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TV tonight: Queen frontman Adam Lambert celebrates Freddie Mercury
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TV tonight: Queen frontman Adam Lambert celebrates Freddie Mercury

Adam Lambert: Out, Loud & Proud

9pm, ITV1
American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has toured as the lead singer of Queen for more than a decade. Here, he looks at the history of LGBTQ+ stars in music – from the boldly queer to the more secretive mainstream – and asks: is the progress of pride slowing down? He has a great lineup of interviewees: Brian May and Roger Taylor remember Freddie Mercury, and he speaks candidly with singers such as Skunk Anansie’s Skin and Erasure’s Andy Bell, as well as Pose star Michaela Jaé Rodriguez. Hollie Richardson

Super Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs

7pm, Channel 5
When dogs have more rewarding jobs than most of us … A team of swim-and-rescue newfoundlands and a bavarian hound training to fight poachers in sub-Saharan Africa are the canine stars in the spotlight here. We also meet two life-saving border collies. HR

Waitrose: Trouble in the Aisles?

8pm, Channel 5
Is the poshest supermarket chain in trouble? Recent years have seen the departure of a CEO and a number of store closures across the UK. This documentary explores Waitrose’s rise, looks at its business practices and wonders whether factors including the cost of living crisis are causing customers to fall out of love with the brand. Phil Harrison

Alaska Daily

9pm, Alibi
You may know this show’s writer-creator Tom McCarthy best from season five of The Wire, in which he played a morally suspect reporter. That’s a far cry from the noble journalistic ethics on show here, as Hilary Swank’s Eileen further investigates the murders of Indigenous women and Austin (Craig Frank) exposes political corruption. Ellen E Jones

Remembering The Cops

10pm, BBC Four

Hilary Swank on the case in Alaska DailyView image in fullscreen

Cast members Katy Cavanagh-Jupe and John Henshaw look back on a drama that won two Baftas and pulled police shows into the 21st century, but has rarely been repeated or discussed since. This mini-documentary is, however, followed by the explosive first three episodes, which debuted in 1998. Jack Seale


10.45pm, ITV1
ITV News political editor Robert Peston takes a step back from all the TV debates to analyse the week’s political events in the run-up to the general election. As ever, there are perspectives from MPs, topical guests and cultural figures, as well as viewers via social media. HR

Film choice

Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams and ‘Thing’ in The Addams FamilyView image in fullscreen

The Addams Family (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1991), 7.05am, Sky Cinema Greats
Tim Burton turned it down, but director Barry Sonnenfeld still puts a very Burton-esque gothic sheen on this blackly comic yarn. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston are perfectly cast as the creepy, kooky Gomez and Morticia Addams, but are constantly upstaged by Christina Ricci’s deadpan sadist daughter Wednesday. There’s a more family-friendly level of weirdness to Christopher Lloyd’s Gordon, the man impersonating Gomez’s long-lost brother Fester. The superior Addams Family Values, with Joan Cusack riotous as a “black widow”, follows straight after. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Euro 2024 Football: Scotland v Switzerland, 7.30pm, BBC One
The Group A match from Cologne Stadium, Germany.

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