

The Dog House

8pm, Channel 4

Diesel is a boxer cross puppy who likes to nibble a beard. Holly is an 11-year-old terrier cross who is traumatised after losing her lifelong companion. Pippa is another terrier who is just eager to love. Will they meet their match in this always popular doggy/owner dating series? HR

The Twelve

9pm, ITV1

The second part of the 12 Angry Australians drama. Tensions escalate as Detective Sam Chedid (Louisa Mignone) takes the stand, and a disturbing video of Claire is unearthed. Meanwhile, a cross-examination casts suspicion on Nathan Spears – and can Garry resist delivering intel on his fellow jurors in return for having his debts cleared? Tempting. Ali Catterall


9pm, Channel 4

Another series full of relentlessly good vibes and ludicrous fun seems assured as the latest batch of comedy contenders get settled in. This week, Joanne McNally has macabre intentions for a soft toy and Sophie Willan – very much the wild card of this run – attempts to fly. Steve Pemberton, meanwhile, is in the mood for pancakes. Phil Harrison

Big Mood

10pm, Channel 4

Sally Phillips in Big MoodView image in fullscreen

Sally Phillips guest stars as a concerned psychotherapist in this week’s double bill of the bipolar comedy. Maggie (Nicola Coughlan) goes to great lengths to convince her she doesn’t need medication, despite her agent calling her in for a crisis talk. Best friend Eddie (Lydia West), meanwhile, is back in touch with an ex who should remain exactly that. HR


10pm, BBC Three

In this instant-classic double bill of the underrated pizza delivery sitcom, the gourmet cast toppings Weruche Opia (as Naomi) and Theo Barklem-Biggs (as Ricky) get their chance to go deep-dish. Naomi’s 25th birthday occasions a wild night out, then Ricky gets conned into a stint of babysitting. He could probably do with a babysitter himself. Ellen E Jones

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