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TV tonight: it’s finally time for the next Race Across the World adventure
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TV tonight: it’s finally time for the next Race Across the World adventure

Race Across the World

9pm, BBC One

Betty is an intrepid traveller, while her kid brother James prefers “having it off for a week” in Magaluf. Retired couple Viv and Stephen (described by Viv as “an acquired taste”) want a thrilling adventure. Who will you champion in the return of this beloved race? This time the pairs need to travel 15,000km around east Asia – starting in Japan, where they are not allowed to use bullet trains. Hollie Richardson

The Repair Shop

8pm, BBC One

Jay Blades and his crafty team are back, and Diane brings the first item in need of repair: a pair of cowboy boots, bought for her son by her musician brother Roger – who drummed with the likes of Elton John – before he died. Can cobbler Dean work his magic? HR

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star

8pm, BBC Three

This new series of the Leomie Anderson-hosted makeup artist competition opens with a show-stopper: the eight aspiring MUAs must create a TikTok lip-sync look for the European launch of Lady Gaga’s makeup brand, Haus Labs. Then it’s on to the ultimate everyday skill that so few can master: the perfect winged eyeliner. Ellen E Jones

Professor T

9pm, ITV1

Ben Miller’s clenched criminologist is finally getting his day in court. But as Jasper meekly faces charges of attempted murder, there are flashbacks to his most recent case: untangling the killing of a guard in the prison laundry. Why is an innocent lag willing to take the blame? And should the Prof really be doing the same? Graeme Virtue

Stacey Solomon’s Renovation Rescue

9pm, Channel 4

Erick, Caroline and Stacey get to work.View image in fullscreen

She has sorted people’s lives out, and now she is rescuing them from disastrous building projects. First up, Erick and Caroline in Enfield, who spent £80k on a botched bungalow extension and are taught how to save money by doing their own plumbing, fitting floors and laying decking. The finished project is impressive but they do shell out tens of thousands of pounds on builders, mind. Alexi Duggins


10pm, BBC Two

It’s the last double-bill of Diane Morgan’s brilliantly weird comedy series, and it starts with meeting Mandy’s 109-year-old nan who has been living in her attic – and now wants to have a baby. Then, she gets a job doing quality control at a biscuit factory (“I feel like my whole life’s been leading up to this”). HR

Film choice

Mohammad Hassan Madjooni and Pantea Panahiha in Hit the Road.View image in fullscreen

Hit the Road (Panah Panahi, 2021), 2am, Channel 4
Thanks in part to his 2011 documentary This Is Not a Film – self-filmed under house arrest, and smuggled out of the country inside a cake – Jafar Panahi has become one of the most respected Iranian film-makers. Which must have been big boots for his son Panah to fill when it came to making this, his 2021 feature debut. Fortunately, though, Hit the Road is an enormous amount of fun. A film about an Iranian family trying to smuggle their adult son across the border to Turkey, it is light, sweet and uproariously funny. Stuart Heritage

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