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TV tonight: eye-witness accounts from inside the Israel-Gaza war
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TV tonight: eye-witness accounts from inside the Israel-Gaza war

The Darkest Days: Israel-Gaza Six Months On
9pm, BBC Two

Six months after Hamas attacked southern Israel, BBC chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet recounts Israel’s response and a conflict which has led to a devastating war, a hostage crisis and over 30,000 reported Palestinian deaths since. It includes eye-witness accounts from both Israel and Gaza and explores what it will take to bring long-lasting peace. Hollie Richardson

7pm, BBC One

There is now an episode in every BBC nature series that explores the ways in which nature has made accommodations with the nastiest predators of all: humans. This week, startling footage shows sea lions and stray dogs facing off over the debris scattered by a fish market in Chile, and there is an upsetting moment when otters try to cross busy roads in Singapore. Phil Harrison

Paul O’Grady’s Great Elephant Adventure
8pm, ITV1

In the final episode of the late animal-lover’s last recorded series, he meets more elephants in Thailand’s rescue centres – including 57-year-old “poor lass” Jum Non, who is physically and mentally scarred from a lifetime of working in the tourist trade. As always, O’Grady has a way of turning the heartbreaking into the heartwarming. HR

Hannah Waddingham’s Eurovision 1974 Celebration
8pm, BBC Four

This year’s fraught Eurovision politics have left many considering a boycott, so let Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham take us back to simpler times with this 50th anniversary special. The year was 1974, the Wombles were still wombling free, while Abba set a pop-powered course for world domination. First stop: Waterloo. Ellen E Jones

This Town
9pm, BBC One

Three long episodes into Steven Knight’s ska-in-the-midlands 80s drama and we’re barely getting to the tunes. The band is slowly forming against deepening tensions around them – Dante is being threatened by skinheads, while Gregory is being blackmailed by the special branch to target Bardon and his IRA dad. HR

9pm, ITV1

“We’ve got Mehmet dead, Katie missing and John in hospital. And Kane seemingly in the centre of all of it.” Penultimate episode for Andrew Buchan’s ferociously ambitious crime drama-slash-supernatural-bonce-scratcher. But is Riya any closer to unravelling it? Meanwhile, Lilly confronts her dad in a literally cracking finale. Ali Catterall

Film choice

Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans, 3.05pm, BBC One

Horrible Histories The Movie: Rotten Roman on BBC OneView image in fullscreen

Think Horrible Histories and your mind will probably fly straight to the core cast of the original CBBC show, all of whom went on to become beloved national treasures thanks to Ghosts. However, you won’t find any of them here in this 2019 spin-off movie centred around the Romans. In their place, however, is a staggering new cast. Everyone from Alexander Armstrong to Jamie Demetriou to Warwick Davis to Kim Cattrall is here, all gamely giving their best. And while it might not quite recapture the alchemy of the original, it doesn’t come far off. Stuart Heritage

Live sport

Cycling: Paris-Roubaix, 9.30am, Eurosport 1 The 121st staging of the men’s one-day race from northern France.

Champions Cup Rugby: Northampton Saints v Munster, 11.50am, ITV1 At Cinch Stadium in Franklin’s Gardens.

Premier League Football: Man United v Liverpool, 2.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event
Tottenham v Nottingham Forest has been rescheduled, and follows at 5.30pm today.

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