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TV tonight: Davina McCall meets two estranged relatives with an astonishing story
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TV tonight: Davina McCall meets two estranged relatives with an astonishing story

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace

9pm, ITV1
Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return with their heartstring-tugging family DNA series. First to go through the life-changing experience: Thomas, who was left in a train station waiting room in Reading in 1965. Remarkably, they find a relative who was also abandoned – on the steps of a Dublin church. There are plenty of questions when they meet for the first time. Hollie Richardson

Scam Interceptors

10.45am, BBC One
The Bafta-winning series that catches scammers returns. Host (and former police officer) Rav Wilding and YouTuber (and software engineer) Jim Browning join forces with ethical hackers to try to stop a woman before she transfers thousands of pounds of her savings to scammers. HR

Lost Boys and Fairies

9pm, BBC One

Sion Daniel Young in Lost Boys and Fairies.View image in fullscreen

Daf James’s wonderful drama about a gay couple adopting in Wales continues with Andy (Fra Fee) and Gabriel (Sion Daniel Young) slowly getting to know Jake before bringing him home for good. Tough conversations, laugh-out-loud moments and eye-opening realisations lie ahead, along with Gabe’s fabulous makeup, costumes and show tunes. HR

The Sympathizer

9pm, Sky Atlantic
The complex and absorbing post-Vietnam war drama starring Robert Downey Jr (never knowingly understated and playing a variety of roles) continues. Concern about infiltration reaches new heights as the Captain (Hoa Xuande) looks to execute a plan with Bon in cahoots. He also makes an influential new friend at a swanky lunch. Phil Harrison

Cursed Histories

9pm, Sky History
Via talking head interviews and thrifty re-enactments, this new series retells the stories of major archaeological finds that seemed to jinx those involved in their discovery. It begins with Ötzi the Iceman, a 5,000-year-old Alpine mummy who has been a common factor in seven deaths since he was defrosted. Graeme Virtue

Football Cops

10pm, Channel 4
Hooliganism has declined since the bad old days, due in part to the dedicated football officers who now patrol club grounds. At Walsall v Crewe Alexandra, DFO Macca must get between two groups of aggressive fans, while in Scunthorpe, Paul is investigating the case of a flare thrown in the stands. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Sweaty paranoia … James Woods and Debbie Harry in Videodrome.View image in fullscreen

Videodrome (David Cronenberg, 1983), 12.10am, Sky Cinema Greats
“Long live the new flesh!” This David Cronenberg thriller is probably the finest example of his “body horror” style of film-making, but it also fed into contemporary fears about the unregulated spread and malign influence of visual media. James Woods, always a terrific purveyor of sweaty paranoia, plays Max Renn, a Toronto TV station owner who is told about a mysterious channel that broadcasts snuff films. As he probes deeper, his sense of reality starts to melt. Hallucinatory but surprisingly political, it’s still a shocking experience. Simon Wardell

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